Rage From the Skies...Death on the Streets

The following excerpt comes from a 14 page analysis of events called RAGE FROM THE SKIES...DEATH ON THE STREETS : the horror of the World Trade Center air attacks - and what it means for labor.

By Gregory A. Butler, local 608 carpenter. Posted on the AWOL list and can be found in full at: Of course, their may be a baser motive for invading Afghanistan - the country is the gateway to the oil fields of eastern Kazakstan - which just happen to currently be owned by Rockefeller-family owned oil conglomerate Chevron.

One of Chevron's competitors, California based independent oil company UNOCAL, had a pipeline deal with the Taliban, and the government of another oil rich Central Asian former Soviet republic, Turkmenia.

But, Chevron was able to block its competitor's oil deal, and they may want an Afghan government they can control, much like they dominate the current dictatorship in Kazakstan.   Remember, economic interests are ALWAYS at the root of any war.

But, the moneymen never tell the footsoldiers what the wars are REALLY about.   Because nobody wants to die for a dollar, or a barrrel of oil.   Bottom line, George Bush's "war" is NOT about avenging the death of the 5,000+ innocent murdered workers slaughtered at the World Trade Center!!!   Because, in case you didn't know, George W, and the bankers who stand behind him, and really call the plays, do not give a good God damn about any working class American!!   This war is about who will rule the Middle East - the businessmen, like Osama, who actually live there, or Wall Street bankers here in New York.   This war is also about Corporate America putting American boys and girls in harm's way to defend this government's proxy in the Mideast - the State of Israel. This is a slaughter of innocents, brothers and sisters.

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