America's Concerns

Job Security in the Wake of September 11th

My name is Darren D. Williams residing at 13350 San Pablo Ave/A1-269/San Pablo, CA  94806 (510) 233-8797

I have been a Flight Attendant with Northwest Airlines for 7 years.  My career begin some 7 years ago after completing a vigorous training session.   I have been serving thousands of people all over the world and I have touched many lives with JOY!

I am in love with my job and my company as a whole which has stood by me through thick and thin during some rough times in my industry.

I am writing you pleading for relief for my airline industry for your help for aid.  

We should not allow this war to restrict our mobility in travel.

As a Flight Attendant I wish to remain having my capacity to serve the public and to be employed.

Layoffs can only bring thousands of people taking to the streets looking for work that isn't available.

In closing Mr. Representative, please help me keep my job!!!!

God bless you and God bless America

Darren Williams Flight Attendant Northwest Airlines

Editor's note: Whether the money that the government has levied on the airline industry will help the employees is debatable.


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