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Pentagon Anomalities
A Conversation Amongst Knowledgeable People


From the page you didn't read,

It's interesting to note that the red and white markings here are curved, unlike the "A" with only straight lines in the tail section AA logo. The letters of "American" on the jet's side would have been close to the front of the plane and less likely to have fallen so far from the building and escaped the exposive blast that damaged the building so much. This piece of debris also looks materially flimsy - If I flew on a commercial passenger jet I'd hope it was made of sturdier stuff! This could have been a piece of a small drone craft that was used in the attack, but it is unlikely that this came from the AA Boeing jet. <

From someone else:

American Airlines is the only US carrier to NOT paint its aircraft, preferring to save the considerable weight of paint by keeping its aircraft's aluminum skins polished. This piece of wreckage clearly appears to be painted a light, powder blue. I have looked at current American 757s and cannot find anywhere on the aircraft where this particular piece of metal might have come off.

And someone who agrees with my earlier conviction about this picture:
The only conclusion that one can come to is, that this is simply a Photoshop picture. Now someone might argue and say that I'm wrong, and I could be. It could be a Coral Draw program that the picture was made with! (Real picture in the background, but the pieces added later. Give the Feds a chance, and more Photoshop pictures will be on the way, including suitcases and parts of people!)

     From Ted
     November 5, 2002

     This is just an observation, but I have 35 years in aviation, and I feel this is not

     Note the lines of holes. These are rivet holes. Rivets support underlying
     structure. There is no underlying structure.

     Rivets have "heads." When rivets "pull" or are torn out, the area around the
     rivets, is also damaged. There is no damage here.

     This is very thin (0.020 or less) aluminum. The damage from the torn rivets
     would be VERY obvious. These rivet holes have every characteristic, of
     having been "drilled."

     The paint isn't scratched. There seems to be paint UNDER where the rivet
     heads would have been. Very strange.

     This piece may be 30' long (blade of grass = 1")

     Note the lack of color or definition, in the other debris.

The Webfairy <webfairy@e...> wrote:

So find the plane.

The notion that the No Planes theory is a Pentagon fiction is laughable desperation.

A few pieces of unburned wrong color debris does not a Jet Plane Crash make.

The entire story stinks to high heaven.

Compare these two pictures:

The lower case "e," "c," and/or "a" match the letters on the side of the American Airlines airplane.  It could even be a portion of the "m" or "n" for that matter; they all possess the same curviture shown in the Pentagon crash photo.  They are also all bordered by the  same white paint (as seen in the photo of the intact airliner).



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