By Crystal Cartier

Get ready for Globalization.
Global & Civil War, Martial Law & Nationalization
The Chinese & many others
have been whipped into submission.
Spirits broken...they've been assimilated.
No tolerance for rebellious division
America... like the rest of the world...
is undergoing the same process.
The America Under Attack media campaign
engineered the lucrative  ... but bloody
Coup of the Fourth Reich.

There are a lot of independently thinking folks
of every of every race & creed
that have their share of doubts
regarding exactly HOW
the Pentagon & World Trade Center 3fly byz2[bys]
really came about
But they are afraid to speak their minds...
We are afraid to speak our minds...
Are YOU afraid to speak your mind... in America???

Or are you still so grieved... numb...&  distracted?
Reduntantly spouting politically correct propaganda
Programmed by Corporate Media & dear Uncle Sam.
To play the role of the self righteous, patriotic American
Home of the Free & Hell for the Slaves
Despite Logical Doubts
Fear of being singled out
Sweeping you up in the politically correct Wave
DANGER  WARNING:  Fight or Flight?
What's Right isn1t always popular
What's popular is rarely what's Right

We wear sociable facades of rank
Successful only if each stays in our Place
Apathetic civil servants & corporate slaves
Whipped into submission
Stressed into early graves
Heavy mortgages holding hostage
sincere affection
can1t afford to get involved.
Survival the Prime Directive

Poor folks... hopeless.. underemployed & fixed incomes
Whipped into submission...  Oppressed into early graves
Held hostage by the Criminal Justice & Welfare System.
Ignorance & twisted perspectives.... Numb
Little to lose...So much to gain
Too desperate for protocal
Too bitter to care about shame

Rich folks...that have all the things money can buy
Whipped into submission... Held hostage by  Lifestyle
Creed, Business & Security concerns
Social Standing requirements, Fraternities, & Boards
Handlers, Attorneys, Competitors &  gold digging thieves
Too guilty...too proud... to imagine falling to their knees
Except in the name of Money

Rank has its priviledges
Clout requires hiring the right lawyers
If you can1t afford Justice
Get ready for horror

The Caste System
insures a degree of safety
among family & friends
Likeminded values... Mutual sins
Ivory towers for the Protected Class
Babylon sacrificed some of her brightest & best
To strengthen her position of Power again
Unity among Africans accomplished a significant Vote
War is more profitable for the statusquo
Desperate times justify necessary evil
No shortage of desperate, misguided, angry people
that hate America's guilty guts
Former CIA employees
engineered & positioned to erupt
Like Oswald, Sirhan, Timothy McVeigh
Remote Triggers... Sand niggers
Programmed to obey
armed with technology & access
courtesy of the CIA.
Feigned surprise...indignant horror
Catalyst for Genocide as Grief seeks Revenge
authorizing Congress to fund the War
that will ultimately destroy Rome...
(from the inside out) once again.
The masses like sheep (pretending) to be too blind to see
But... Amazing Grace... Believers know
Only the Truth shall make us Free
Freedom & Democracy is under attack
Rights & Resources seized by our own Governments
Anti-Christ is in the mix...Terrorist Strategy 666

All Rights Reserved © 9/12/01


TRUE DEMOCRACY Summer 2002 Copyright © 2002 by News Source, inc.