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Did You Know?

You Won't Believe This, But It's True.


A scientific study just came out that indicates moderate use of marijuana over several years raises the IQ level of young people by almost 8 points. This goes hand in hand with previous research showing that regular pot users are better drivers than drivers not under the influence of any drug, including alcohol.

A study by Brown University indicated that young children who have never been exposed to pornography engage in a much higher degree of sexual delinquency during their teen years than teens who have had free access to pornography while growing up.

Other studies have shown that children raised in nudist camps are more honest and have a far better psychosexual development then that of teens raised in conventional environments.

When Denmark legalized pornography, it was almost universally predicted sex crimes would soar in Denmark. Within months, the incidence of rape in Denmark decreased by 50%.

An American study showed that viewing porn reduced the degree of aggressiveness in young American males toward females.

When a study was published showing that viewing porn mixed with violent sadomasochism increased feelings of aggression toward women, it received mountains of attention in the media.

Our highly technological society has a deeply anti-scientific sub-current that doubtlessly stems from the fact this is by far the most religious of the Western industrial democracies. It's no accident that a highly secular Denmark was the first to legalize porn, and a highly secular Netherlands was the first to legalize pot. And it's no accident that a relatively secular England is on it's way to legalizing ecstasy.

This is all courtesy of Richard Franklin, retired muckraker.


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