History of Air Tragedies and Corruption That Made Them Possible

Authored by Rodney Stich

A never-before exposé of documented misconduct, and its cover-up, that resulted in a long line of airliner disasters, and insured the success of the September 11, 2001, hijackings, prior fatal hijackings, and the prior airliner crash into New York City--the world's worst air disaster at that time, occurring in the author's area of air safety responsibilities. The book reveals why cover-ups will result in more of the same.

The third edition of Unfriendly Skies provides the most reliable behind-the-scene knowledge why the September 11, 2001, hijackers succeeded in their mission, which is being kept from the public by the usual government cover-up. Written by a former federal air safety inspector, former airline pilot with considerable Middle East flying experience, who has dozens of sources in government agencies, including the FBI and CIA. It  reveals that the hijackers are not the only adversaries Americans have that aided and abetted the tragedies of September 11. 

Editor's note: When we think of hijackers, we think of people who are on an airplane but these hijackers were on the ground controlling the plane from the ground. Therefore, these hijackers were the terrorists.

   Discover 40 years of malfeasance, misfeasance, nonfeasance, and corruption that made possible the September 11 terrorist hijackings, many prior fatal hijackings, and many prior air disasters. The book is a case study of arrogance, corruption, and the resulting deaths of many men, women, and children. Reading Unfriendly Skies by itself reveals much about why major air tragedies occur. Combining that book with Defrauding America
and Drugging America provides an even more complete picture of how and why terrorists have succeeded in subjecting America and its people to ongoing tragedies and economic disasters.

September 11, 2001, Terrorist Hijackings, and the Misconduct That Encouraged and Insured the Success Of the Terrorists

The most important contributing factors that insured the success of the September 11, 2001, terrorists were:

*    The culture of malfeasance, misfeasance, nonfeasance, and corruption within the Federal Aviation Administration. The deadly consequences of this deep-seated misconduct are detailed by a key FAA insider in the third edition of Unfriendly Skies, in federal lawsuits, and sequestered FAA hearing documents.

*    Misconduct by Justice Department and CIA personnel, as described in each of the books, Unfriendly Skies , Defrauding America, and Drugging America.

*    Duplicity of cover-ups by every government check and balance, including members of Congress, and much of the broadcast and print media.

*    Refusal of the American people to respond to information and documentation provided by insiders who have been revealing this tragedy-related relationship for years. If a sufficient number of the American people had been willing to exert the effort, courage, and integrity to assist in exposing these matters, people in government who had the responsibility to act could have been forced to do so. This refusal to act, limiting their civic responsibilities to hanging a flag in the window, made possible not only the September 11 tragedies and those to follow, but prior fatal hijackings, prior fraud-related air tragedies, and the many other tragedies arising from misconduct by people in key positions in the three branches of government.

Editor's note: In my humble opinion, the action which caused the September 11, 2001 crime was the deliberate action by the organization called the Bilderbergs to brainwash the American people making the people into malleable subjects who believe the disinformation that the government disseminates through the auspices of the mainstream press in both print and audio (television and radio) formats.

*    More in-depth focus on the cover-up behind-the-scene events leading up to September 11, 2001.
A few recent letters focusing on the misconduct by government personnel that not only insured the success of the September 11, 2001, terrorist hijackers, but encouraged them to execute the scheme:

*    Letter to FBI Director Robert Mueller , dated October 18, 2001, advising of deep-seated misconduct within government offices that not only insured the success of the September 11, 2001, terrorists, but actually encouraged their plans. For Word format click here.

*    Letter to Attorney General John Ashcroft , dated October 2, 2001, advising of corruption in key government offices related to the September 11 terrorist attacks, associated with prior terrorist attacks, and if not addressed, will continue to play a key role in future tragic consequences. Rodney Stich is a former federal agent, has become a confidant to dozens of other government agents in highly sensitive positions, has documentation, and his books show the feet-on-the-ground charges. No response. For Word format click here.

*    Letters warning of acquisition of surface to air missiles by Afghan terrorists, made possible by the CIA and FBI, and the usual congressional and Justice Department cover-ups, which was followed within a few months by the downing of TWA Flight 800.

*    Sampling of federal lawsuits filed by former federal air safety inspector attempting to halt the deep-seated corruption within the FAA and NTSB cover-ups related to a series of airline crashes--the same culture that insured the success of the September 11, 2001,  hijackers, prior fatal hijackers, a prior airline crash into New York City that was the world's worst at that time, and other tragedies paid for in blood of U.S. citizens. These initial lawsuits not only describe the corrupt tragedy-related corruption in the FAA but also the consequences of cover-ups by the NTSB political board members, Justice Department personnel, and federal judges.  The wrongful acts stated in that lawsuit, and the duplicity of cover-ups that are endemic in the United States,  insured the success of the September 11, 2001, hijackers. The present cover-up insures more of the same tragic consequences.

*    List of additional letters and federal filings showing repeated attempts to have people in responsible positions act on documented misconduct, including the misconduct that encouraged terrorists to initiate the four September 11, 2001, hijackings and misconduct that insured the successful takeover of the hijacked aircraft.
Reading the third edition of Unfriendly Skies reveals:

*    The culture in the FAA that made possible the success of the September 11, 2001, terrorist hijackings, the practice of incompetent FAA management personnel refusing to respond to warnings provided by federal air safety inspectors-investigators.

*    The truth behind a long series of fatal airline crashes, as discovered and documented by an inspector-investigator for the Federal Aviation Administration who held air safety responsibilities for the most senior program at the world's largest airline, while that airline was experiencing a 20-year pattern of fraud-related airline crashes.

*    The pattern of cover-ups (i.e. obstruction of justice) by people in key government positions, including the NTSB, FBI, other Justice Department positions, federal judges, members of Congress, and much of the broadcast and print media.

*    Obtain an understanding of misconduct in all phases of government activities that go far beyond the aviation environment, all of which inflict harm upon the American people as well as people of  other nations who fly on American aircraft.

Misconduct by people in key government positions that made possible the success of the September 11, 2001, terrorist hijackings, and why the cover-up of the misconduct in government will positively lead to more tragedies.

Sequence of World Trade Center damage , compliments of Washington Post.
*     Discover the deep-seated culture in the FAA that prevents taking obviously needed corrective actions even after crashes and deaths result, including refusing to take positive corrective actions that would have prevented years of fatal hijackings, even after government air safety inspectors make such reports. Discover how this culture was responsible for the World Trade Center and Pentagon hijacking disasters and decades of other deadly consequences.

Editor's note: The reason Global Hawk was invented was to prevent hijackers from taking control of aircraft. The problem is that the technology was used for ulterior purposes. What it missing here is why people terrorize in the first place. For that, read the first and third editions of True Democracy because there is no reason for terrorism whatsoever. The terrorism that is perpetuated by the United States is reported in foreign presses but not in the American press. It' covered up. That's why my magazine exists-to uncover and expose the deceits and why they happen.

*    Discover the history of aircraft hijackings and aircraft terrorism as detailed in the third edition of Unfriendly Skies , as discovered by former Navy pilot, international airline pilot, FAA air safety inspector responsible for federal air safety for the most senior program at the world¹s largest airline, and author of books on all phases of aviation safety.

*    Look at the website showing a three-page letter warning members of Congress of missile attacks upon commercial aircraft, with reference to Afghanistan. If that letter had been acted upon, dozens of surface to air missiles would not have been acquired by terrorists focusing on the United States. These detailed warning letters were written several months before the downing of TWA Flight 800. That letter reflected how dozens of surface-to-air missiles fell into the hands of terrorists (and possibly caused the downing of TWA Flight 800), and how these same missiles have yet to start downing U.S. airliners. Discover how FBI-CIA personnel made it possible for terrorists to obtain these missiles. Discover how the U.S. leaders ignored the opportunity to obtain help of a major Afghanistan group fighting Osama bin Laden and the Taliban. Revealing letter .

Editor's note: If terrorists had downed TWA 800 the press would have published it and the perpetrators sought and punished.

*    Discover the culture of key people in the FAA that made possible the prior crashing into New York City in 1960 by United Airlines, that was the world's worst air disaster at that time, for which FAA inspector had federal air safety responsibilities. Discover how the culture within the FAA of misfeasance, malfeasance, and worse, played a key role in that aviation tragedy. That great air disaster created almost as much grief as the latest New York City aviation disaster--compliments of opportunists in the FAA (as detailed and documented in the third edition of Unfriendly Skies).
Among the various reasons for writing Unfriendly Skies were making responsible people aware of the arrogance behind some of America's worst air disasters and to motivate as many people as possible to show outrage and force changes in government and at such airlines as United Airlines.

Unfriendly Skies is an insider's detailed and documented history of fatal airline crashes arising from documented air safety misconduct and criminal activities, primarily at United Airlines, as discovered by the author and other FAA air carrier operations inspectors. These corrupt acts caused and made possible a series of brutal air disasters, the effects of which are still felt today.

The book's contents were described by one reader as follows:

"You point in the devastation, the anguish, grief, sorrows and distresses into the pictures you cause the reader to feel these, too. In my estimation you're the author of the century in the United States."

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Additional Comments

Rodney Stich was a key inspector-investigator in the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) shortly after it was formed. Its formation was brought about by public outrage after a United Airlines DC-7 rammed into a TWA Lockheed Constellation over the Grand Canyon in the late 1950s.

United Airlines, even though its prior crashes and especially the one over the Grand Canyon, was the catalyst for the formation of this air safety agency, key management personnel strongly resisted the lawful requirements and air safety oversight by FAA inspectors.

These inspectors discovered United Airlines was refusing to perform major air safety requirements and were criminally falsifying its records to corruptly indicate the federal air safety requirements had been met.

These criminal practices resulted in a 20-year continuation of major air disasters, one of which was the world's worst in which a United Airlines DC-8 rammed (again) a TWA Constellation over Staten Island, causing the TWA aircraft to rip apart and eject passengers down upon this New York City borough, and causing the DC-8 to crash into the city limits of New York City.

Despite these crashes, FAA official records (in Stich's possession) showed United Airlines continued these air safety and criminal violations, which were reported by FAA inspectors to FAA management and to top NTSB officials.

In response to these reports, NTSB officials engaged in cover-ups, which resulted in the practices continuing for years thereafter, along with the resulting fatal air disasters in which the politically-appointed NTSB board members had to falsify the federal government's accident reports. The NTSB, by its cover-ups, became criminally and financially involved in the crashes and deaths arising from the covered up corruption at United Airlines and the internal FAA problems.

FAA management reacted to these officially reported air safety and criminal violations by destroying inspectors' reports (a felony), by instructing inspectors not to make such reports, by threatening the inspectors (as United Airlines management also did), and taking retaliatory actions against those few inspectors who were outraged by the misconduct and the resulting brutal air disasters.

The details of how this practice occurred, and was documented, and how it affects everyone who flies, can be found in the documented third edition of Unfriendly Skies.

The book takes the reader behind the scenes, revealing the corruption closely associated with specific air disasters. The book is highly detailed and documented. No conspiracy theories or far-out unsupported statements.

No other book like this has ever been written, and probably never again will do. It is an insider's detailed and documented story about multiple air disasters preceded by crash-causing corruption and followed by crash-causing cover-ups. The book contains sufficient documentation to indict key management at United Airlines, the Federal Aviation Administration, and board members of the National Transportation Safety Board.

The role of arrogant and corrupt government personnel and the revolving door syndrome is described in detail, as well as the agony experienced by victims of air safety treachery.

Discover, for instance, the tragic story of a little boy who survived the world's worst air disaster, shortly before Christmas, only to die a few days later. His death, and the many others that would follow, were caused and made possible by the repeated corrupt acts of officials at United Airlines, the FAA, the NTSB, and the perennial cover-ups and obstruction of justice by government and non-government checks and balances.

The all-too-common problem of government agents unable to perform their legal duties, is explained. Discover the plight of true heroes who courageously take on a David versus Goliath fight seeking to prevent the inevitable fraud-related crashes and deaths.

Unfriendly Skies covers more than air safety. It covers government corruption that the author discovered as he tried to report and correct the crash-related misconduct. It reveals the breakdown in the nation's government and non-government checks and balances. It helps to understand government corruption in general.

It is a must-read for anyone interested in understanding air safety, or government corruption. Unfriendly Skies is the prelude to Defrauding America and Drugging America, also written by author Rodney Stich.

Key issues for radio and television hosts to consider : Multiple terrorist hijackings of September 11, 2001, and relationship to documented misconduct by officials in U.S. government offices that made the hijackings--and the consequences--possible.  


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