A Few Prison Killings of Many


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Rudy Delgado's body was misplaced by Texas Department of Corrections for almost a week in May of 2000. At the family's insistence and with the help of a funeral home in Dallas, the body was located and brought back home. Photos were taken by the horrified funeral director to show the family why Rudy's casket could not be opened at his funeral. The funeral director tried in vain to restore his face but had to give up. One of his eyes was not even located. The face was disfigured to the point that it was hard to even tell his face from the back of his head. The first photo shows that his face was ripped off his skull, only his throat is visible.

Rudy was forty years old. According to a news story about Rudy's murder, it was witnessed by 26 prisoners and two Correctional Officers. What was done to Rudy took time to accomplish. The fact that this atrocity occurred in front of two officers who let it happen makes Texas Department of Justice as much responsible for his death and mutilation as is the perpetrator.

Rudy's family feels that distribution of the photos may help justice to be served for Rudy and for the others in his situation.

February 4, 1980 - April 5, 2000
David Mark Tracy was the 12th of Alice and Thomas Tracy's 13 children. Weighing but 6 lbs. 4 oz. at birth, David was a beautiful baby who grew into a healthy and happy little boy within the loving circle of his large, happy family.

David was a smart child with a playful nature. He loved bike riding, going fishing with his 8 brothers, 4 sisters and his parents, and he loved playing baseball and basketball. He was a fun brother, who loved to laugh and attended church every Sunday at the Salvation Army church.

David's parents are good people who raised him to realize that we are all God's children, and that people were not to be judged by their race, creed, color, financial status or religion, but by the content of their characters and what's in their hearts. David understood that we are all brothers and sisters and he accepted everyone in that spirit.

David was only 17 years old when he went to jail for possession of approximately $100 dollars worth of drugs, which were found near but not on him. He was sentenced to 30 months in prison and spent fewer than 2 years in a Connecticut prison before he was transferred to the newly-built, and already notorious Wallens Ridge Unit, which sits on an isolated mountain top in Virginia.

Wallens Ridge is staffed by a cadre of racist guards who immediately singled David out for verbal and physical abuse because he associated with people of all races. David wrote home that the guards were always messing with him and had begun spraying women's perfume into his cell and calling him "nigger lover," "race traitor," "northern scum," and "Connecticut bastard."

Seven months before he was due to be released David's family received a phone call from another prisoner. The frantic caller told David's family that the guards were constantly harassing David and he was afraid they would kill him unless they could help him. He begged them to please help David. Before they could get help to him, David was dead.

In his statement to the media Connecticut DOC Commissioner John Armstrong stated that a guard had witnessed David jump off a bunk with a noose around his neck. The guard claimed to have gone for help, but no help was possible because David's wind pipe was crushed and they couldn't get air into his lungs.

According to the autopsy performed on David's body, there was nothing wrong with his windpipe. David's family are certain that their beloved son and brother DID NOT commit suicide. David loved life and his family. He was making plans to regain his life in 7 short months, and looking forward to being home where he could once again relax and enjoy the safety, love and warmth of the family he missed so desperately.

The prison kept David's body for 11 days before sending him home to his family for burial. During that time they called David's family several times to ask if they wanted his body cremated. Why the delay in sending David's body home? Why were they so anxious to cremate him? What is the Wallens Ridge prison covering up????

The families of prisoners transferred to Wallens Ridge from New Mexico and Connecticut began receiving word from their loved ones of treatment such as that inflicted on David Tracy as soon as they reached that dungeon of torture and death. After two inmates were shot by guards Connecticut legislators finally responded to the pleas of prisoner families and made an inspection tour of Wallens Ridge. In Warden Stanley K. Young's office they were surprised to see displayed an array of Civil War memorabilia and a model of a slave ship. But they took no action. They still have taken no action.

How many young men will die at the hands of Virginia racists before the states of Connecticut and New Mexico stop sending the husbands, sons and brothers of their citizens to be tortured and murdered by the degenerate fiends entrusted with the lives of the helpless inhabitants of Wallens Ridge?

What REALLY happened to David Mark Tracy? Does anyone REALLY believe that after serving 23 grueling months of incarceration and with only 7 months left to go on his sentence and anxious to see his family again, David Tracy committed suicide?

This was David's first time in prison. He was a completely non-violent young man. We want to know why he was sent to a level 6 private prison in the first place.
David's family needs answers. They need justice - for David and for themselves!
Please write to the Governor of Connecticut to demand that he remove all Connecticut prisoners from Virginia prisons NOW, before the life of another life is sacrificed on the diabolic alter of racism!

Victim: Archie Davis, DOC # N02154, a prisoner of the state of Florida.

"The 2nd shift back here killed a inmate yesterday on 01-10-02 around 6:25 am"
Convict Witness
Archie Davis was a black man in his twenties. He spent at least the last 10 days of his life in close confinement cell #2117, although it is reported that his body was 'discovered' in an area known as 'Suicide Watch' at Wakulla CI in Crawfordsville, Florida on January 10, 2002.

Davis had been in prison, at Wakulla, for 6 1/2 years; he had every reason to believe the court was just about to set aside his sentence for "ineffective council." His family thought he was about to come home, but they never imagined it would be in a body bag.

We have reports from a growing number of witnesses describing the horror of Archie's last 10 days. It is reported that water had been cut off to his cell and he had not been fed during that time.

He was allegedly tortured, humiliated, beaten and pepper sprayed repeatedly by officers on second and third shifts. He lived between abuses with a pillow over his head: Sergeant Agerton would reportedly walk past his cell and threaten to spray him if he uncovered his head.

This treatment continued for at least the 10 days he was in the care of Wakulla confinement guards.

Archie's family had been told by Wakulla personnel that inmates in confinement could have no outside contact, so they had not heard from Archie since September of 2001. As a result, we do not know much of what happened before that. But the information obtained suggests Archie was being punished for trying to tell his mother about a guard/inmate drug ring involving Captain Hemphill and Sergeant Agerton. Archie had told his mother before his court hearing that he had witnessed a murder in late 2000 or early 2001.

The death was reported to the mother by the institutional chaplain, Chaplain Hope, at 10:19 am on January 10th as a suicide by hanging. Hope called their home again after hours at 7:30 pm. He spoke with Florence Kittles, who was watching the home. He asked if the family would like the institution to bury the body. She said, "Do NOT touch Archie's body!"

Florida law requires an autopsy for prisoners who die in their custody. The mother asked to see her son's body prior to the autopsy. She was refused. She then demanded to be present at this grisly procedure but they refused to allow her to view the body until the autopsy was complete.

When finally permitted to view her dead son's body, she took extensive photographs and video footage of the broken corpse. These pictures will be available as an adenda to this report.

One of the most revealing of the mother's pictures shows the impression hole in her son's neck that looks suspiciously like the tang of a belt. The official photographs and reports did not address that nor any of the other suspicious marks on Archie's body.

Archie's body was put into the ground on January 19th.

The DOC's unwillingness to cooperate with the family is very suspicious. Indeed, her efforts to obtain all the records were stalled at every turn.

We are very concerned about our inmate witnesses, two of whom have already been moved away from the scene of the crime, and one who is now in confinement where Archie Davis died. We fear for these men's lives and physical well-being. We have been in touch with many of the Frank Valdes murder-by-guard witnesses, who were 'coerced' in typical DOC style to remain silent and feel the same things are happening to the Davis witnesses.

Ms. Steward plans to exhume her son's body and is seeking a forensic pathologist to conduct an independent reexamination of the remains.

To even an unbiased observer the entire situation is suggestive of conspiracy and demands an independent reexamination. Ideally, with Florida's history of exonerating guilty guards, this ought not be conducted by anyone connected with the state of Florida. It demands the attention of the federal government of the United States.
It is for this reason that we have chosen to surface the story to an out-of-state press.
I swear on pain of perjury that to the best of my knowledge and belief, this account is true.


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