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Solar Energy

You can plug your solar panels into the local electric grid and by law the power company has to pay you for that solar energy your house makes with the solar panels. (In essence, your electric meter on your house runs backwards during the daylight hours, and then the electric meter for your house runs forward at night when your solar panels can't produce electricity and you draw power from the local power grid.) People using this type of solar system are reporting monthly electric bills of $10 to $20 for an entire large house with lots of air conditioning. The normal electric bill without solar would be $200 to $300 per month.

Great leaders lead, if you are concerned about Nuclear energy, then go solar. Solar cells are now as efficient as coal when you factor in the environmental disposal costs of "clean coal" technologies. When you consider the process of actually burning coal, and the sulfur that must be "scrubbed" out of coal when you burn coal, then a rational person would believe that using coal is also not a good idea.

When you 'scrub' the exhaust from a coal power plant, the primary byproduct you are "scrubbing" out is sulfur. West Virginia and Pennsylvania coal is very high in sulfur. Once you scrub out the sulfur, you have to "dump" the sulfur that is "scrubbed" out of the coal exhaust into a landfill, or back down an empty coal mine. Dumping that sulfur coal waste costs you big dollars, and the power companies build that direct cost into every kilowatt-hour you purchase.

"Christ drove the moneychangers from the temple and  was crucified 4 days later."

Taliban banned poppy growing and...

Colombian guerillas refused to invest in US stock market and...

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CIA Admission of Mind Control Experimentation on Children

In a 1964 report on MKULTRA programs and participants, the use of children is made quite clear in response to the following:

"Have CIA personnel conducted experiments involving human subjects other than the experiment that involved R Frank Olsen an at least three other persons?

ORD (Office of Research and Development):
The one instance in which ORD personnel have been directly involved in conducting experiments with human subjects occurred in Orlando, Florida during December 1964. The subject allegedly had transdermal optical perception. The tests were observed by a contractor under a classified association contract, which had been funded through the (purposefully deleted) Fund. In addition to the contractor, the subject's father was present during all testing. No drugs were used. With this one exception, all ORD sponsored research involving human subjects has been conducted by contractors."


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