True Story


"I have been warned.  I'm Lakota. I fear no man.  I fear no death.
I merely state that it is very possible something will happen to me,
so all this is in writ, for the record, and hope you will contact my
friend and my dad, if I come to harm."

# 096122
Taylor CI
8515 Hampton Springs Road
Perry, Florida 32348

Sepember 26, 2001

Hi Lindy,

I'm going to have to work alot of this by memory. BUT, the TRUTH is easy to remember, Lies are impossible to keep track of...

Sunday night, (July 22, 2001),  I/M # 1, attempted to feed me, "you gonna eat, Alexander?"


I shook my head. I hadn't eaten since being locked up because Sergeant Pickles warned me on July 16, 2001, "There's a lot of poisons on this compound... Ya [You] never know what could end up in your food. I'd be real careful if I were you, coward ass faggot."

Just before supper trays were retrieved from the inmates that ate, Sergeant Warner came to my cell. He asked if I wanted to eat. I shook my head, he asked why,  I shook my head and he left.  About 15 minutes later,  he came back upstairs stating, "get the fuck off my door."

He approached my cell and I heard a loud bang that reminded me of a food tray dropping.  A few minutes later,  Sergeant Berryhill came upstairs and photographed  my door.

I told Inmate # 1, as he was cleaning up, "You know I took no tray. I hope you'll hold water when I call witnesses."

I said about the same to I/M  Number 2  trustee,   and to Inmate Number 3 in cell # 000, who said he saw it  and so did his roomy. They said they would witness, but not until they are safely away from Taylor CI.  The inmate was also in A/C requesting PM status because Sergeant James Pickles assaulted & threatened him.

A few days later, Officer J. Pickles came to my door stating how he could have beat me silly, "whooped your ass so bad you'd still be in a coma" and taunted me about eating food, as I'd been placed on management loaf for the tray that Sergeant Warner dropped in front of my door.

{ NOTE: During the DR hearing for this bogus charge for the tray, Alexander pointed out in the photographs that there was no bread, meat, dessert, because Sergeant Warner ate it, before dropping this tray in front of his cell door.   LS}

Later that night  he {Officer Pickles} came to my cell, searched it for 40 minutes, VERY thoroughly while talking to me the entire time, using numerous profanities and telling me my best bet  was to "lay down & wear it  & stop the dumb ass grievances & lawyers & shit  before it's alot worse than a dumped tray" and  saying they could claim maybe we jumped off a second floor or something.

On or about August 13, 2001, I was moved from H-4-207 to G-2-111 after being placed on CMII for excessive DRs. On that date, after all other inmates with me were placed in their cells, I was escorted to an office in the rear of G Dorm. I was ordered to stand on a strip of rubber. Officer Patterson was to my left, out of sightSergeant Marlon Padgett sitting on a desk in front of me and Sergeant James Pickles, just to his left standing.

Sgt Pickles said , "You ain't filing nothing? You want a truce?  You realize you can't win?"

Officer Pickles & Sgt Padgett , in front of witnesses, while moving to Close Management(CM) told me I had a new, big, black booty bandit  for a roomy who hated white boys. Was I going to f___ or fight?  More than once they said this.

One of these witnesses is now in cell 0000 , nicknamed, "Inmate Numer 4."   Another witness is in CM III, a friend of  Inmate Numer 4's , is in cell 000000, next to me.  He is called "Inmate Numer 5" .    Both Inmate Numer 4 and Inmate Numer 5 just came from  Mayo   CI in a "disturbance" transfer.

Sgt Padgett then stated, while he continued to sit, "You think, just because you call a truce, I'm gonna let it go?"

I said I had no control over him, I merely wished to save my people further heartaches over my suffering.  What I personally would withstand anything and bad, worse, in past.

Sgt Padgett said he would cool it if I stayed cool.  But he said he would, "personally make sure my next ride was in a life flight helicopter " if I stabbed him in the back, meaning, if I started more paperwork.

Then, Officer Patterson punched me in the left side sternum effecting no damage. He punched me in the left shoulder & pushed me off balance, so I fell while handcuffed behind my back. He repeatedly punched me in the shoulders, back, & back of head before picking me up & slapping me repeatedly in the neck, head, attempting to hit my face, saying that I had called him a coward.

Sgt Padgett & Sgt Pickles spoke again, about me getting the message loud & clear, about nothing having taken place and the like.


Inmate Number 6, heard all the threats enroute and saw the marks after my "attitude adjustment."

Twelve days later, or there about,  Inmate Number 7, came from Baker and was placed in my cell.  He told me of being assaulted by Sgt Padgett while in leg irons, waist chain, "black box",  and handcuffed from behind for saying to Sgt. Padgett,  "Rules state I may call you Mr. or the rank name of sergeant, but I don't have to necessarily call you  'sir'. Sgt. Padgett! had ordered him to address the staff as "sir" upon arrival.  Inmate Numer 7 said he was repeatedly punched in the kidneys & slapped  in the head and facial area.  He said that another staff  had wound up to punch in the face but stopped.

Officer Lyons and Officer Muellen regularly practice "cell trashing"  in the name of "search."  During showers, anyone on their bad side has all their property thrown around their cell.  Not searched, not tossed, but maliciously THROWN.  Pictures and magazines are torn up, papers strewn all over, bedding stripped, stepped on and mashed  under the bed frame, dragging property with it. Officer Lyons and Muellen make it a regular practice, as do most staff on all 3 shifts, to yell at us using ludicrous and insulting, untrue profanity of our sexual orientation, family, and intelligence.

There are two MUELLEN employees here, one a McMuellen.  On or about September 14th, 2001, I mistakenly called Officer Muellen Officer  McMuellen.  Officer Muellen  called me a moron.  I calmly discussed with him the fact  he had no right to speak so rudely and abusively to me according to Chapter 33-208.002, to which he replied, "Fuck you, PUNK!  You just got a DR, let me see, for uh... uh... oh yea! h, for disrespect", and he walked off, only to come back  and tell me that he did have a right to speak  to me anyway he wanted to because he was an officer whereas I am just a criminal. This was all witnessed by Inmate Number 8, Inmate Number 7 , Inmate Number 4,   and others  on F2 wing.

Staff helps serve meals with Copenhagen & other smokeless tobacco in their mouths, spitting in  drinking cups. Some of them smoke in buildings while serving meals or while we are showering.  All use abusive profanity.  All use exhaust fans, lights and food to punish us for talking or for 'being on a door.'

On or about August 23, 2001, Officer Driggers told me that he had read a request I had made to Inspector Buchtmann for protection against staff wherein I state I'd been assaulted and threatened. Driggers said that he felt I was lying just to get transferred and said, "Someone's gonna let the air out of you, for real, Alexander!"  He told me that if I keep messing with Pickles I could die.  He said, "The man [Officer Pickles] is certifiably insane and too big to play with.

I gave a taped statement to Inspector Buchtmann and subsequently wrote requests for protection to him. No action was taken.


Inspector Buchtmann asked if I would submit to a Computer
Voice Stress Analysis testing and I agreed.  It never happened.

I have no protection against these people.  And lots of threats are being made about what will happen to me should I continue my past practices of filing complaints against officers who abuse rules & regulations and make threats.

Daily I see and hear guys abused, rules abused, unsafe sanitary conditions, staff asleep on the job.  I proved some of this last year in filings but to no avail.

I just sent you 10 DRs.  In my 17 years in Florida prisons, I didn't amass 15 DRs, yet now I get 10 Drs in 10 days???

I also sent paperwork regarding CM.  I filed on 5 staff members for sleeping on duty.  At least that many staff, (one dead now, murdered by his own son),  for the threats and for illegally "counseling" me in a closed office away from any possible witnesses.

Last year, I proved that I/M Keck, Sgt Reams, Sgt Long, and others set me up in conspiracy for filing redress grievances against serious wrongs here. I will continue to talk.

But for the record, I have been threatened, assaulted, and believe they will do worse. I need a measure of safety  from illegal punishment & conspiratorial staff  attempting to dampen my outspokenness.

I have been warned.  I'm Lakota.  I fear no man.  I fear no death.  I merely state it is very possible something will happen to me, so all this is in writ, for the record, and hope you will contact my friend and my dad, if I come to harm.

Be cool,
Write soon,
Love to all,

Please pick up the phone  and dial 850-838-4000 and check on Donnie Alexander.      Please show your support!!
Let them know  we are concerned .

Donnie Alexander # 096122
Taylor CI
8515 Hampton Springs Rd
Perry, Fl   32348


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