The Bilderberg Group

The Bilderberg Conference in Toronto, Canada, May 30 - June 2, 1996

part 2

From: "John K. Whitley"
Subject: BILDERBERG Conference ends; list of attendees...


Toronto Bilderberg Conference Contact: John Whitley
416-481 4868/fax: 416-322 7238

TORONTO, 2nd June--The supersecretive 1996 Bilderberg Conference
at King City, north of Toronto, ends today. As usual, the 120
assorted members of European royalty, internancial financiers,
major newspaper publishers, heads of supranational agencies,
leading U.S. and North American politicians, and selected
titans of industry and commerce have managed to conceal - so
far - the substance of, and the concensus reached after,
each of their "Round Table" discussions.

address:], which first
alerted the Toronto media and wire services to this well-
concealed huddle of the super-rich and -influential
publicity-shy elite, has stated repeatedly, based on
sources we consider absolutely reliable, that we understand
that one of their main topics of discussion has been a
prearranged Unilateral Declaration of Independence by
Quebec. For a variety of reasons, we expect this to occur
between February and April of 1997. The ultimate aim of
the slow and prolonged destruction of Canada as a viable
national entity which would follow is a predetermined
Continental Union of Canada and the U.S. by the year 2005.

We invite you to remember which Canadians attended this
Conference if Quebec UDI does in fact occur early next
year: Premier Mike Harris of Ontario, recently-returned
from his first-ever discussion with Premier Lucien
Bouchard of Quebec, just prior to the Conference; Prime
Minister Jean Chretien, whose "counsellor, strategist
and advisor" for the past thirty years has been Mitchell
, a key member of David Rockefeller's Trilateral
Commission; Paul Martin, Finance Minister, and a product
of Paul Desmarais' - also a Trilateral Commission member
- Power Corporation; Lloyd Axworthy, Foreign Affairs
Minister; Conrad Black, ardent international businessman
and Chairman of Hollinger, Inc.,; Frederik Eaton, wealthy
scion of the Eaton department store family; Allan Gotlieb,
former Ambassador to the U.S.; Anthony Griffin, Honorary
Chairman, Guardian Group; Ted Rogers, communications and
cable mogul; and Red Wilson Chairman of Bell Canada

David Rockefeller himself, the "titan of the Western
hemisphere", is of course also in attendance.

Prime Minister Chretien "excused" his presence at this
Conference by stating that the members of the Bilderberg
Conference were traditionally welcomed by the Head of
State of the host country. This is not in fact so: the
Bilderbergers meet secretly as, when and where they want,
without respect of protocol. One glaring example of this
was the September, 1958, meeting at the Palace Hotel in
Buxton, Derbyshire, England. One contemporary observer
stated that:

The Mayor of Buxton, whose courteous function it was
to welcome conferences to his town, was rudely ignored,
as the Queen seems to have been, by Prince Bernhard of
the Netherlands, whose presence on British soil one
would have thought neccessitated a courtesy call on Her
Majesty. Protocol goes by the board when esoteric
international policies are to be discussed.

A.K Chesterton, the astute and informed author of THE NEW
UNHAPPY LORDS, had this to say concerning the Bilderberg
To the unsuspecting, all this might seem innocuous,
almost fatuous. For instance, there might not appear to
be much danger in a body that does not attempt to reach
conclusions or to recommend policies. However, there are
other factors to be taken into account. Quite a lot of
money is needed to fly [120] delegates from all over the
world to an annual conference. Who finds that money,
and why? And who delegates the delegates? The author
finds it hard to believe that the expense is incurred
merely for the pleasure of staging discussions not aimed
at any conclusions. Let their be no doubts about this
business. When [such people] foregather it is not for
the purpose of amiable chats and mutual back-scratching.
If the Bilderberg Conferences reach no conclusions and
recommend no policies, it is because the conclusions
have already been reached and the policies determined,
so that the delegates assemble to be told what the
form is. They do not need to be given their orders.
Once the form is declared they know well enough what
is expected of them..."

Who indeed selects the delegates? Who sets the agenda? And
who is "higher" than the Bilderbergers; who, by their own
admission, "reach no decisions and come to no conclusions"
during their Conferences?

Sharp-eyed observers might ask themselves who Mr. Carl
, the cryptically-described "High representative" in
the following list of Bilderberg attendees, represents.

Can a small coterie of international groups and national
financial titans truly exert this amount of influence
upon both the nature and direction of national policy
and international events?

Respected author Malachi Martin, who has top-level
connections in the Vatican and around the world, has
written a number of interesting and revealing books on
international politics and the Roman Catholic church
and Pontiff. In THE KEYS OF THIS BLOOD, which centres
on the life and connections of the present Pope, Martin
made this intriguing statement:

"Television commentator Bill Moyers found out during
a fifteen-day, globe-spanning trip in the company of
David Rockefeller that 'just about a dozen or
fifteen individuals made day-to-day decisions that
regulated the flow of capital and goods throughout
the entire world.'"

He quotes Bill Moyers himself as saying:

"David Rockefeller is the most conspicuous representative today of the ruling class, a multinational fraternity of men who shape the global economy and manage the flow of its capital. Rockefeller was born to it, and he has made the most of it. But what some critics see as a vast international conspiracy, he considers a circumstance of life and just another day's work... In the world of David Rockefeller it's hard to tell where business ends and politics begins."

Alex Constantine [] began an intriguing
Saturday, June 1st posting, entitled BILDERBERG: The Round
Table Of The Fourth Reich, to the Internet newsgroup with these comments:

"As one editorial wit put it: "If the Bilderberg group
is not a conspiracy of some sort, it is conducted in
such a way as to give a remarkably good imitation."

The commentary came from G. Gordon Tether, a writer
for England's Financial Times, subsequently ordered not
to write about the organization again. Within a year he
was squeezed out of his position at the newspaper."

This helps explain why Bilderberg meetings usually go
completely unscrutinized by the media, and why the recent
uninhibited TORONTO STAR coverage of the 1996 Toronto
Bilderberg Conference is such an extraordinary event.

Before listing the attendees at this year's Conference,
we would like to draw the attention of our U.S. media
readers to the following facts, also largely or completed

pointed out that President Bill Clinton was "anointed"
for the Presidency at the 1991 Bilderberg Conference in
Baden-Baden, which he attended. What was equally ignored
by most of the U.S. media was that he then took an
unexpected, unannounced trip to Moscow, directly from
the Bilderberg meeting

He met for one-and- a-half hours, on Tuesday, June 9th,
with Soviet Interior Minister Vadim Bakatin. Mr. Vakatim,
a minister in the doomed cabinet of President Mikhail
Gorbachev, was in the middle of campaigning in the
fiercely-contestested Presidential election, the vote for
which was a mere six days away - yet he took one-and-a-half
hours out of his crowded schedule to meet unexpectedly with
the internationally-obscure Governor of Arkansas. Why?

Mr. Bakatin's subsequent career might privide a clue.
Although Gorbachev lost the Presidential election, Bakatin,
a "reformer", was rewarded by President Yeltsin with the
top spot at the KGB. It would appear that President
Clinton was sent by the Bilderbergers directly to
Moscow to get his KGB student-era, anti-Vietnam war files
"buried" before anouncing his candidacy for the Presidency
some two-and-a-half months later.

One of the few U.S. papers to run this story was the
ARKANSAS DEMOCRAT, which did so under the headline CLINTON

It may come as no surprise, therefore, when we state that,
through our own sources, THE NEW WORLD ORDER INTELLIGENCE
UPDATE has learned that Bilderberger-backed President
Clinton has promised President Yeltsin that, after he has
won the upcoming U.S. Presidential election, Russian
warships will be given full refuelling and other port
privileges at all U.S. Navy bases. One wonders about the
content of that intense 1991 private conversation with
Mr. Bakatin.

publicly say "Goodbye" to each of the shy Bilderberg
attendees who've graced our city with their
virtually-invisible but luminous presence during the
past four days. We must all get together again, Queens,
money moguls, assorted pols, and you, too, Big Dave! Be
very sure that we'll be watching out for you.


* Paul Allaire [ Chairman of Xerox]
* Dwayne Andreas [Chairman, Archer-Daniels, Midland]
* Lloyd Benson [former Treasury Secretary]
* John Bryan [Chairman, Sarah Lee Corp.]
* William Buckley [the NATIONAL REVIEW]
* Jon Corzine [Chairman, Goldman Sachs]
* Stanley Fischer [International Monetary Fund]
* Charles Freeman [Former Assistant Secretary of Defence]
* Richard Holbrooke [former Assistant Secretary of State]
* Henry Kissinger [former U.S. Secretary of State]
* Henry Kravis [Kohlberg, Kravis, Roberts]
* Winston Lord [Assistant Secretary of State]
* Sam Nunn [U.S. Senator]
* William Perry [Secretary of Defence]
* David Rockefeller [Chase Manhattan Bank]
* Jack Scheinkman [Chairman, Amalgamated Bank]
* George Soros [President, Soros Fund Management]
* George Stephanopoulos [Senior Advisor to the President]
* Alex Trotma [Chairman, Ford Motor Company]
* John Whitehead [former Deputy Secretary of State]

* Lloyd Axworthy [Minister of Foreign Affairs]
* Conrad Black [Chairman, Hollinger Inc.,]
* Jean Chretien [Prime Minister of Canada]
* Frederik Eaton [Chairman, Eatons]
* Al Flood [Chairman, CIBC]
* Allan Gottlieb [former Amassador to U.S.]
* Anthony Griffin [Hon. Chairman, Guardian Group]
* Mike Harris [Premier of Ontario]
* Paul Martin [Finance Minister]
* Sylvia Ostry [Centre fot International Studies,
Univ. of Toronto]
* Ted Rogers [President, Rogers Communications]
* Red Wison [Chairman, Bell Canada Enterprises]

* Andrzej Olechowski [Former Polish Foreign Affairs Minister]
* Flavio Cotti [Foreign Affairs Minister, Czech Republic]
* Cornelio Sommaruga [President, Red Cross Committee, Czech Republic]
* Gyorgy Suranyi [President, National Bank of Hungary

* Lord Carrington [Conference chairman: former NATO
* Martti Ahtissaari [Finnish President]
* Giovanni Agnelli [Hon. Chairman, Fiat, Italy]
* Anders Aslund [Carnegie Endowment for International
Peace, Sweden]
* Francisco Pinto Balscmao [Former Prime Minister of
* Percy Barnevik [President, ABB Asca Brown Boveri,
* Queen Beatrix [the Netherlands]
* Franco Bernabe [CEO, Ente Nazionale Idrocarburi,
* Carl Bildt [the High representative]
* Frits Bolkestein [Liberal Party leader, Netherlands]
* Jaime Carvarja Urquito [Chairman, Iberfomento, Spain]
* Bertrand Collomb [Chairman, Lafarge, France]
* George David [Chairman, Hellenic Bottling, Greece]
* Etienne Davignon [Executive Chairman, Societie
Generale de Belgique, Belgium]
* Gazi Ercel [Central Bank of Turkey]
* Emre Gonesay [Governor, Central Bank of Turkey]
* Westye Hoegh [Chairman, Leif Hoegh & Co.,Norway]
* Jan Huyghebaert [Chairman, Almanij-Kredietbank
Group, Belgium]
* Jaakko Iloniemi [Former Finnish ambassor to U.S.]
* Peter Job [Chief Executive, Reuters, Britain]
* Lionel Jospin [Socialist Party leader, France]
* Dietrich Karner [Chairman, Erste Allgemeine-Generali
Aktiengesclischaft, Austria]
* Andrew Knight [News Corp., Britain]
* Max Kohnstamm [European Policy Centre, Belgium]
* Phillipe Maystadt [Finance Minister, Belgium]
* Ad P.W. Melkert [Social Affairs Minister, Netherlands]
* John Monks [Union Leader, Britain]
* Mario Monti [European Commissioner]
* Theodoros Pangalos [Foreign Affairs Minister, Greece]
* Jan Petersen [Conservative Party leader, Norway]
* Malcolm Rifkind [Foreign Secretary, Britain]
* Simon Robertson [Chairman, Kleinwort Benson Group, Britain]
* Renato Ruggiero [Director-General, World Trade Organization]
* Mona Sahlin [Member of Swedish Parliament]
* Jurgen Schrempp [Chairman, Daimler-Benz, Germany]
* Klaus Schwab [President, World Economic Forum]
* Queen Sofia [Spain]
* Peter Sutherland [former Director-General, GATT and WTO]
* Morris Tabaksblat [Chairman, Unilever, Netherlands]
* J. Martin Taylor [Chief Executive, Barclays Bank, Britain]
* Franz Vranitzky [Chancellor of Austria]
* Antonio Vitorino [Deputy Prime Minister,Portugal]
* Karel Vuursteen [Chairman, Heineken, Netherlands]
* James Wolfensohn [President, World Bank]

Are those who direct the Bilderbergers, the "just about a
dozen or fifteen individuals [who make] day-to-day
decisions that regulated the flow of capital and goods
throughout the entire world.'" who Bill Moyers spoke of,
now filling the positions of those individuals of whom
President Woodrow Wilson wrote about in his book,

Some of the biggest men in the United States, in the
field of commerce and manufacture, are afraid of
something. They know that there is a power somewhere
so organized, so subtle, so watchful, so interlocked,
so complete, so pervasive, that they had better not
speak above their breath when they speak in
condemnation of it."

Canadian and Americans will never know. The Bilderbergers,
whether through fear or purpose, maintain their vows of
silence. And the press, apart from the TORONTO STAR, have
willingly shielded them in privacy.

We can now only await the outworkings of their secret
deliberations.[Ed's note: Not if I have anything to say about it.]

From: "John K. Whitley"
Subject: BILDERBERGERS and QUIGLEY: "Clinton's Communist Mentor"

I urge everyone who has been following the BILDERBERG Press Releases from
Toronto and has seen my frequent references to Professor Carroll Quigley's
book TRAGEDY AND HOPE, to cybersurf over to one of the following conferences
and download a copy of an *excellent* and comprehensive overview of that
elusive and invaluable book:


You'll find it under the heading "CLINTON'S COMMUNIST TEACHER DETAILS

Or just go to AltaVista, DejaVu, Exite or SavvySearch and enter the author's
name,, or the keyword "Bilderberger". You can
download it from there.

Clinton has repeatedly praised Quigley for shaping his world-view. The
all-too-revealing book was rapidly withdrawn by Macmillan, mere months after
its publication.

From: "John K. Whitley"
Subject: Dole's Bilderberger VP - first result of that Toronto meeting

This significant and informative item is forwarded with Jay's
kind permission. Please re-post it widely!

To:, (
Subject: Dole's Bilderberger VP
Date: Thu, 06 Jun 96 19:12:17 GMT

Today, June 6,1996,on a front page article in the Washington
Times, the GOP was reported as being stunned by reports that
Senator Bob Dole's vice presidential search committee wants
Georgia's Senator Sam Nunn, a Democrat, to be his
running mate.

I am not surprised.

The heads of state Republican Parties in Georgia, Minnesota,
Maryland, and Wisconsin expressed confusion about the possible
choice; some thought it might be a joke.

Maybe they are ignorant, maybe they believe the TV news.

Nunn, a 24 year senate veteran, is seen by some to be on the
conservative side of the Democrat party, but was rated 22 out
of 100 on a scale where 100 is perfectly conservative.

He is a liberal socialist.

When the Democrats controlled the Senate, he headed the
Armed Services Committee, which has destroyed America's
defensive capability and is surrendering our military to the
New World Order.

I saw this coming.

When I read the list of attendee's at the Bilderberger
conference in Toronto last week (May30-June2), I wondered if
they would annoint a candidate, as they did for Bill Clinton
in 1991.

Nunn's name stuck out like a sore thumb!
--Jay Reynolds
[Ed's Note: The U.S. Military has NATO and "dwarfs the Bilderbergs and Trilateral Commission" according to Col. J. Fletcher Prouty.

From: "John K. Whitley"
Subject: BILDERBERGER's implement their 1996 decisions *fast*...!


Toronto Bilderberg Conference Contact: John Whitley
fax: [416] 322 7238

TORONTO, June 7th -- Events and decisions having major impact
upon citizens of of the U.S. and Canada have flowed swiftly
from the recent super-secretive Bilderberg Meeting in Toronto.

The Bilderbergers, a secretive group of 120 of the most
influential and powerful people in the world, meet secretly
once a year in a heavily-guarded location. Every participant
takes a vow of silence and no press releases giving the
substance of their discussions are ever made available to

This year, the assorted and elite group of royalty,
international financiers, heads of international agencies,
titans of industry and key U.S., European and Canadian
politicians met privately May 30th to June 2nd at the
Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce's extremely luxurious
$60 million "leadership centre" at the King Ranch, just
outside King City on the outskirts of Toronto.

The Toronto media and news services were first alerted to
this meeting by Press Releases from the Toronto-based NEW
which is

Normally, Bilderberg meetings are never mentioned in the
media. Conrad Black, the organiser of this year's Bilderberg
Conference, owns more than 40% of Canadian newspapers.

On this occasion, however, the TORONTO STAR, one of Canada's
few remaining independent newspapers and a paper
distinguished by a long record of award-winning journalism,
ran a major and unprecedented story on the 1996 Bilderberg
Conference. The Friday, May 31st, edition of the newspaper
contained a major article on the front page of the Business
Section which listed the attendees.

emphasized that it had learned from reliable sources that high
on the agenda at this secret Bilderberg meeting was the
privatization sale of the massive government-owned Ontario
Hydro electricity production and distribution utility, a
potential source of "pure money machine profits" for key
investors. Also high on the secret agenda was a planned
Unilateral Declaration of Independence in Quebec in early
1997, intended to fragment Canada with the aim of acheiving
Continental Union with the U.S. by 2005.

We also pointed out that Bilderberg conferences choose and
"anoint" new political leaders, and cited the example of
then-governor Bill Clinton's "annointing" for the U.S.
Presidency at the 1991 Bilderberg Conference in
Baden-Baden, Germany.

This morning's TORONTO STAR, in a front page story headlined
POWER CUT URGES FOR HYDRO, revealed that a Commission headed
by Donald S. MacDonald has recommended to the Ontario Premier,
Mike Harris, than one-third of Ontario Hydro's generating
capacity should be sold to private businesses.

MacDonald was appointed to head the Commission last November
by Premier Harris, who attended last weekend's Bilderberg

Similar electricity utility sell-offs in England have led
to windfall profits for those investors well-placed enough
to corner shares, but to sky-rocketing price increases and
widespread complaints of poorer service for consumers.

According to MACLEAN'S magazine, Southern Electric
International, a subsidiary of the huge Atlanta-based
Southern Co., is "very interested" in investing in Ontario
Hydro. Enron Corp., of Houston, Texas, has also made its
interest known: Bill Harlinger, Ontario Hydro's Chairman,
visited Enron two years ago.

Donald S. MacDonald was involved in an interesting exchange
at the February 19th, 1996 public meeting of the MacDonald
Commission, at the Holiday Inn in Guelph, Ontario. We are
indebted to DISCLOSURE AND DISCOURSE, a monthly
Ontario-based newspaper, for this this report:

"Why do you list such things as cross-country skiing and
tennis in your curriculum vitae for the "Who is Who in
Canada", yet omit to mention the most powerful job you've
ever had?" [Charles] Frey asked MacDonald at the Feb. 19th
meeting in Guelph. When the chair expressed ignorance,
Frey produced documents that listed MacDonald as a member
of the Trilateral Commission as well as a member of the
Steering Committee of the Bilderbergers. After what
[John] Bowlby described as a "stunned silence" in the
packed Holiday Inn meeting Hall, MacDonald said he had
resigned from the Bilderbergers. He made no mention of
his current status with the Trilateral Commission.

The Trilateral Commision and the Bilderbergers, according
to Holly Sklar, author of TRILATERALISM, are alliances of
several hundred of the world's most powerful people whose
aim is to control the world's resources. Trilateralists
envisage the world as three economic superblocs - Europe,
the Western Hemisphere, and Japan* - each with a single
government and all under the umbrella of a world government.
The Bilderbergers have been in existence since the early
1950's. American multi-billionaire David Rockefeller [NOTE:
also present at the secret Toronto Bilderberg Conference]
was organizer of the Trilateral Commission in 1973 with
the help of Zbigniew Brzezinski, national security advisor
to former U.S. President Jimmy Carter.

*[Ed's Note:Japan is now the "Asian Pacific Group" according to the latest publication of the Trilateral Commission which is based in New York City. See separate section on my Web site for the names of all the current Trilateal Commission members and their occupations as of 2001.

"What particularly concerned us was that another member
of the committee, sitting up there with MacDonald at the
meeting, was also listed as a member of the Trilateral
Commission - Darcy McKeogh, the provincial treasurer who was
ousted by former Premier Bill Davis", Bowlby said in a later

[Ed's Note: Darcy McKeogh is not listed anywhere in my extensive research on the Trilateral Commission. That's not to say that he wasn't a member; it's just to say that after scrutinizing for the name, I didn't locate it. ]

A third familiar name on the membership list of the Trilateral
Commission was that of recent Ontario Hydro Chair, Maurice

[Ed's Note: The same situation exists for Maurice Strong. I didn't see his name associated with the Trilateral Commission in any of my research either.]

"Strong is a close associate of Rockefeller, " Bowlby said.
"He has been the trustee of the Rockefeller Foundation and a
member of the Council of Rockefeller University."

The newspaper had previously noted that:

The move to privatize Ontario Hydro began with high-profile
Canadian industrialist Maurice Strong, hired by former Ontario
Premier Bob Rae in 1992 to solve Ontario Hydro's $34 billion
debt problem, following the overbuilding of nuclear plants.
Strong now admits his staff cut of 7,000, stoppage of
construction, and organizational restructuring were intended
to lead to the breakup of the utility for privatization.

It concluded its report by pointing out that:

MacDonald chairs Seimens Electric, Ltd., of Mississauga,
Ontario [a subsidiary of Germany's Siemens AG that has sold
at least 50 gas turbines to world-wide utilities]. MacDonald
is a director of the civil engineering firm Banister
Foundation Inc., which has a subsidiary that specializes in
hydro-electic plants. MacDonald is also a director of
TransCanada pipelines Ltd., a major gas supplier that would
benefit from a deregulated utility market.

MacDonald is reported to have said he would resign if these
connections became a problem.

Journalists may contact Sue Potvin, Publisher of DISCOURSE AND
at 613-826 2710 [fax: 613-826 1033; e-mail:] A complimentary copy of that issue may be
obtained by interested individuals by sending $4 to cover postage
and handling to Discourse and Disclosure, 3296 Nixon Drive,
Osgoode, Ontario K0A 2W0.

Finally, in what reporters described as a "baffling flip-flop",
Quebec's separatist Premier Lucien Bouchard told a meeting of
business and financial leaders in New York, June 5th, that
sovereignty is now on the back-burner. This was followed by a
report in today's TORONTO STAR headlined "ZERO" CHANCE OF
SEPARATING, HARRIS SAYS, in which Ontario's Bilderberger Premier
was quoted as making the "bold statement", before a U.S.
business and investment audience, that "I think the chances of
a separation between Quebec and Canada are zilch, absolutely
zero. I don't see any possibilty." The STAR's reporter, William
Walker, wrote that "The statements were by far Harris' boldest
declarations on the national unity issue since he was elected
a year ago."

Harris, of course, had just finished attending the Bilderberg

Since the NEW WORLD ORDER INTELLIGENCE UPDATE widely publicized,
on the Internet and via Press Releases, the fact that a
planned Quebec UDI, slated for early 1997, was on the agenda,
we can only wonder if the Bilderbergers have done what they and
similar secretive groups always do when their purposes are
exposed, and simply re-drafted their plans and schedule. That
would certainly provide Bilderberger Harris with his

In the meantime, Ontario's hydro consumers will be the first to
bear the cost of these secret deliberations. It goes without
saying that Bilderbergers will be the first to profit from them.

Names of Bilderberg Group Members and occupations:

David Aaron, Deputy National Security advisor
David Abshire, Chairman of Bilderberg
Giovanni Agnelli, Head of Fiat
Graham T. Allison, Dean of the Kennedy School at Harvard University
David Astor, Editor, London Observer
George Ball, Underscretary of State
Rayner Barzel, Top German CDU Politician
Max Bauer, Mayor of Hamburg
Sir Frederick Bennett, British Secretary of the Steering Committee, Rhodesian Bar since the 1940s; Chairman of London based Foreign Affairs Research Institute (FARI) whose purpose is "the propagation of warnings about the Soviet danger"
Fred Bergsten, U.S. Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for International Affairs
Prince Bernhard, Founder and Chairman of the Bilderbergs, Netherlands
George Berthoin, France
Nuri Birgi
W. Michael Blumenthal, Trilateral Commission member, Treasury Secretary
Irving Brown, AFL-CIO
Zbigniew Brzesinski, National Security Administration under Carter, Trilateral Commission originator with David Rockefeller
McGeorge Bundy, Assistant to President Kennedy
William Bundy, Editor of Foreign Affairs and top Vietnam War planner
Guido Carli, Former Bank of Italy head; now head of industrials organizations confindustria
Sir Paul Chambers, Ex-Chairman of Imperial Chemical Industries
Ray Cline, Former Deputy Director CIA
John S. Coleman, President Burroughs Corporation, U.S. Chairman of Bilderberg briefly
Emilio Collado, U.S. Representative on OECD Business & Industry Committee; Executive of Exxon; Director of J. P. Morgan & Morgan Guaranty Trust Banks
August Cool, Belgian trade union bureaucrat
Richard Cooper, Undersecretary of State for Economic Affairs
Andrew Cordier, Dean of School of International Affairs at Columbia University 1962-68 & Acting President during the student occupation of 1968
Rolf Dahrendorf, Former Commissioner for External Affairs
Arthur Dean, Co-Chairman of Bilderbergs along with H.J. Heinz II; Trustee of the Asia Foundation; well known conduit for CIA money into Asia studies; a Director of the Council on Foreign Relations, 1955-1972; Chairman of the Institute of Pacific Relations 1950-1952
Alcide de Gasperi, Architect of Post War Italian Christian Democracy; Prime Minister
Edmond de Rothschild, French Banker
Allen Dulles, CIA Director
Sir John Foster, barrister
Sir Oliver Franks, U.K.
Hugh Gaitskere, British Labor Party leader
Ian Gilmore, Prime Minister Thatcher Foreign Office spokesman in the House of Commons; is on the FARI board;
Ian Grieg, Deputy Director of FARI
Anthony G. S. Griffin
Sir Colin Gubbins, Head of Britain's Special Operations Executive
Walter Hallstein, Germany; Foreign Affairs Minister
William Averell Harriman, Former Ambassador to the Soviet Union, Former Assistant Secretary of State to LBJ
Gabriel Hauge, President Eisenhower's Domestic Policy Chief; Chairman of Manufacturers Hanover Trust; Director of Council on Foreign Relations & Treasurer from 1964
Denis Healey, Britains Labor Party Minister of Defence (1964-1970) & Chancellor of the Exchequer (Treasury) 1974-1979; Chairperson of the IMF steering group; also a member of the Trilateral Commission since 1979
Richard Helms, Deputy Director CIA, plans (clandestine operations)
J. H. Heinz II
J. H. Heinz III, U.S. Senator
Allan Hovey, Jr.
Lord Hume, Chairman of Bilderbergs since Bernard's demise
Hans Igler, President of Austrian Industrialists Federation
C. D. Jackson, Special Assistant to the President for Psychological Warfare
Daniel Jenssen
Joseph E. Johnson, Head of Carnegie Endowment for International Peace & U.S. Secretary of Bilderberg
Tom Jones, Chief Executive Northrup
C. Fritz Karsten, Managing Director of the Dutch AMRO (Amsterdam/Rotterdam Bank); Treasurer of the Bilderbergs
Kurt Kiesinger, Chancellor of West Germany 1966-1969; member of the Nazi party
Max Kohnstamm, Trilateral Commission member
Ole Bjon Kraft, Denmark's Foreign Minister
Thorkill Kristensen
La Malfa, Italy
Arnold T. Lamping, Dutch Diplomat
Joseph Luns, NATO Chief
Sir William MacKenzie
John J. McCloy, U.S. High Commissioner to Germany & Warren Commission member
John McCone, Director of Central Intelligence replacing Allen Dulles JFK fired after the Bay of Pigs tragedy
George McGhee, Bilderberg Executive Committee
Robert McNamara, Secretary of Defense
Giovanni Malagodi, Italy, secretary of the Socialist Party of Industrial Workers
Marjolin, Italy
Johannes Meynen, Bilderberg Steering Committee
Rudolf Miller, Lawyer, Germany
Guy Mollet, Leader of French Socialists
Walter Mondale, Vice President
Jean Monnet, France "The Father of Europe" Headed the combined British-French Supply Committee
Paul Nitze, Pentagon
Niel Norlund, Denmark's Berkingske Tidende chief editor
David Owen, British Foreign Secretary
James A. Perkins, Foreign Economic Administration VP at Swarthmore, Carnegie Corporation 1950-1963; President Cornell University 1963-69; Former Trustee of the Rand Corporation
Antoine Pinay, French Prime Minister
Don K. Price, Social Sciences Research Council; Pentagon's Research & Development; Ford Foundation; Harvard University; Dean of the Kennedy Graduate School since 1958; Trustee, then Chairman of the 20th Century Fund; Trustee of Vanderbilt University; Rand, & the Rhoades Trust since 1968
Pietro Quaroni, Diplomat, Italy
Jean Ray, First President of the Unified European Communities
Dr. Joseph Retinger, sets the formation of Bilderbergs central role in the European Movement
Walter Reuther, AFL-CIO
David Rockefeller, Founder and Honorary Chairman of the Trilateral Commission
Lord Eric Roll, British civil servant, Combined (US/UK) Food Board & UK delegations to the OEEC, NATO, EEC, U.S. Treasury, IMF, & World Bank; Director, Bank of England, Chairman S. G. Warburg Common Market Trust
Dr. Dennis Rhoodie, Brother of fugitive ex-secretary of the South African Department of Information
Dr. Eschel Rhoodie, Head of Department of Information, South Africa
Walter Rostow, Military advisor to President Kennedy
Mariano Rumor, Premier of Italy, Christian Democratic Party
Dean Rusk, Secretary of State to JFK & LBJ, Council on Foreign Relations (CFR)
Paul Rykens, Treasurer of Bilderbergs; Unilever till his death in 1964
Paul Samuelson, MIT Professor, Consultant in Economic & Resource Planning
Helmut Schmidt, Chancellor of West Germany
Geoffrey Steward Smith, Director of FARI
Walter Bedell (Beetle) Smith, Director, Central Intelligence Agency
Baron Snoy et d'Oppuers, Secretary General of the Belgian Ministry of Economic Affairs; First Chairman of Marshall Plan
Theo Sommer, Former Chairman of C.B.S. (media)
Shepard Stone, Ford Foundation
Franz Joseph Strauss, West German Defence Minister
Arthur Taylor
Otto G. Tidemand, Chief Executive Belgian Chemical Union Ltd
Victor Umbrecht, Director of Swiss drug company CIBA-eigy
Pierre Uri
Cyrus R. Vance, Carter Cabinet member and member of Robert MacNamara's staff also
E. H. van der Beugel, Bilderberg steering cmmittee; President of KLM Royal Dutch Airlines; Heads the International Institute of Strategic Studies in London
Paul van Zeeland, Netherlands
Otto Wolff von Amerongen, (father had been an early and substantial contributor to Hitler.)

Bilderberg To Meet On Swedish Isle

The SPOTLIGHT has done it again, discovering where this year's meeting of the Bilderberg Group will be held.
Exclusive to The SPOTLIGHT
By James P. Tucker Jr.

Bilderberg will hold its annual secret meeting at a resort near Gotesberg, or Go thenburg, Sweden May 24-28, The SPOTLIGHT has learned.
Bilderberg will meet at the Quality Hotel Stenungsbaden, a luxury resort in Stenungsund, about 30 miles from Gotesberg. While accessible by land, the resort occupies an entire island off the coast.
According to travel agencies, Bilderberg has chosen an ideal location for security purposes‹something it has always emphasized but has become even more sensitive about in recent years.
Not only is the resort surrounded by a moat, but travel agencies report finding no accommodations between Stenungsund and Gotesberg. However, people who have traveled there say modest accommodations can be found.
In this remote but luxury setting, Bilderberg will deploy armed guards at the gates and around the hotel. Often, when meeting in Europe, Bilderberg deploys the military as well, sometimes with dogs.
The usual luminaries are scheduled to attend, including David Rockefeller and his valet, Henry Kissinger, who are also leaders of the Bilderberg brother group, the Trilateral Commission.
Rockefeller shares power in Bilderberg with the Rothschilds of Britain and Europe, and has attended since meetings began under that name in 1954. However, Rockefeller is now more than 80 years old and has become stooped and feeble.

The broad outlines of Bilderberg's perennial agenda are long known: universal free trade to create a world government under the United Nations and elimination of nation-states so the international plutocrats can turn everyone into wage slaves on their Global Plantation.
But the specific actions planned for the coming year will only be known after SPOTLIGHT completes its penetrations of Bilderberg in Stenungsund. After then, you will be able to read in-depth reports in The SPOTLIGHT and on several web sites which will present the information as their own, without crediting this populist newspaper.
Ever since its founding in 1975, and before this by its publisher, Liberty Lobby, this newspaper has reported on the secret meetings and often the plans of this enigmatic group, Bilderberg. It will be interesting to see if this year the important news will be reported in the controlled media.

Copyright 2001. All rights reserved

My immense thanks and gratitude to not only The Spotlight but to Brian Hill of the CIA-drugs listserv for providing me with the information on the Shadow Government. This confirms what I knew that it isn't sufficient to disband the CIA as President Kennedy wanted to do that caused his assassination because the Defense Intelligence Agency would take over the activities of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).


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