Pre-Planned US/UK War
Against Afghanistan

By Francis A. Boyle
October 12, 2001

Obviously, the war against Afghanistan was planned for quite some time. We know for a fact that it had been war-gamed by the Pentagon going back to 1997. Right around September 11, 2001 two U.S. Aircraft carrier task forces conveniently arrived in the Persian Gulf right at the same time on "rotation" Obviously, preplanned Just before September 11, the U.K. had put together what was billed at the "largest armada since the Falklands War" and had it steaming towards Oman, where now 23,000 UK troops are on maneuvers. This had been planned for at least 3 years. Also, the U.S. "Bright Star" operation is currently going on in Egypt 23,000 US troops plus an additional 17,000 from NATO and its associates. This had been planned at least two years ago. Finally, NATO just landed 12,000 troops into Turkey. This had been planned for at least two years. It is obvious that we are seeing an operational War Plan being executed here that had been in the planning stages for at least the past four years. September 11 is either a pretext or a trigger or both.

Other view of the sea from "Monte David." Vieques, Puerto Rico
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