America's Concerns

Terrorist Orlando Bosch

Governor Jeb Bush
PL 05 The Capitol
400 South Monroe Street
Tallahassee, FL 32399-0001

Dear Gov. Jeb Bush,
I want to make very plain to you my absolute revulsion that a self- confessed terrorist, Orlando Bosch, lives as a free man in Florida. It angers me enough to know that your brother, George W., a man who is nothing more than a pretender to the office of the US Presidency, a man who can only claim that office from the most widely-disputed election in history, it disturbs me very much that he should try to hunt for terrorists on the other side of the world, to find whoever it is that was responsible for the terror attacks on September 11, 2001 at NYC and the Pentagon, even as the Taliban and bin Ladin categorically deny any involvement in those terrorist acts and there is not any evidence publically available which might incriminate them. 

On the other hand, both of you know full well that one the most dastardly terrorists in this hemisphere, Orlando Bosch, has already confessed and has admitted to his responsibility for planting a bomb inside a Cuban civilian passenger airplane in October 1976, twenty- five years ago.

This man does not live secluded in a cave in Afghanistan, he does not remain under protection by heavily-armed body-guards. On the contrary, he walks freely and openly on the streets of South Florida today.  This Cuban-exiled terrorist, Orlando Bosch, has frankly admitted to placing the bomb which blew up the Cubana Airlines plane soon after taking off from Barbados in October, 1976. All seventy-three people aboard were killed, including Cuba's fencing team. Orlando Bosch, a fascist Cuban who lives today lives in Miami, spent 11 years confined to a Venezuelan prison from that act. He escaped, no doubt thanks to his connections with the CIA. But why does this terrorist continue to reside as a free man in Miami, under your blessings as Governor of the State of Florida, whereas no other nation-state in the world would ever consider granting this man asylum to live freely elsewhere?

Whether the lives of 73 innocent people or 7,300 innocent people were destroyed, it does not make the crime any less reprehensible, any less despicable. 

Your brother, acting in his power as the President, has promised that anyone who gives safe haven to terrorists will be considered as guilty as the terrorists themselves. Therefore, insofar as you are acting in the same capacity of harboring this vicious terrorist Orlando Bosch in the state of Florida, I will consider you no less despicable and no less guilty as long as you allow this man to live here with immunity from justice.  As you are willing to protect this terrorist, I demand that you immediately resign from your office, as it is an insulting offense against humanity to harbor a self- confessed, cold-blooded killer who has been investigated and found guilty for that monstrous crime 25 years ago.

How long would you have allowed another nation-state to give safe haven to Timothy McVeigh, who admitted complicity in the worst terrorist attack on US soil prior to September 11, 2001? Would you have had the patience to wait 25 years? That is exactly what the Cuban people have had to endure, knowing that our government and in particular you, as the Governor of the State of Florida, have allowed, in permitting this terrorist to reside here in the US for so long. 

The rest of the world is not ignorant of the double-standards which the United States is imposing upon nations which do not share the same kind of political economy as it does, and neither will the world continue to be oblivious to the double-standards the US is displaying concerning the various ideologies of terrorism, which may try to be rationalized based on religion, politics, or some other doctrine. If you are not so ignorant of reality and really want to make a heroic stance against terrorism, then please do so here at home first. It is not necessary to wave the flag and send off the troops to fight some shadowy "terrorist" in a foreign land.

I will continue to observe the public actions which you will take in Florida, with respect to harboring this terrorist Orlando Bosch.


a citizen and resident of Florida, Nathan M. Gant Oviedo, Florida, USA


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