America's Concerns

Freedom of Speech

Reno speaks, but we can't!

We've been continuously attacked for exposing the truth, and mostly from the spineless Democratic 'leaders' in it for the dollars and power.

While we are going to run in the Democratic Primary, this letter is the tip of the iceberg of frustration within the party we are trying to take back. But is it possible? worth it? necessary?

Apparently, we've touched many nerves and the response to us has been enormous.

The Democratic Party has no idea the frustration out there on a grassroots level.

It thinks if it avoids the election theft it will still be able to defeat Jeb and we know that's whistling Dixie, no matter how many dollars they collect nationally which means in their pockets anyway.

This debate is critical, because it is raising the truth and everybody's hairs, but is desperately needed, and will set us free.

All I've stated in this opportunity in the Governor's race, is to use me to speak out on this stolen election no other candidate will address unless they see it as a tool for their election while they remained silent before, or since Dec. 12, 2000, and therefore cannot be trusted.

Where were they when our country needed them. Hiding!

Now because we've set down the gauntlet they are crawling to use this tool for themselves but have no substance behind them.

This issue is the winning issue, for every reason possible.

But what is really an issue here, is empowerment of the grassroots to take back their government and party and the resistance to this is even worse than the stolen election, so much enslavement exists beyond the pale.

They would have to invent the excuses if I were G-d, not to take this revolutionary step for themselves, so oppressed are they. My being gay and Jewish are just a few more diversions from their inability to deal with themselves or this country.

Yours Faithfully,

Bob Kunst
An American Patriot


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