Did You Know? Part 3
American History, Terrorism

*September 11th was the 28th anniversary of the Nixon-Kissinger-inspired coup d'etat in Chile.  Thousands were rounded up, tortured, and killed.

In years to come, we should hold memorials for both the Chilean people and the Americans killed this week on September 11th.

*74. I was notified by Edwin Wilson that the information forwarded to Washington DC, was disseminated to private corporations who were developing weapons for the Department of Defense. Those private corporations were encouraged to use the sensitive information gathered from surveillance on U.S. Senators and Representatives as leverage to manipulate those Congressmen into approving whatever costs the weapons systems incurred.

Editor's note: The foregoing was taken from Kenneth Thomas' Web site in which there is extensive documentation of murder, drugs, and covert action including Operation Watch Tower and Orwell. Indeed, Pvt. Tyree's wife, Elaine Tyree, was stabbed to death with her husband framed for the murder to spend the rest of his life in prison simply to maintain the cover for Operation Watch Tower.

*The United Nations reports an illegal drug trade worth $400 Billion a year;
$300 Billion is spent per year on the  Department of "Defense" budget. According to Philip Agee, author of Inside The Company  currently approximately $390 billion is spent to fund the intelligence agencies, intelligence agencies that bring in the drugs to the United States and other nations and maintain the status quo.

Associated Press, "Hastert Forms Task Force on Drugs," September 21, 2001.
United Nations Office for Drug Control and Crime Prevention, "Economic and Social Consequences of Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking" (New York, NY: UN Drug Control Program, 1998), p. 3
United Nations Office for Drug Control and Crime Prevention, "Economic and Social Consequences of Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking" (New York, NY: UN Drug Control Program, 1998), p. 3

Saddam Hussein & his family go way back in business with the Bush clan!  Also, bin Laden is a former CIA-trained person! Don't think he ever "formally" held a position there - sort of a field operative.

*In areas under US, British and Dutch control. For example, British troops marched into Pristina alongside the KLA and oversaw the eviction of literally thousands of non-secessionist residents. Similarly, Dutch troops have given the KLA free reign to terrorize and control Orahovac.

Editor's note: The KLA or Kosovo Liberation Army are the people who bring in the drugs for the CIA to the Balkan region. According to Noam Chomsky the KLA are the CIA's proxies there.

Spend thirteen minutes to listen to this report on DEMOCRACY NOW IN EXILE in which a fully-detailed explanation is given of the role of Orlando Bosch Avila in the terrorist bombing of a Cubana airliner in 1976. State Department opposition to permitting Orlando Bosch Avila was overcome by political pressure from rightist
Cuban exiles and he was permitted to enter the United States. The report was broadcast  on KPFA in Berkeley and on the internet as well.
The interview includes information on Otto Reich , currently nominated to a high State Department post by the Bush administration. Otto Reich was the American ambassador in Caracas in 1998 who pressed to have Orlando Bosch Avila given permission to re-enter the United States despite his past record of terrorist activities.





As the Bush Administration wages its so-called war against terrorism, U.S. officials have said repeatedly that the U.S. may attack any country harboring or supporting terrorists and that there is no statute of limitations when it comes to prosecuting them.
This weekend was the 25th anniversary of another act of terrorism - the bombing of a Cuban jetliner carrying nearly 100 people, including Cuba's Olympic medal winning fencing team. The men responsible for that act of terrorism were Cuban exiles trained by the CIA. Their story, and their connection to U.S. officials, tells us a lot about the priorities of the Bush Administration and the US government when it comes to fighting terrorism.
Wayne Smith, Center for International Policy and a leading expert on Cuba.
Click on this link to open the Real Audio file:"1:44:22.3

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