Warden Henry Alford

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By Wanda Valdes

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This information came to us from our latest investigation where the warden himself, Mr. Henry Alford, was accused of physical abuse by 7 different inmates. As usual, he was exonerated, and as usual, "the incident did not occur."

Since the warden was the one accused, we did some research to see if we could find a pattern.

All of this comes from public records. We also have the case numbers for the different investigations. The following all concerns this same warden and the reasons WHY he was put under investigation.

He was CLEARED on every single count!!

They are as follows:

1992 Physical Abuse
1992 Threats by Staff

1993 SEX
1993 Retaliation

1994 Race

1995 Constitutional Rights
1995 Improper Conduct

1996 SEX
1996 Improper Conduct

1997 Threats by Staff
1997 Improper Conduct

1998 Retaliation
1998 Improper Conduct
1998 SEX

1999 Improper Conduct
1999 Threats by Staff
1999 Physical Abuse
1999 Physical Abuse
1999 Physical Abuse

2001 Improper Conduct
2001 Physical Abuse
2001 General Harassment
2001 Physical Abuse
2001 Physical Abuse
2001 Physical Abuse
2001 Life in danger
2001 Life in danger
2001 Life in danger
2001 Threats by Staff
2001 Improper Conduct

2002 Physical Abuse

If you find this as hard to understand as I do, get hold of Tallahassee mailto: and ask them what on earth is going on with Warden Alford!


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