Palestinian Massacre

While the entire world is preoccupied in following up the crimes that occurred in the United States of America, the Israeli occupation forces launched a full-fledged military attack including the use of F16 warplanes, apaches and tanks, on the city of Jenin and the towns of Arraba, Tamoon and Tobas on the dawn of September 12, 2001. Our people resisted the aggressive Israeli forces for several hours last night.

The Israeli bombardment led to nine martyrs, civilians and security personnel, in addition to a great number of casualties. Until the minute of issuing this statement, the total number of injuries was 67. The occupation forces are preventing the injured form being transported for treatment in the hospitals.

The martyrs are:
1.      Maj-General "Tawfiq Abu Sharar" head of Preemptive forces in Tobas;
2.      Lieutenant "Thair Mahdaw" from preventive forces/Fara'a camp;
3.      Shahir Bani Odeh, from the intelligence public services/Tamoon;
4.      Mohanned Abu Haija;
5.      Wail M. Assaf;
6.      Asa’ad Daqqeh;
7.      Balqis Aardheh (9) year old;
8.      Iyad Mesri;
9.      Ibrahim Fayed;

Meanwhile, the Israeli bombardment to numerous establishments continued, including security headquarters, factories, water, communication and electricity networks.

This aggression reveals out the fake Israeli allegation on easing the siege, peace and the scheduled meetings.

The Palestinian leadership strongly condemns these Israeli brutal aggressions on our people and citizens. This aggression illustrates a state level of terror, which is being perpetrated by the Israeli government against our people, cities, villages, establishments and houses.

The leadership condemns all forms of terror and calls upon the international community to cease this aggression being carried out by the Israeli government against the Palestinian people.
September 12, 2001


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