Is the United States About to Attack Afghanistan Because It Shut Off the Heroin?


by Brian Downing Quig

I learned from Dr. Alfred McCoy that the farmers who grew opium made no more for their opium than they did for their tobacco or rice.  He explained in his book how the sap from the pods of this plant was collected all season into a black tar that might be the size of a soft ball and weigh 1 kilogram.  That is for the entire year's production.  The farmer would sell it for about $50.00. This was almost 20 years ago.

Another view of the "Monte David" camp. Vieques, Puerto Rico
So the farmers in Colombia and Southeast and Central Asia are not being cut in on the drug prohibition profits.  Some of these profits pass to the traffickers who sell the heroin by the ton for instance in Bangkok, Thailand.  The lion's share of the drug prohibition profits go to the wholesale and retail operations in the country of use.  Both of these operations depend upon commercial banks for laundering which I am told may cost as much as 30%.  I wanted to confirm this with my banker friends but it proved to be too indelicate a topic.

If the Taliban really had an agenda for the United States economy and wanted to hurt the U.S. a great deal and affect itself very little closing the heroin spigot might satisfy the order.  The Rockefellers and their front man Henry Kissinger are less visible in the heroin trade than the Bush family but that is only because they use many more layers of cutouts just like the Queen of England.  If the Taliban eradicated 75% of the world's heroin that could pose an immediate threat to the cash flows of the wealthiest families in the world who reserve the most lucrative business for themselves.

But then did not the Bush administration give the Taliban upwards to $100 million for poppy eradication months after the ban?  This reminds one of the $5 billion that KISSINGER AND ASSOCIATES rushed to Saddam the week before the GULF WAR began.  That looked like prepayment for a fake war.  Was this $100 million prepayment for a fake war given to a nation that can not command the top bribe dollar that IRAQ did?

And for the record how could Kissinger reply to the accusation that giving $5 billion to a nation the U.S. TV news is telling the world the UNITED STATES will be at war within 6 days is A TEXTBOOK CASE OF TREASON?  The accusation is never made because the professional liars in the controlled media would rather eat broken glass than speak of this subject on the air.


McCoy, Dr. Alfred. 1991. The Politics of Heroin: CIA Complicity in the Global Drug Trade. Lawrence Hill Books, Brooklyn, New York.


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