Injustice for Inmate Suffering
Lyme's Disease in Texas Prison

By Brenda Pitts Bennett
May 13, 2002

I have heard that officials in Texas have not heard our about our complaints of Texas Prison abuses or the negliance of Medical Care. I know that I have sent many complaints to all the Texas Senators, TDCJ UTMB, Gary Johnson, etc., and I have copies of many others that have also.

I have asked them all for years to help get my son home on a medical reprieve due to him having Lyme's Disease. Although TDCJ denies to many that Chad does not have Lyme's Disease, he has been diagnosed with Lyme's Disease by our private doctor. Many, many people who have heard our story have written and called TDC and told me that TDC has told them that Chad does not have Lyme's Disease.

UTMB does not know how to test or treat Lyme's Disease and will be sued for malpractice. Lyme's Disease is still not understood by most Texas doctors. There are a rare few Texas doctors who even know how to treat and diagnose Lyme's Disease. There is one good lab in California called, Igenex at 1-800-832-3200, that is up on the blood diagnosis of Lyme's Disease and UTMB does not even use them to test for it. Their blood work for a positive testing of Chad's blood was one tenth of a point off; this was not even a knowledgeable Lyme lab.

Now Chad has "the evidence" to go with the blood work of "bulls eye skin lesions." Only one Texas Senator has replied and really tried to help. My son is: Chad Bennett TDCJ # 790798 Wynne Unit Huntsville, Texas.

Although I have told our story on many radio talk shows, news, and the like, I still have a son who illegally remains in segregation and still untreated for his Lyme's Disease. Due to TDC and UTMB's denial of treatment, Chad now has bulls eye skin lesions on his skin and he hurts terribly.

My private doctors and attornies (which I will be glad to submit these letters to you at any time if you would provide me with a self addressed stamped envelope) have written TDC and UTMB for years requesting treatment and a medical retrieve for Chad and the removal of him in segregation due to him being put in segregation illegally also. I have copies of these also.

Dr. Hamid Moayad has diagnosed Chad with Lyme's Disease. Dr. Moayad is our private neurologist; his telephone number is: (817) 540-3388; Dr. Terry Kupers M.D. diagnosed Chad with Shu Syndrome. Dr. Kupers is at: 8 Wildwood Avenue, Oakland, California 94610 Phone & FAX: (510) 654-8333.

My son nearly died last year from the heat in Texas Prison due to Lyme's Disease but the Texas Department of Correction refuses our request concerning this also. There are too many inmates dying from Texas heat in the prison; this is a human rights violation and it seems even sadder when it is a non violent inmate that is inside due to so many corrupt officials getting them inside. Others that aren't sick can not live in that heat either.

Our private doctor is Dr. Hamid Moayad in Hurst, Texas. Dr. Moayad is a neurologist who specializes in Lyme's Disease but the prison officials still refuse our doctor's recommendations. Lyme's Disease patients are plainly taught to NOT be in the heat!

My son has been in a concrete box for 2 years after being in population for 3 years prior to that time. For no cause that has any logic, the prison officials put my son in this hell hole. The heat in segregation is unbearable; many deaths at TDCJ have occured from the heat.

Chad's skin has broken out worse than usual from this dangerous heat for a Lyme's Disease person and is having a lot of pain which all Lyme's Disease victims do, but he is still being refused treatment for pain and antibiotics.

Please take care of this emergency health situation.

Thank you again,
Brenda Pitts Bennett
701 Meadowdale
Royse City, Texas 75189

Sent: Friday, May 31, 2002 3:07 PM
Subject: Email to Gary Johnson dated 5-28-02

Gary Johnson forwarded the above Email to Dr. Linthicum for response to the health issues you described. She is currently out of the state so I am responding for her.

I have reviewed portions of your son's medical record and note that he was seen by a specialist at Hospital Galveston two weeks ago. It was noted that he had no evidence of Lyme's Disease at that time. It was also noted that further laboratory tests would not be of help due to the length of time since his exposure.

It is my understanding that arrangements have been made for you to talk with unit medical staff on a regular basis for updates on his condition. It appears that your son does have access to health care, and that he has been seen by appropriate specialists at Galveston. Mr. Moore, the unit practice manager, will continue to be available to you
according to your current arrangement, and I have been assured that your son's health will be carefully followed at the unit and by specialists as indicated by his condition.

Editor's note: The person who responded to Ms. Pitts Bennett's plea contradicts himself more than once. Lyme's Disease does not cure itself so the sentence that states "It was noted that he had no evidence of Lyme's Disease at that time" is preposturous. The prison authorities are simply stalling this mother's request to help her son who is a wonderful human being who not only never did any crime but dropped out of school to help her when his baby brother was in need of constant care. For information on that other situation Ms. Pitts Bennett suffers, read her story in the 2nd edition of True Democracy.

In the previous article on this case, I was clearly rebuked by the Department of Corrections; therefore, what I propose is a demand that not only Chad Bennett be moved to the Hutchins Texas Unit that Ms. Pitts Bennett requested in her letter to these authorities but that treatment be commenced immediately! The chances are great that Chad is suffering from chronic Lyme's Disease. If that's true, then he is in dire need of a cure. The demand for that is in the 1st edition of this magazine because the US government does not want a cure.


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