True Story

Ku Klux Klan Leading US Federal Prisons

By Arlene Johnson

According to two inmates named Reginald T. gilbertBey and Marc Hall who are incarcerated at Federal Correction Institution in Three Rivers, Texas and Federal Correction Institution at Terre Haute, Indiana respectively, the prison authorities are either members of the Ku Klux Klan or "this prison is in the heart of 'K.K.K.' capital" adding "the (racism) is thick here."

Could it be that the authorities at all the federal penitentiaries are Ku Klux Klan? Clearly, there is a pattern here.

As a result of these two men learning this information, they both have been placed in segregation. Neither of them had committed any infraction to garner this action. They simply learned the truth so were punished for that achievement.

Mr. Hall was retaliated against by not being provided a stretcher after an altercation in which he was forced to fend off another inmate who wielded a knife forcing him to not only defend himself but was "forced to walk to medical when the stretcher was available at the scene" in which he was handcuffed as well. The chest wound he had sustained as a result of an altercation opened up as a result.

Mr. Hall comes from a family of lawyers and teachers. His mother is working on her Ph.D. at Yale University. Mr. Hall was arrested and convicted of drug possession. He may be unique in that he has sued the federal government because he has proof that Congressional officials and presidents are responsible for engaging in the transport of cocaine and heroin into the United States deliberately. His arrest is completely without warrant. In other words, he is innocent. Simply because of the color of this skin (Mr. Hall is African American) he is in federal prison.

Mr. gilbertBey finds himself in the same position. Although he has not sued the federal government for its activities in bringing in cocaine and heroin, he had a responsible job in the federal prison in Texas because he held a position in the law library assisting other inmates with legal matters.

Mr. gilbertBey came to my attention when he was in a different federal prison in Texas because of discrimination there. As a Muslim, Mr. gilbertBey was not provided suitable food, therefore, he, and three of his co-inmates went on a hunger strike.

The prison officials smeared their food through pork grease and then served it, a deliberate action to alienate any Muslim.

In his position as a library clerk, Mr. gilbertBey learned of the existence of Ku Klux Klan members as leaders of the federal prison at Three Rivers, so they literally 3threw2 Mr. gilbertBey into segregated housing (the S.H.U.) in which there was no toilet and no water. Again, Mr. gilbertBey went on a hunger strike to protest. He had done absolutely nothing to deserve this treatment except learn the reality about the leadership of the prison.

Mr. gilbertBey informs me that there was a very honest staff member there but then she was transferred to another location preventing her from helping him. He is no longer incarcerated at the prison at Three Rivers as the diesel therapy has removed him to yet a third federal prison.

Diesel therapy is a term which means a prisoner is set up to be murdered. Mr. gilbertBey did nothing to deserve this agenda. He is as innocent as anyone walking freely amongst us. The color of his skin is black.

He is able to call me periodically with funds he accumulates so he doesn't have to call collect. We speak for 15 minutes at which time the call is terminated with no grace period. Mr. gilbertBey and Mr. Hall are extremely articulate gentlemen. Their letters are precise and detailed. Both of these men have sent me reams of documents.

This short essay doesn't do justice to either of these men both of whom would be assets to the communities from which they were removed.

Mr. gilbertBey has appealed to the federal government to move him closer to his family. Indeed, I wrote to Dr. Kathleen Hawk Sawyer to achieve that goal. She has not had the decency to respond. He is now, therefore, no closer to his family than he was when he was at the prison at Three Rivers, Texas.


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