Normally, an Edtorial provides opinion, but this is the fact, not my opinion. The documentation bears this out. Furthermore, the U.S. government doesn't want middleclass and poor children to be educated and doesn't want Americans to have information so the government can continue to repeat history.

Yes, there was a conspiracy. This news was reported in the Argentinean press but apparently no other press carried this dreadful news. Ask yourself why and demand that these two agencies be disbanded now by the Senate and House of Representatives in Washington DC. Boycott any states which do not vote for this bill to pass.

The pain we felt, who were alive at that time was unusually mild compared to the pain that President Kennedy's widow, Jacqueline and her children must have experienced as they saluted and kissed the coffin of our slain president and very bravely stood at attention while thousands of mourners passed by the funeral bier on which his remains lay interred.

This magazine will reprint by permission the articles which appeared in the Argentinean press.

This magazine will also print nothing but the truth as researched by people who are knowledgeable in their fields. We hope you enjoy our magazine which will not have any advertisements unless I, as Editor-in-Chief choose to place them in these pages at no cost to the advertiser. Please know that those advertisements which are placed on these pages are done because of extreme respect for those individuals involved. Please purchase the products those individuals provide as they are very special people indeed.

I also would like to acknowledge the following people who made this magazine possible. While we cannot acknowledge their names as they may be harmed by this Government which has harmed so many who tried to change the status quo, I would like to let them know just how special they are to me. My professor of Mass Communication, Professor of Historical and Comparative Sociology, Professor of Sociology at Pierce College, Professor of political Science, and History, not to mention my teaching assistants at UCLA, all of whom I treasure for their knowledge and expertise. There is another individual to whom I would like to devote this issue who taught me more than any other person. His name is Ali; he is from Iran. He is my dearest friend.

So much violence has been committed by my Government and other Governments that I feel compelled to advise people to please do not perpetrate any violence. Violence never solves anything.

I personally am risking my life by publishing this magazine as my Government assassinates those who attempt to change the status quo. However, I feel compelled to inform the American people of information which will not only change history but save lives in America and around the world. Please, I implore you do not try to hurt me in any way. If you vehemently disagree with advice I give please write me. I will give your correspondence the courtesy of my attention and will probably correspond with you.

We will also have a section entitled "Did You Know?" This will be comprised of those bits and pieces of information which cannot be documented but which this author knows to be true.

We will also have a section called "Myth Breakers." This will be published because many people have accepted as true the information which is disseminated by those who wish to misinform.

I am going to print the list of my demands of the government and you are free to pick and choose those with which you agree. If you agree with everything, please ask for everything. If you disagree, feel free to write me. However, please know one thing. I have read extensively on issues and that which the U.S. Government has perpetuated on various countries around the world, such as Cuba and this is the reason for my action. Additionally, I have friends and professors from around the world who have shared their knowledge with me. Some of that which I print, may be difficult to document. We may have to probe extensively and still not be able to document everything we print.

The U.S. Government, in my opinion, has fire bombed people's apartments and deliberately caused at least one passenger plane to explode causing the loss of life on board of hundreds of people. These are people too, just like you and me. The Government did not apologize. It knowingly blew up the plane. As a result, other people died in a plane crash which was in retaliation for the original plane crash. We will devote another issue to that disaster.

Thank you for purchasing this magazine. We welcome your letters and comments. We actually want to know what you think, regardless of your political affiliation. We like to learn from those of you who wish to teach us.

We will publish the list of addresses of all the U. S. House and Senate so you will be able to write to them your demands and tell them that you won't visit their state or buy the products they produce until they learn that THEY ARE OUR PUBLIC SERVANTS not the servants of the multinational corporations as they have been for the past 23 years at least.

There is an organization which is relatively secret which will not be relatively secret any longer. It is called the Trilateral Commission and was formed by David Rockefeller in 1973. This author has done extensive research on this organization and would hope that you enjoy reading that which i did as an independent study my last quarter at the University of California, Los Angeles in 1987 at age 44. I sincerely hope you enjoy it. The references will be listed at the end of the articles for those who may doubt their authenticity. In fact, all the articles which will be published, unless they are true stories, will be documented unless, as I stated before, it is physically impossible.

A reliable source stated that one of the gunmen who killed President Kennedy was a member of the Green Beret, a division of the U.S. Marines. Another reliable source stated that President Kennedy's assassins have been murdered themselves to prevent them from exposing the truth. According to Kenneth Thomas, Carlos Hernandez was the assassin who fired the shot which killed President Kennedy because it penetrated the front of his brain.

Thank you for reading True Democracy. I was born in the United States but consider myself a citizen of the world.

On July 16, 1999 John F. Kennedy, Jr., his wife Carolyn, and her sister were tragically killed in a private plane crash off Marthašs Vineyard. As Editor and Publisher of this magazine, I wish to convey my deepest condolences to both the Kennedy and Bessette families for their loss of these three wonderful children. True Democracy magazine was created January 3, 1995; it is ironic that it has appeared after the passing of John F. Kennedy, Jr.



Arlene Johnson


For individuals reading this magazine, please print the DEMAND page, fold it into thirds, address it to J. Dennis Hastert whose address is here, close it with a staple or tape and mail it. You do not need to put your name or address on this mail.



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