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Small Jet Attack on Pentagon Verified By Witnesses, Video Camera, Building Damage, Type and Quantity of Wreckage

By Dick Eastman

The Pentagon's Security Camera Video Sequence is "SMOKING-GUN" EVIDENCE, establishing the  September 11 Mass-Murder as an "INSIDE-JOB,"  a Frameup Conspiracy Planned to Involve the  U.S.  in a  War  for  Monopoly Control  of  Oil and for the  Continuation of Afghan "Northern Alliance" Druglords' Opium  Shipments  to China to Boost World HEROIN  PRODUCTION and thereby Increase Drug Revenues that are  Laundered into the Big New York and City of London Investment Banks.

Editor's note: And to begin WW III and more.

See the attack video evidence here:

animated sequencing

frame-by-frame sequencing


1) the size of tail fin image in frame #1 requires that for the plane to be a Boeing 757, the front end of its fuselage would have to be visible extending out to the left of the stone driveway pillar in the picture.


 a) the 757 is over seven times the  length of its own tail fin, i.e., it would take
seven and a quarter tail fins to cover the back  of a Boeing 757, Stegasaurus style, from the tail fin  in the rear  to the nose, but the width of the  image of the driveway pillar that conceals the attacking plane's entire fuselage is only five  times as wide as the tail fin that appears sticking  up above and behind the pillar (so that regardless  of angle of approach to the Pentagon wall or of  distance of the aircraft from the camera, the plane  simply cannot be aircraft of the length and form  of a Boeing 757;

 b) a 757 is 155 feet long and the Pentagon   is only 71 feet high, but by direct inspection,   if you stood the aircraft behind the pillar on   end against the wall, say half way to the far end   of the wall from the impact point, it would reach   no more than 70 percent of the wall's height,  the method is rough, but the margin of error in your estimate can be nowhere near the 218 percent difference that would be needed to turn that attack jet into Flight 77.

2)  the presence of the unmistakable white horizonal missile plume being launched by the plane to weaken the wall in the vicinity of impact so that the jet can easily invade the Pentagon interior without give-away aircraft parts bouncing back on the grass and giving away the frameup;

3) in frame #2  the tell-tale white-hot intitial explosion of the missile warhead is definitely neither a jet fuel kerosene fire, nor the result of aluminum, plastic and flesh crashing into brick, concrete and glass;

4) the blossom of white-hot explosion of the missile warhead spreads laterally, more so than the subsequent jet fuel flames that in frame #3 come from inside the Pentagon, suggesting that the warhead was designed to trigger at the split second of impact rather than after entry through the wall.

All existing coverup scenarios seeking to explain away this smoking-gun evidence have just been answered.


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