The Bilderberg Group

The Bilderberg Conference in Toronto, Canada, May 30 - June 2, 1996

Note from Jeff: Special thanks goes to John K. Whitley for these excellent messages and articles regarding the Bilderberg Conference


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WASHINGTON -- The highest level of the global financial and political elite, the Bilderberg, will meet May 30-June 2 to secretly make economic and political plans profoundly impacting the future of Americans and the worldwide population. The major media in the U.S. is expected to black out the event as it has In the past.

The Bilderberg, named after the hotel in Holland where the powerful group has deliberated, will meet at the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce Leadership Center on the outskirts of King City, a Toronto suburb. The CIBC Center has been dubbed "the Bohemian Grove of Canada" after the California retreat frequented by financial and political elites.

Global control of the air, water and public health will be discussed at the meeting, as well as the possible multi billion dollar sale of the Canadian government-owned utility Ontario Hydro, producer and distributor of electricity, according to informed sources.

A primary subject of concern is expected to be the escalating attack on world planning organizations by liberals, an entirely unwelcome development for Bilderberg. About 50 leftist groups held a conference in Washington May 10-12 directed against international banks and economic globalization. Leading liberal environmentalists, economists and activists from around the world spoke.

High officials of the White House. State and Defense Departments, former heads of state, and bankers and industrialists involved in international finance
capitalism, attend Bilderberg meetings each year. Decisions are later implemented
as economic and political policy by world leaders.

Each year the mainstream press blacks out news of Bilderberg conferences.
Prominent representatives of the electronic and newsprint media, including the major TV networks, The New York Times, and Katharine Graham of The
Washington Post, have attended past meetings but have been sworn to secrecy.

Since 1976 only one national newspaper--the populist newsweekly,The SPOTLIGHT --has annually reported on Bilderberg meetings.

"If 120 film stars or sports celebrities were to spend three days behind locked, guarded closed doors, members of the press would break their necks trying to find out what was going on," said investigative reporter Jim Tucker, who has covered Bilderberg meetings for The SPOTLIGHT for the last 20 years. "Why then no curiosity when 120 of world's most powerful men and women gather under cover of darkness and in secret?"

"If Bilderberg is doing good, and not evil, it should enjoy the
sunshine instead of seeking out the dark corners of the world in which to hide," said Vince Ryan, chairman of the Board of Policy of Liberty Lobby, publisher of The SPOTLIGHT.

In 1995, Bilderberg attendees met atop a high mountain containing three huge
luxury hotels in Burgenstock, Switzerland, arriving and departing by
helicopter from the Zurich airport. Participants were guarded by the Swiss army, police, their private security and attack dogs.

The Trilateral Commission, which shares interlocking leadership with the
Bilderbergers, recently met in Vancouver, British Columbia. Both groups oppose the rising tide of nationalism In the U.S. and Europe, and are working to complete a common currency for the European Union. This will help establish a European superstate to gain momentum for an American Union and Asian-Pacific Union. These steps are critical to the groups' goal of world government.

In 1991, Bilderberg threw its support behind Bill Clinton--a member of both
groups--for president. Clinton attended the 1991 Bilderberg conference(held in Baden-Baden, Germany) when he was then a little-known governor of Arkansas. This is right in our backyard, so to speak, and we're keeping
tabs on it.

The *real* topic for discussion will be implementation of the
recommendations of the 1995 Report of the Commission On Global
Governance, entitled OUR GLOBAL NEIGHBOURHOOD. The items mentioned
in the Press Release below are drawn from that document. I
did circulate an outline of the Report around the Net two months

We also have some journalistic friends well clued in on this: it will be interesting to see what they manage to discover.

The two major local papers are:

THE TORONTO STAR - independent and owned by a foundation,
the Chairman of which is Dr. John Evans, ex-head of the
Rockefeller Foundation

THE GLOBE AND MAIL - the last publisher of which, Norman Webster,
was also a Bilderberg attendee.

Conrad Black, Bilderberger "secretary/doorkeeper" for Canada, has recently
bought up the Southam chain of newspapers which, together with his
existing holdings, gives him tremendous media power in Canada. We can
assume that it's unlikely that *any* of these papers will be
delving too deeply into this meeting or even mentioning that it's

King City, by the way, is not a suburb of Toronto. It's an expensive
little country community outside the city. The CIBC retreat resort
is actually outside King City, in King Township - a region of large,
expensive horse farms, etc. where members of the Royal Family are hosted
on their private visits to Canada. I believe that its the old
Union Carbide top management retreat, since bought by the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce - I spent a weekend there some years ago when I was consulting to Union Carbide. It's *extremely* luxurious, very private, and easy to isolate for security purposes. It's also very close - a helicopter
ride away - to Toronto's Pearson International Airport, so it's
easy to whisk key personages out there quickly, securely, and

You'll note that a meeting including various ex-heads of state from
around the world [Helmut Schmidt, Pierre Trudeau, etc.] has been in
progress in Vancouver to discuss the impacts of globalism. No doubt
many of those participants will be proceeding directly from
Vancouver to King City, too!


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TORONTO, May 30th.-- The veil of secrecy which usually surrounds
annual meetings of the Bilderberg, the highest level of the global
and financial elite, was torn apart this morning by a front-page
story in one of Canada's most widely-read and influential
newspapers, the TORONTO STAR.

Deverell, a business reporter for the newspaper, noted that
not only had Canadian publisher Conrad Black offered $295
million to gain control of Canada's largest newspaper chain
and weathered the subsequent annual meeting of his Hollinger
Inc, but that - to cap his week - "...he's now the host for a
four-day closely guarded meeting of world leaders and royalty
just north of Toronto."

The TORONTO STAR, and other major Toronto media, had previously
received a detailed news release from the Toronto-based NEW
well-concealed gathering. The UPDATE's Web page address is

Deverell listed some of the more than 100 hand-picked attendees
from around the world as "U.S. Defence Secretary William Perry,
Prime Minister Jean Chretien, former U.S. Secretary of State
Henry Kissinger, the queens of the Netherlands and Spain as well
as other business, political and academic elite." He also noted
that Conrad Black, a media magnate, is a permanent member of the
Bilderberg, and added "For 42 years the secretive organization
has devoted itself to strengthening the Atlantic military
alliance and economies."

Deverell concluded by reporting that "The guest list and agenda
for the four-day conference are secret. A ban on reporters 'makes
discussion more intimate and candid', Black said yesterday. 'There
are no massive indiscretions, but the exchanges can be quite
heated.'" [Ed.s note: Can be but usually aren't more heated.]

Bilderberger meetings are normally not even mentioned in the Press.
The TORONTO STAR, a liberal paper with a long tradition of award-
winning journalism, is one of the few remaining independent
newspapers in Canada.

In his 1993 biography, A LIFE IN PROGRESS, Conrad Black had this
to say about the Bilderberg, which he first attended in May,

"This group was set up in the mid-fifties [1954]by Prince Bernhard of
the Netherlands and was designed to strengthen understanding
between prominent people in the North Atlantic community. It
met at the Dutch resort hotel that gave the group its name.
About 120 or so people meet from every full-fledged
traditionally non-communist European country, as well as
Canada and the United States. They normally include senior
officials of the governments of all the countries
represented, with a wide swath of enlightened business,
academic, media and military leaders. There was always a
group of international officials, led by the NATO Secretary-
General and military commander and the head of the OECD
[Organization for Economic Co-Operation and Development]

The key to the unique success of the Bilderberg meetings
has been to hold them in remote places almost entirely
without spouses or aides, to discourage prepared texts,
and to confine discussion as much as possible to English.

Although I had first met Henry Kissinger in Palm Beach
in 1979, and then at a luncheon in Toronto, jointly
hosted by the ECONOMIST magazine and our company
in 1980, and later socially in New York, it was at
Bilderberg that I got to know him and a number of our
other, future, directors and advisory board members. These
included Gianni Agnelli of Fiat, Dwayne Andreas [controlling
shareholder of the giant agri-business Archer-Daniels,
Midland], Zbigniew Brzezinski [former national security
advisor in the Carter administration], Lord Carrington
[former British foreign and defence secretary and
secretary-general of NATO], Andrew Knight [editor of the
ECONOMIST], Richard Perle [former U.S. assistant secretary
of National Defence and one of the champions of the
Strategic Defence Initiative ("Star Wars") and Euro-missile
deployment], Paul Volker [former Federal Reserve chairman],
and George Will [U.S. conservative columnist and
commentator], as well as many other interesting people.

Not having very satisfactory recollections of schooldays,
nor being a very enthusiastic or obsevant university
alumnus, Bilderberg has been the closest I have known to
that sort of comaraderie. The animated social sessions, as
much as the cut and thrust on the principal strategic and
economic issues faced by the Atlantic community, have given
me, and many other regular participants, a powerful and
entirely agreeable sense of community with some very
talented and prominent people. After 1986, I became the
co-leader of the Canadian group and effectively chose most
of the Canadian participants.

Providentially, the world became more accessible for me
as Canada became less commodious. It was from Bilderberg
that our company's eventual vocation as an international
newspaper organization arose."

Others have a different view of Bilderberg. In his superbly-
had this to say of this powerful organization of which
President Clinton is also a member, and which "anointed"
him for the Presidency at its private June, 1991, meeting
in Baden-Baden, Germany:

"The organization claims 'secrecy is demanded so as to
encourage frank discussions by persons whose positions
otherwise wotuld restrict full expressions of their
personal views'. Consequently, the identities of those
attending the gatherings are never made known. They are
referred to only by their own press releases or by
reporters camped at a distance from the meeting sites,
always off-limits to both press and public.

Over the years, the Bilderberg Conference has attracted
many highly-placed critics who protest that the

* sets itself above governments [Ed's note: NAFTA and GATT are proof of that."]

* manipulates global finances and imperiously establishes
rigid and binding monetary rates around the world.

* selects political figures whom the conference decrees
should become rulers - and also targets those whom it
wants removed from power.[Bill Clinton was the "Come Back kid" after he transgressed on Hilary as opposed to Gary Hart who did and was forced to drop out of presidential contention.]

* decides which countries shall wage war on others.

"The Bilderbergers are powerful enough to pull the rug out
[from under] one nation and to pave the way for the rise
of another", said a scholar intimately aquainted with the
Bilderberger modus operandi.

"An example is the way the conferees decreed the impoverish-
ment of South American countries for many years. Now they've
done an about-face, and are building up those lands.

"They are above government. They dictate terms and run the
world the way the Bilderberger brains trust decides it
should be.

"It is incomprehensible how so many highly placed people of
influence can be sucked into this secret society's orbit
to participate in their closed-door planning sessions
that ordain drastic and historic changes to create a
new world order to be controlled by the most powerful
of global bankers", says the scholar.

A partial roster of infuential Americans who have attended
Bilderberg Conferences includes Arthur Hayes Sulzberger,
president and publisher of the NEW YORK TIMES; C.D. Jackman,
vice-president of TIME, Inc; George F. Kennan, former
ambassador to the Soviet Union; Eugene R. Black, president
of the International Bank; Gabriel Howe, economic advisor
to President Dwight D. Eisenhower; David I. McDonald,
president of the United Steel Workers; David Rockefeller,
chairman of the Chase Manhattan Bank; and former Secretary
of State Henry A. Kissinger.

Meetings are generally held semi-annually and participants,
as some of the aforementioned names indicate, represent
selected public officials, economists, professionals,
publishers, industrialists, labor leaders, and people of
influence from virtually all walks of life....

Meetings are always held in an atmosphere of utmost security.
Each delegate is sworn to secrecy, pledging never to divulge
what is discussed or to identify others who attend."

As reported in yesterday's Press Release, however, the NEW WORLD
ORDER INTELLIGENCE UPDATE has learned that a planned 1997
Unilateral Declaration of Independence by Quebec's Premier
Bouchard, resulting in the breakup of Canada and its eventual
absorbtion into Continental Union with the United States by the
year 2005, will be high on the agenda.

Other items to be discussed include the sweeping and Draconian
recommendations of the elite's 1995 Commission on Global
Governance Report, OUR GLOBAL NEIGHBOURHOOD. The multi-billion
dollar privatization of Ontario Hydro, the province's massive
publicly-owned electricity generator and distributor will also be
on the agenda. Such privatization sales in England have led to
a "pure money machine" flow of profits for top investors.

The standard Bilderberger response to queries concerning their
agenda, the identities of participants, and the decisions reached
is that "secrecy encourages frank discussion." In his 1967 book,
author A.K. Chesterton responded directly to that excuse by
commenting that "Men pursuing purposes which will bear the light
of day do not hold secret meetings in different parts of the world."


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TORONTO, 31st May--The elite and secretive Bilderbergers
are not used to choking on their breakfasts, but that's
what many of them probably did this morning if they
opened today's TORONTO STAR, or tuned into Toronto's
680-NEWS radio station.

The TORONTO STAR ran a virtually full-page story,
complete with an illustrated list of the immensely
powerful but publicity-shy attendees, on the secretive
1996 Bilderberg Conference on the front page of its
widely-read Business Section.

The detailed and revealing story, headlined BIG HITTERS
GATHER: Vast Array Of International VIP's Talk Things Over
At Secretive Bilderberg '96 In King City, noted that
"[Conrad] Black, media baron and chairman of Hollinger
Inc., and other permanent members of the group, are
unhappy at suggestions by extremists of the left and
right that the private event is part of a system of
secret government."

This is the first time in the history of the Bilderberg
Conferences that a major newspaper has ever scrutinized
them in such a fashion. Normally, Bilderberg meetings
are not even mentioned in the main-line media. Bilderbergers
are not accustomed to have to provide explanations to
anyone, particularly since certain of their members own or
control major metropolitan newspapers, newspaper chains
and wire services.

TORONTO STAR Business Reporter John Deverell quoted Black
as stating that the secrecy surrounding Bilderberg
meetings has "no purpose other than to allow leading
citizens to speak their minds openly and freely."

The list of such "leading citizens", who Black stated
"attend Bilderberg in a private and not an official
capacity", includes among its hand-picked ranks such
international financiers as Andrew Soros and David
, European bluebloods like the Queens of
the Netherlands and Spain
, U.S. government officials
like Defence Secretary William Perry and Senior Advisor
to the President George Stephanopolous, U.S. Senator
Sam Nunn, the NATIONAL REVIEW's William Buckley,
ex-U.S. government luminaries Lloyd Bentsen [former
Treasury Secretary] and Henry Kissinger, and
distinguished "international citizens" like Peter
[former director-general of GATT and
the WTO] and World Bank President James Wolfensohn.

Canadian attendees include Frederik Eaton, of the
major department store chain; Paul Martin, Finance
Minister; Jean Chretien, the Prime Minister of
Canada; Red Wilson, Chairman of Bell Canada
Enterprises; Ted Rogers, the communications and
cable mogul; Al Flood, Chairman of the Canadian
Imperial Bank of Commerce; and Ontario Premier
Mike Harris.

"Security was barely visible at the [King] Ranch
yesterday, " Deverell reported. He quoted James
Tucker, a reporter for THE SPOTLIGHT newspaper in
Washington D.C., who is an experienced Bilderberger
watcher, as commenting "This is very low-key. In
Switzerland, where they had this last year, they
brought out the Swiss Army."

According to Deverell's detailed report, "This year's
topics include the enlargement of the European Union,
the problems of former Yugoslavia, relations with
China and Russia and obstacles to economic growth."

The TORONTO STAR, a liberal paper with a record of
award-winning journalism and superb investigative
articles, is one of the few remaining independent
newspapers in Canada.

At 7:45 this morning, 680-NEWS, a popular news radio
station with a large metro Toronto audience, carried
the following report which was re-aired at intervals
as part of their news schedule:

Dick Smythe: "Well, this sounds like the plot of
a conspiracy movie, as the world's movers and
shakers meet in secret. Conrad Black is holding
his annual Bilderberg Conference. Here's 680's
Karen Parsons...
Reporter: "About one hundred notables, including
the Queens of the Netherlands and Spain, along
with Henry Kissinger, the U.S. Defence Secretary
William Perry and our Prime Minister, have
gathered for the conference. Also along, the
heads of Ford Motor Company, Xerox, the Bank of
Commerce and Reuters
. Black says there is a ban
on reporters, so discussion will be intimate
and candid. He says "exchanges can often be
quite heated." Participants are required to take
a vow of silence. Last year's conference was held
in three mountaintop luxury hotels in Switzerland.
This year, it's at a $60 million dollar luxury
spa in King City."

Canadian Press also distributed a brief report on the
previously-secret meeting, which was published today
by, among other newspapers, the TORONTO SUN.

The major Toronto media and news services were first
alerted to this well-concealed gathering by Press
Releases from the Toronto-based NEW WORLD ORDER
INTELLIGENCE UPDATE, the Web site address for which

learned, through its own sources, that the 1996
Bilderberg Conference will also be discussing
the planned breakup of Canada by way of a 1997
Unilateral Declaration of Independence by Quebec,
with the ultimate goal being Continental Union
by the year 2005; the planned privatization
sale of Ontario Hydro, a source of vast profits
for well-placed investors; and certain of
the Draconian recommendations included in the
1995 Report of the elite's Commission on Global

Despite the disarming disclaimer that the
Bilderberg is just an innocuous group of "private
citizens", drawn together to discuss the world's
ills and opportunities privately and therefore
uninhibitedly, solid evidence exists that this
is not the case.

In his groundbreaking 1966 1300-page book, TRAGEDY
AND HOPE, Professor Carroll Quigley, a distinguished
faculty member at the Georgetown University School
of Foreign Service and a member of "insider" elite
organizations sharing membership with the Bilderbergers,
confirmed that an international "network" of wealthy
and influential personages did indeed secretly control
world events through private conferences, consensus, and
concerted action. He wrote:

"This network, which we may identify as the Round
Table Groups, has no aversion to cooperating with
the Communists or any other group, and frequently
does so. I know of the operations of this network
because I have studied it for twenty years and was
permitted, for two years, in the early 1960's, to
examine its papers and secret records. I have no
aversion to it or to most of its aims and I have,
for much of my life, been close to it and to many
of its instruments."

No one can accuse Dr. Quigley of having been either an
"extremist" or a "conspiratorialist." His students spoke
of him in awed tones as "a genius." One of his more
distinguished students, President Bill Clinton [who was
"anointed" for the Presidency by the Bilderbergers at
their June, 1991 Baden-Baden meeting] has referred
to Professor Quigley publicly on several occasions as
having had an outstanding and formative influence on
his view of the world.

Professor Quigley summarized this "network's" grand plan
in this way:

"Their aim is nothing less than to create a world
system of financial control in private hands able to
dominate the political system of each country and the
economy of the world as a whole. The system was to
be controlled in a feudalistic fashion by the
central banks of the world acting in concert, by
secret agreements arrived at in frequent private
meetings and conferences."

Thus, the secrecy which surrounds Bilderberger meetings.

Not surprisingly, TRAGEDY AND HOPE, though written by
Professor Quigley with the aim of recruiting support
among more "enlightened" academics, publishers,
politicians, labour leaders and business magnates for
a planned New World Order, the foundations of which had
already largely been laid, revealed too much. Within
months of its publication, it was abruptly withdrawn by
Macmillan, its publishers.

Additional information on the Bilderbergers and their
background can be found at Paul Angus Sullivan's Web
page at [scroll down to the section
entitled "Russ Limbaugh's Greatest Fears"]. Paul,
the President of Toronto's GLOBAL MULTIMEDIA, has
been engaged in an on-going public Internet debate
on this topic with Rush Limbaugh, the well-known
American talk-show host. Paul can be reached by
journalists at 416-483 8317 [mornings] and at
416-226 0317 [afternoons].

Journalists interested in finding additional
documentary sources on Quebec separation, the
planned breakup of Canada, and the continent-reshaping
elite-sponsored James Bay-U.S. GRAND CANAL water
diversion scheme will find these archived at Jeff
Koftinoff's GRAND CANAL Web site at:
(moved to
[scroll down to the "Main Documents and Interviews"

Please note that, after sustained Internet exposure of the
secret GRAND CANAL project during the last Quebec
referendum, Premier Jaques Parizeau announced that the
final, necessary, expansion of the James Bay dam
system was "cancelled". A subsequent Quebec Hydro Press
Release, however, declared it only "postponed until after
2005" - the projected date for Canada-U.S. Continental
Union! The GRAND CANAL project will turn Canada's fresh
water resources into a river of "liquid gold" for its
elite backers, some of whom are Bilderberg members.

From: "John K. Whitley"
Subject: TORONTO STAR continues coverage of secret Toronto Bilderberg Conference


Toronto Bilderberg meeting Contact: John Whitley
416-481 4868/fax: 416-322 7238

TORONTO, June 1st -- THE TORONTO STAR continued its unprecedented
coverage of the secretive 1996 Bilderberg meeting with a large
full-colour aerial photograph of the private $60 million resort
ranch which is the site of their conference prominently displayed
across the front page of the paper's Business Section. The bold
print caption read HEAVY SECRECY AT VIP CENTRAL.

The Bilderbergers, an elite, publicity-shy group of 120 of the
world's wealthiest and most influential people, meet annually in
different parts of the world for private discussions. No list of
attendees is usually released, no agenda is published, and the
participants are sworn to secrecy. Bilderberger meetings are not
usually even mentioned by the major media.

The TORONTO STAR's persistent and professional coverage of this
story has been record-breaking in several ways: they are the first
major newspaper ever to scrutinize a Bilderberg Conference in such
a courageous and critical fashion; their coverage has resulted in
the first-ever listing of attendees at an on-going Conference; and
they appear to have prompted a Bilderberg spokesman, for the first
time in the organization's secretive history, to produce an
"agenda" for the elite group's discussions. Since journalists are
barred from the meetings, however, and since no final decisions
are ever released to the Press, there is of course no way in
which the accuracy or completeness of such an agenda can be

Conference participants include European royalty; major
international financiers and supranational agency chairmen; key
U.S., Canadian and European politicians; a representative of
President Clinton [who was "anointed" for the Presidency by the
Bilderbergers at their 1991 Baden-Baden meeting, which he
attended]; and assorted titans of industry and commerce.

Their four-day, private and closely-guarded meeting at the
Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce's luxurious King Ranch
"leadership centre", outside King City, just north of Toronto,
ends on June 2nd.

Toronto and other media were first alerted to this well-concealed
meeting by Press Releases from the Toronto-based NEW WORLD ORDER
INTELLIGENCE UPDATE, the Web page address for which is

In a separate story headined BILDERBERG SECRECY LID INTACT, John
Deverell, a business reporter for the TORONTO STAR, noted that
"THE SPOTLIGHT, a right-wing populist newsweekly based in Washington,
D.C., for example, claims that Bilderberg is part of a larger scheme
to squelch nationalism in Europe and the United States, and establish
a European superstate that will join an 'America Union and an
Asia-Pacific Union'".

For example, financial titan David Rockefeller, who is attending the
meeting, has expressed a desire to see NAFTA spread "from Alaska
to Chile." [Ed's note: This is FTAA.]

Deverell also quotes an lengthy Internet summary on the
Bilderbergers posted by Brian Redman, which included the assertion
that "The role of the Bilderberg group is a one-world totalitarian,
socialist government and economic system." Brian is a frequent and
highly-respected Internet contributor.

This assertion, as noted in yesterday's Press Release, has been
confirmed by Professor Carroll Quigley, a distinguished member of
the faculty of Georgetown University School of Foreign Service,
in his revealing 1966 book, TRAGEDY AND HOPE. The massive
1300-page scholarly volume was abruptly withdrawn by Macmillan
months after being published. Professor Quigley, who was
associated with this group, has been spoken of in terms of
adulation by one of his most prominent ex- students, President
Bill Clinton, who has said repeatedly and publicly that Quigley
shaped his view of the world. Professor Quigley was in agreement
with the aims of the Bilderbergers, and supported them.

Journalists seeking detailed background information on the
Bilderberg and its members will find an excellent, detailed
article on the organization at the NEXUS MAGAZINE Web site,
the address of which is [this
site is also mirrored, for U.S. and Canadian readers, at]: scroll down the first, index,
page until you come to the item "Article on the Bilderbergers
from the Dec. '95 - Jan. '96 Issue of Nexus Magazine.

As reported in our previous Press Releases, THE NEW WORLD
ORDER INTELLIGENCE UPDATE has also learned from its own sources
that one of the items on the agenda of this year's Bilderberg
Conference is a prearranged Unilateral Declaration of
Independence (UDI) by Quebec, leading to the breakup of Canada and
its eventual absorbtion into Continental Union with the United
States by the year 2005. We anticipate, for a variety of reasons,
that this UDI will be declared between February and April, 1997.

When we first shared information on the planned destruction of
Canada with Canadian journalists and media outlets, over three
years ago, it was greeted with incredulity. However, since then
our assertions have been confirmed in virtually every detail
from an entirely unexpected direction.

Lansing Lamont, for 10 years Managing Director of the Canadian
Desk of the Americas Society [a Rockefeller organization]
published a 1994 book entitled BREAKUP: THE COMING END OF CANADA
he confirmed to the last detail every one of our prior assertions,
which had been drawn from other, unimpeachable private sources.

The scenario basically is as follows:

* Quebec declares Unilateral Declaration of Independence. This removes the impediment otherwise faced in attempting to merge a bi-lingual country [Canada] with a uni-lingual one [the U.S.], even as it provides the trigger for the catastrophic and irreversible breakup of Canada.

* the Cree indians, unwilling to remain in an independent Quebec,
rise up in the Ungava Rebellion, appeal to the Canadian government
to honour Crown treaties with the Cree, and attempt to retain their
lands and loyalty to Canada.

* a three-way civil war erupts, involving the Cree, Quebec and
Canadian Forces. The Cree seize the massive James Bay hydro-
generating facilities in Northern Quebec and sabotage them,
causing massive power outages in Quebec which ripple through
the grid down the entire east coast of North America.

* the U.S. government, under heavy pressure at home, sends the U.S.
Army's 10th Mountain Division, a crack 10,000 shock assault Division
permanently stationed at Fort Drum, N.Y., just south of the
international bridge near Cornwall, Ontario, into Canada to "assist"
the overwhelmed Canadian forces and to "re-take" James Bay.

* at the conclusion of the conflict, the massive James Bay fresh-water
reservoir [which, at 500 miles by 121 miles, fed by 20 Arctic rivers,
is the largest in the world] and the huge hydro-electrical generating
facilities are purchased from the Cree, on whose land they are, for
"pennies on the dollar" by the elite-backed GRAND CANAL CORPORATION,
some of whose owners are Bilderbergers.

* Canadians, dispirited by a shattered country, are offered a new
"National Dream" - the construction of the massive GRAND CANAL
infrastructure, which will channel James Bay fresh water to the
Great Lakes, from there to go down the Mississippi and other river
systems to Texas and northern Mexico; a second section will funnel
water out of Lake Superior westward to Lake Diefenbaker and the
Rafferty-Almeda dams, from where it will be piped down to the dry
southwestern states. The continuing profits will be astronomical.

* Canada, by now broken up into regions, will slowly drift into the
embrace of the United States by 2005, in full Continental Union.
The crippling public debt associated with GRAND CANAL construction
will have impoverished the nation indescribably and will have led to
a series of financial crises.

Though he was apparently careful not to mention the massive GRAND
CANAL project and its backers, Lamont confirmed the outline above in
every other key detail.

Since the NEW WORLD ORDER INTELLIGENCE UPDATE editor extensively
publicized this huge secret water-diversion scheme on the Internet,
during the last Quebec Referendum campaign, the elite appear to have
modified their strategy. As one of his last official acts before
resigning, Quebec Premier Jacques Parizeau announced that the final,
essential dam project in the James Bay reservoir system had been
cancelled. A subsequent Hydro Quebec Press Release later modified that
statement by saying that it had been "postponed until after 2005."

Those recipents of the printed edition of this Press Release who
still find this too incredible to believe should examine with care
the accompanying maps of the entire GRAND CANAL project drawn from
ex-Quebec Premier Robert Bourassa's book, POWER FROM THE NORTH.
Bourassa was reported by the reliable WASHINGTON OBSERVER NEWSLETTER
to have attended the 1971 Bilderberg Conference at the Rockefeller-
owned Woodstock Inn, in Vermont, along with Prime Minister Pierre
Trudeau. His book appeared after that meeting.

Interested journalists can find background documents and interviews
on the GRAND CANAL project and the breakup of Canada archived at Jeff
Koftinoff's excellent GRAND CANAL web site at:
(moved to

When decisions and projects of this magnitude are being discussed,
Bilderberger secrecy is not a luxury but a necessity!



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