Another Perspective

I am still intensely interested in the aftermath and the causes of the September 11th attacks.  I find that I can no longer stomach the conservative media's superficial and thoughtless "reports" that include such idiotic statements as "The Bush Administration has stated that they have even more information that proves that Osama bin Laden is behind the attacks.  White House spokesmen declined to answer any questions as to what the evidence might be."  That isn't reporting, that's just aping the administration's line.

I was reading the Letters to the Editor section of the Los Angeles Times and one letter stood out.  It was simply a hate filled tirade that anyone speaking out for thought and wisdom be ignored as cowards and that the military needs to level any country necessary to gain revenge for the deaths in New York, Washington D.C., and Pennsylvania.  I felt that I had to respond to this insanity in as much as he was only putting into words the beliefs of so many unthinking and uninformed Americans.   Next, even while the process of digging out the thousands of bodies was still in its infancy and the nation was watching in awe at the heroic deeds being performed by the police,  firemen, and medical personnel, commercials were still touting college football games as a "war" and the players as "heroes".  This stupidity must cease.   In the aftermath of the attacks and during an already slowing economy, your government is busy finding more ways to give your tax dollars to Corporate America, deny any assistance to real human beings who are losing their jobs, and trying to steal even more of your precious liberties away. No amount of singing and flag waving will ever turn the nation into a decent, American centered one.   If we take an honest and open look at this nation's recent history, we shouldn't be at all surprised that the attacks happened.  Instead, we should be shocked that it has taken this long for those for whom we have caused so much pain and death to have finally taken their version of vengeance on America.   Finally, lest we forget that there is more than enough evil right here in America that is aimed at our fellow citizens, we look at just one single episode of the horrible results that unregulated and untested Genetically Modified Organisms(GMOs) have already caused.  Few Americans realize that 60% of all of the food on your grocer's shelves already contains GMOs and that your representatives are more than happy to allow you and your family to be secretly used to test the safety or lack of safety of these additives. Since you will never know what the quality of the food you eat truly is, you or your children can be murdered by these companies and you will never know the cause.   For those of us who refuse to accept the fantasy world that the government and the conservative media would have you believe in, there is little to celebrate in America these days.  We can create a better world, but we had best do so very quickly.  Time is running out for all of us.

John Cannon
Author:  Another Perspective


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