Letter to Parole Board for Robert Tedder

P. O. Box 882
Lakebay, WA 98349-0882 USA
June 2, 2002

Pardon & Parole Board
Central Office
500 Monroe Street
Montgomery, AL 36104

Re: Robert Tedder, #147885 #2-42

Dear Sirs/Madams:
There is some doubt as to the guilt of Mr. Tedder; therefore, after 18 years, the people of the community in Alabama where Mr. Tedder's home is situated have signed a petition stating that they want him provided the ability to enter society and live in freedom with his wife and grandchildren who love him for the decent grandfather he is.

I believe that the petition should prevail since the people who would be affected by any deviant action you think that he might cause feel secure that it would never happen.

His parole hearing is scheduled for June 17, 2002 having been postponed from April in order that your office could send certified letters to parties who desire to maintain the current status. This is indicative that you don't want to free him which could indicate some kind of agenda. That is unacceptable to the community and to me because it indicates that you want an excuse to not free him when it would be the community which would suffer if he were to transgress. You wouldn't suffer. Given that prisons earn money for the prisoners incarcerated in them, it seems logical to me that the prison wants to earn money because of his incarceration.

That's not justice; it's injustice.

When it comes to injustice, that's when I get angry even though I don't live in Alabama because injustice doesn't serve any of us well. Certainly it doesn't serve the convicted's family well. They have supported him all these years. Allow him his freedom now so he will be able to enrich the lives of his grandchildren, his wife who has been faithful to him all these years, and the community which supports him.

Don't listen to the forces who have ulterior motives to keep him locked up. Otherwise, we will seriously consider placing his story in my unique historically accurate periodical entitled True Democracy (La verdad sobre la democracia) which will be devoted to prisoners the next time because this is an example of injustice, just as the injustice that the federal government perpetuates on decent people around the world, you would be perpetuating injustice on Robert Tedder. Listen to the community and set him free. The world will demand it if they read his story because the world receives my magazine.

My periodical is on my Web site only; please share my business card amongst yourselves.

Thank you.

Very truly yours,


Arlene Johnson
cc: Robert Tedder, Sherry Swiney


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