Did You Know?

The First World Trade Center Bombing

The CIA and the FBI (and probably the Mossad) had foreknowledge that the WTC was going to be bombed.  Not only had the FBI and the CIA penetrated the plot but the penatrator built the bomb and was the only member of the plot with the expertise to build the bomb! This infiltrator taped his calls with his FBI handler where he pleaded for permission to inert the explosives in the bomb.  The FBI said NO!

This FBI infiltrator Emad Salem approached ISLAMICS who had a grudge with
the UNITED STATES and offered to build a bomb for them.  The whole thing
smells of entrapment.  The role of this FBI infiltrator is far more certain
than the involvement of Ramzi Yousef.  

submitted by Brian Downing Quig

Last night I saw it with my own eyes. Sky News did its yearly review and broadcast films of the WTC bombing. It's true, the second, south tower was on fire before the plane crashed into it. Yes, I had seen photos claiming to show this incredibly incriminating fact but I couldn't be sure they weren't doctored. There have been too many hoaxes to have risked standing by these shots. Now I'm certain.

Based on logic and scattered testimonies, I have previously written that the WTC was demolished from within, not by plane crashes. Now it's proven. Those who brought down the towers made the mistake of their lives. One of their demolition charges went off too early. In time, people will hang over  the proof you will see by visiting the following address according to Barry Chamish.

Next, if you want to know who Bin Laden really is, visit the following
site. Many readers will be gratified to read within the first new claims
about the murder of Rabbi Meir Kahane in many a year.

Why did the South Tower collapse first when it was not as extensively damaged as the North Tower which burned for almost an hour and a half before collapsing?

Why did many witnesses claim to hear further explosions within the buildings? And why did the destruction of the WTC towers appear more like a controlled implosion than a tragic accident?

Why did FBI Director Robert Mueller acknowledge that the list of named hijackers might not contain their real names? Doesn't everyone have to show a photo ID to claim a boarding pass? Where was the normal security?

Why was there a discrepancy of 35 names between the published passenger lists and the official death toll on all four of the ill-fated flights? Internet Columnist Gary North reported, "the published names in no instance match the total listed for the number of people on board." Why the discrepancy?

Since Saudi Arabia's foreign minister claimed five of the proclaimed hijackers were not aboard the death planes and in fact are still alive and a sixth man on that list was reported to be alive and well in Tunisia, why are these names still on the FBI list?


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