Did You Know? Part 4
Drugs and Congress

From the Pen of Kenneth B. Thomas

I was shot 4 separate times , hit by cars twice, 4 home invasions by armed thugs, 2 arsons to home , numerous other injuries. My good name was totally destroyed.   Now I have a withered leg.  I'm not through with these scumbags by any means and I want them to know it.

Hect was casino laundromat partner of HENRY HYDE, Schirott et al and I produced their OWN internal documents to prove it

I produced Schirott, Hanover Park police dept, Hyde, Senese (mob) Felbinger(mob/police chief) Inland Group (mob)Pallidino(mob) Panno(mob) mutual phone records from office . Also fax and manually written notes and phone logs from secretaries, appointment logs, etc.  It costs me $100 per month just to store all this information.

Jesse Helms

US Secret service; federal courts and most state courts don't recognize the existence of ESP.  I notified Secret Service, Colodny and Gettlin. Senator Paul Simon , WMAQ Chicago (Larry Langford ), etc that Bush trip had been a setup by Skinner (it was ) Bush would suffer a crippling Public Relations blow that would lose the election for him.

Bush vomit incident, January 8,1992

David Morrell had given me the exact game plan years in advance and had published Covenant of Flame  to make himself appear prophetic. Morrell admitted in a radio interview January  1991 that John Walker was Chameleon, I was character J. Martin

I walked in on Henry Hyde , Sue Wheat and J. Dennis Hastert planning my murder. They have not denied it which under present circumstances constitutes an admission .

The above three along with William Barr had me illegally arrested and tortured for 5 weeks in an attempt to force an admission that I was involved . They didn't get an admission.

Why do you think they keep trying to kill me instead of taking legal action against me?

Also , I personally saw and heard William Casey give an ultimatum to Noriega over his excess skimming. And I am considered a highly credible witness by every court in the world except DuPage County court.

No statement by me , whether in or out of court, has ever been shown to be false deceptive or factually inaccurate.

From the pen of : Brian Downing Quig

Lars Hanssen covered the Noreiga trial in Miami and reported that Noreiga's attorney had a office one floor above the US Attorney who handled the prosecution creating the high stink of total collusion. How did you establish the involvement of the 1992 Bush campaign staff (Sam Skinner, Bill Hect, Sig Rogich, Stuart Spencer) in Noriega's drug/money operation?

Kenneth Thomas wrote:

Bush/drugs/Illinois Republicans

Subject: Tribune Article on Lawsuit # 94CH0664(DuPage Co , Illinois)

This is the first of many newspaper articles emanating from lawsuits wherein I proved that the 1992 Bush campaign staff(Sam Skinner, Bill Hect, Sig Rogich, Stu Spencer) were involved in Noriega's drug/money operation along with J. Dennis Hastert, Henry Hyde and their lawyers.


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