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The Guard Who Became a Criminal
And the People Who Protected Him!

Submitted by Wanda Valdes

I want an explanation! This man is an ex-guard but is still being protected by the system, even though he is a proven criminal. It proves everything we've been telling the FBI and the Justice Department. Florida is running its system for the protection of its own! Guards ARE getting away with murder, no matter what the Valdes trial unfolds! There is NOT equal justice for all in Florida (nor I suspect, any where else)!

Barry Neal Johnson has been a guard at River Junction WC in Florida, as well as a possibly crooked-with-the-guns weekend warrior (National Guardsman), possible illegal steroids procurer (Supposedly a trunkfull was found in the trunk of his infamous car). He was an alleged snitch for the FBI, he is a child-sex offender. He was reportedly caught in the front seat of his car with a child under 16 teaching her how to perform oral sex. His DOC page says SENTENCE: SUSPENDED. What does that mean... And "Community"? What are these things?

I have hundreds of prisoners guilty of less doing many times the hard time. Who decided this sentence? Who is protecting this man and why? Unbelievable! and unforgivable if we should let this lie there and die!

Wearing the uniform of the DOC has ensured him a punishment a fraction of what happens to other 'sex offenders,' leaving him free to carry on his sexual escapades, which seem to be very important to him. He is serving, according to the DOC website, less than three years - on probation! Under the embrace of 'brothers' of the very system that has refused to sentence him or any other guard to serve their fair time in the same environment in which their prisoners have to live.

This man is a REPEAT criminal and is being protected! This to me is an outrage! This should make every parent, every "sex offender," every human being disturbed enough to make a phone call to the governor. It should definitely point out what we've been telling you all along: Criminals do wear uniforms, and when they commit a crime under the color of law, they are slapped on the wrist and sent on their way!

I ask you, is this really fair? Do you think your child will think Barry Neal Johnson's sentence is enough to protect her should she become his next student? Do you think the sentence is enough to teach Barry Johnson not to do these things? Pardon me, but - Ha!

I am not out to destroy this man or any other...but if we are to be just, his punishment should match that of all others who have committed the crime of bringing children into the taboo area of adult sex. Has someone asked the little girl and her mother what they think of this travesty?

For the full story of Barry Johnson's escapades in the FL DOC, see "LOVERBOY [ ] by Gary Brooks Waid. NOTE: Always Beware of strong, adult language contained in Gary Waid's hardhitting tales.

Kay Lee
DC Number: J18466 Name: JOHNSON, BARRY NEAL Race: BLACK Sex: MALE Hair Color: BLACK Eye Color: BROWN Height: 5'10'' Weight: 200 Birth Date: 11/18/1964 Supervision Begin Date: 08/07/2001 Current Location: Current Status: SUSPENSE Supervision Type: SEX OFFENDER PROBATION Scheduled Termination Date: 08/06/2004


Identifiers: DRIVER'S LICENSE - J525074644180

Note: The offense descriptions are truncated and do not necessarily reflect the crime of conviction. Please refer to the court documents or the Florida Statutes for further information or definition. Current Community Supervision History: Offense Date Offense Sentence Date County Case No. Community Supervision Length 06/22/2000 ADULT SEX W/16-17 YR OLD 08/07/2001 BRADFORD 0100163 3Y 0M 0D

Picture of Barry Neil Johnson:


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