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Here's the proof that bombs blasted the Pentagon, not a plane. The hole is indicative of a bomb instead of a jet because it's too narrow to have accommodated a jet's wingspan and it blew out debris which landed on the lawn; then forces were brought in to cover up the lawn so no one would see the debris.

According to Brian Quig, "Hani Hanjour, one of the alleged highjackers practiced on the simulator at SAWYER AVIATION where I once took pilot lessons myself.  My being able to do what he is supposed to have done is off the scale unthinkable.  This story makes about as much sense as Lee Harvey selecting the MANLICHER CARCANO as his assassination weapon of choice or these box cutters.  I think these are all examples of DUMB ASPECTS of these black operations which were published to just be confusing.

I want to make one additional point which any pilot will also confirm.  My flight instructor used to say YOUR IQ GOES DOWN 50% THE MINUTE YOU START THE ENGINE OF A PLANE.  It is not possible to THINK yourself out of a serious spin.  All flying must be so practiced that it is second nature and done by FEEL.  No pilot would think of manuals at that point of a carefully planned mission.  Any pilot who would need to do that would not be reliable enough for mission consideration.

No these manuals, that became the first news of the highjackers identity, were planted just like the Mohammed Atta passport that crashed through the WTC only to be found in perfect condition in 3 feet of ruble 2 blocks away from the hits.


A CIA front organization occupied all or most of one floor of a WTC tower. They cleared out everything from their offices and terminated their lease immediately before 9/11.

The ATF  told all their Murrah Building employees to stay home on the day that building was bombed.

Congress was supposed to do an investigation of the "puts," a scheme which was unquestionably based on foreknowledge of 9/11 but didn't when they learned of the fact the CIA was involved, we stopped hearing about these promised investigations. The profit windfall in this criminal  enterprise was enormous. German authorities reportedly tried to stop payment on these frauds, but I'm not sure how that eventually rectified. In my source's humble opinion, some of the profits (if they were collected) may have ended up in the campaign coffers of some key congresspersons or in their offshore bank accounts.

Well before 9/11, Bush stationed Special Forces in Uzbekistan (reported in UK papers) with the intention of invading Afghanistan and deposing the Taliban regime. The purpose of this was to install a regime friendly to an oil pipeline to come from central Asia across Pakistan and Afghanistan. Is it a mere coincidence that Bush was providentially provided with a perfect excuse to establish a military presence in several central Asian countries -- a string of bases that could protect the building and continued existence of a huge oil pipeline? Footnote:

Its staggering how much money the CIA has managed to deposit in its black box. Vast amounts have come from the S & L scandal, the missing $2.3 trillion in arms, a vast dope smuggling empire, and so forth. Operation Mockingbird receives a huge amount of cash from this bottomless black box. This is the main reason why the media and book industries are so easily controlled.

Operation Orwell has collected massive files on everybody in Congress, the judiciary, and the media. When a file is a little thin, they fatten it with concocted evidence. If money won't buy a person, blackmail will often do the job. Judges, politicians, TV journalists, and so forth are especially vulnerable to scandals.

I personally know a man who was writing a book on CIA shenanigans. Not having anything really incriminating on the man, the CIA managed to get stories printed in the man's hometown newspaper saying he had a criminal record for child molestation. Fake records of his alleged arrest appeared in the files of the local sheriff. The man fought this long and hard, and he eventually proved the files had been fabricated. The local sheriff actually confessed he had been pressured by federal agents to cooperate. It didn't make any difference. This man, who had a lifetime of honorable military service, had to leave his community and move to another state, even though he proved he had been framed, and this exculpatory information had been published. Charges of child molestation stick forever. This section has been provided by Richard L. Franklin, retired muckraker and American citizen.


An American who uses the pseudonym of planetearth55555 wrote: Six or seven of the alleged hijackers are alive and well in Saudi Arabia according to the Saudi government and as I remember, it includes Mohammed Atta. Another has been dead 2 1/2 years.  No terrorists got on board as passengers;  if one looks at the passenger list, the terrorists never existed.  The blackboxes have disappeared  and the government refuses to make public the ones it has under it's possession ... why ? Because it would show the hijackers never existed and the planes were likely remote controlled.



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