True Story

Innocent in Prison

By Brenda Pitts Bennett

I would like to take just a moment of your time for a very important issue to me? I am a 47 year old grandmother of two and the mother of three grown children. I started a peaceful group in Texas a year ago called The Texas Prison Advocates, due to a true, bizarre corrupt story that happened to my family. I have been a law abiding citizen all my life but this did not stop the corrupt system of the smallest county in Texas which is Rockwall Texas.

My story has been on many radio talk shows and I am being invited to many more, on a daily basis. Franklin Vipperman is writing a book about this all and European Producer Andrea Sondervik is making this into a movie. The last talk show I was on, also featured an attorney. He told me that since my complaints made to Rockwall Officials and Texas Rangers did not do any good, that I should have revealed my story to you all. I never realized this and, therefore, this is my attempt for help from you all.

Although the bizarre five year official harassment of my family and me is much better now my 28 year old son is still in Texas Prison from this corrupt system. My son is Chad Bennett TDCJ 790798; he is at The Wynne Unit in Huntsville Texas. My son is now a wonderful man but he was only 18 years old when this began. Chad is in prison on the false allegations of burglary of a habitat in Rockwall.

I have many letters from the other people who were at that house that will now witness since they are older and not as scared, as the District Attorney assistant had made them then. In Chad's files at Rockwall is also a letter I had written the judge telling how I had bought a few garage sale items and two of my children and their friends, went to pick the items up for me and that this should not be called a burglary of a habitat. But the Rockwall County Texas assistant District Attorney and my son were near the same age and the assistant District Attorney told my son, at one of their disagreements, that he would retaliate and he did!

This house from which I bought the items actually belonged to one of the guy's girlfriends without our knowledge of this. They all went to our small school in Rockwall. She had given her house key to her boyfriend and he had parties and sold all their belongings while they were on vacation. My son, Chad, never spent the night at this home but the friends of this guy said that it was the girlfriend's home, and his school acquaintance, spent a week there partying and tearing up the home, while selling the home furnishings as garage sale items.

After I bought some of these unknown stolen items, Chad was the only one charged! Not one of the other 50 kids that stayed at that home and are the real culprits, were punished.

Another very odd thing happened to Chad. After being in prison for three years in population, he was put in segregation just out of the blue. Gang Intelligence said the reason for doing this was because of his tattoos.

Chad had these exact tattoos for three years while in population. We have pictures. Chad has had no cases against him. When inside, the other prisoners colored on his arms and they are ugly, but he was young and stupid then as all of us were at one time so why did the prison make an issue of this and not before? My son and I have tried to get this answer from Gang inteligence for two years to no avail. They always say to me that they segregated him because of the tattoos. I asked, "Why did you keep him in population for 3 years" and all of a sudden decide he needed to be in segregation over these same tattoos. They cannot answer me.

The popular author and psychiatrist, Dr. Terry Kupers has written the Texas prison regarding my son being in segregation too long and how it is affecting him. TDCJ's own rules say they cannot keep a prisoner in segregation longer than 90 days but they do all the time. I know of inmates that have been in segregation for 16 years straight that did not request to be in there.

Chad was recently denied parole again. This makes about as much sense as him being in segregation. Chad has no cases against him and has a perfect record. Chad got a 7 year sentence for this which is more than many killers I have known of.

TDCJ has ruined my son's good heart and has installed bitterness in him. Chad is a good person but now bitter. I have a 20 year old son who was born with multiple birth defects and NO...these were not caused from drugs. I have never taken drugs and my son's blood work at his birth proves this. Chad worked hard and made our living while helping me to care for my younger son's many medical needs. This was very challenging and hard for Chad. Chad was 8 years old when my youngest was born; Chad took over my housework, etc. My youngest was so... sick all the time when he was young. He was born without the inferior vena cava to the heart, kidneys, and liver. Children's Medical Center in Dallas, Dr. Terry Allen and other specialists there, told me that scientifically, my son could not live to be older than 12.

This important part of the body caused many other parts of the body to not function properly, causing major problems. My son upchucked many times a day because his stomach was malformed and then his sugar went into fits after the upchuck. He had cerebral palsey also plus many more diagnosis.

One doctor made the statement that my son was living inside a 60 year old's body. Chad also has two children of his own and has missed out on their lives, just because this county has a power problem in their hearts.

This is not fair! I ask that you read more of our story but yet this only tells a small part of it, web site : and then please get my son out of prison as he should not even be there!

Editor's note: Log on to the second edition of True Democracy to read the true story of police brutality regarding the author of this story. You'll be able to help obtain the demands from that disgusting display of arrogance by the police if you do.

I can also send you the letter from Dr. Kupers to TDCJ, if need be? Chad needs to be taken out of segregation immediately and not punished by the guards, as is often done wrongfully, due to some guards having a power problem and show offs. I thank you very much and hope to be able to tell my radio listeners on February 14th, which is my next booking, about you all doing the proper thing and getting my son home as he should be.

Brenda Pitts Bennett
701 Meadowdale
Royse City, Texas 75189
(972) 636-3575


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