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Part 1, June 7, 1996, INTELLIGENCE REPORT: Government Purposely Infects Gulf Troops

JOHN STADTMILLER:  We have with us tonight Peter Kawaja.   Peter, are you with us?

PETER KAWAJA: Yes, I'm here.

JOHN STADTMILLER: Peter, you were associated with Joyce Riley before, and you guys were doing a bang-up job covering the Gulf War Illness. I have the question as to why you two went your separate ways.  I just wonder if you would elaborate a little bit.

PETER KAWAJA: I don't think you really want to take up the time on the show. Do you?

JOHN STADTMILLER: I see that you're not only speaking out on the Gulf War Illness, but you're talking about many  other things, also.

PETER KAWAJA: Well, with common law, and with what's happening now in Montana [the federal encirclement  of the Freemen], everyone should have the right to face their accuser. What I don't want to do is have division in the patriot movement. However, I have a problem with some people who are not promoting the factual evidence of the Gulf War. Some people are trying to go down the road [of claiming] that the problems we have with our Gulf War veterans and with the Gulf War Syndrome stems from, as the Riegel Report says, the fact that the U.S. Government sold biological warfare to Saddam Hussein. That is on the public record. That is a fact and that is correct.

However, it isn't because the United States Government sold certain cultures to Saddam Hussein that these people are dropping like flies and our Gulf War veterans are sick and dying.

The real truth of the matter and the real story is that chemical and biological warfare was conducted upon our own troops BY The United States Military, BY the United States Government, in a planned effort to kill off a percentage of our United States Armed Services  -- to have the Gulf War veterans come back, to go into the civilian population and into the communities to spread a communicable disease.

This is part of their [the New World Order crowd's] "down-sizing" for "Global 2000", where they are planning on issuing the national I.D. or "the chip" [under-the-skin implant]. And if you are  a carrier of a communicable disease or the plague, you will either accept it, get vaccinated,  and get marked [have the microelectronic chip implanted in your body] or you will be incarcerated. You know, you'll go to a concentration camp or a labor camp, something like that.

You know, it's a more heinous crime. Some people do not wish to put out my information and evidence, because, in fact, there is no one l know globally, in the entire World, who has the evidence that I have. Most people are researching things by looking up newspaper articles or  by going  on "the Net".

As you know, or should know, I operated under a code name for the United States Government, at a time when I didn't understand what was going on, and I actually got recordings, documents, recorded C.I.A. and F.B.I. counterintelligence. I was the prime contractor to I.B.I. and T.I.T. These are some of the alphabet soup names of the developers of chemical and biological warfare [agents], and of Prussian Blue. Prussian Blue was a warfare  agent used to break down the filters of gas masks that were used in the Persian Gulf War.

There are some people who are putting out information, and their accuracy is about twenty percent of what the whole truth is.

JOHN STADTMILLER: Peter, you have gone through some hard times because of your exposing this. And I wonder  if you would go through this briefly, just to let the listeners know that there are people out  there who are standing up. They will not be silenced. And they are speaking their minds and  putting out the information. I wonder if you would just relay some of the problems that you have encountered, so far.

PETER KAWAJA:  Well, many years ago, being someone who has been associated with law enforcement and  the Military, I used to supply a lot of the F.B.I. and D.E.A. with quick-setup, forward  intelligence gathering systems, covert devices -- all kinds of things like that. My company,  The International Security Group, was a prime contractor, and was recommended by many  of the U.S. foreign embassies. We did international work.  So, it's a lot of things.

I had a rapid deployment team which consisted of Vietnam veterans, and it was an investigative sort of entity.

In other words, I was just like a regular guy who was patriotic in favor of  America, believed that our Government being "the good guys," and all this type of stuff. I did not understand who the "Corporate" United States was. I really did not understand the "New World Order".   I did not understand many, many things that I do understand today. In other words, the scales fell  from my eyes real fast in 1990.

So, in doing what I did -- when I was steered to this contractor, originally called Product Ingredient Technology, which was a food-processing plant, and then was asked to install a hydrogen-cyanide detection system, and then found out that the actual people behind this  plant were I.B.I. which is Issue[?] & Barbutti International, the builder of formula-150, the  chemical and biological weapons complex that they brought to Libya -- then, you know, the  red flags [of alarm] went up. And, having former relations with the Military and U.S. Intelligence, I agreed to operate for the U.S. Government under a code name. So, that's how it started.

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S.A.F.A.N. ADDENDUM:   SAFAN Internet Newsletter, No. 17, was information from Joyce Riley (AGWVA).  She was in Ft. Walton Beach (NW Florida) last Tuesday night, and was interviewed by Channel 3 (ABC) Pensacola - which aired an indepth interview today (Sunday) of which I have a videotape.  While in Pensacola, Joyce talked with many Gulf War Veterans.  She also pointed out the fact that the GULF WAR WITH IRAQ IS NOT OVER.  It continues - and in fact, our Military are still being sent over to Iraq. Military units out of Eglin Air Force Base (Fort Walton Beach) are being sent over on a 6-Month rotation and YES, sadly, many of these men and women return SICK.  
WE HAVE BUT ONE ENEMY - and that is the DEVIL.  We know who the Victor is going to be - because we have read the book.  The Devil will be defeated. But in the meantime he is going to wreck havoc on this earth - through all kinds of schemes - such as, the NWO, or whatever else they wish to call it. The NWO is here - it is NOT something that is going to happen in the future. The most powerful WEAPON against this ENEMY is prayer.  Yes, we need to keep informed, and YES, we need to confront ALL of our public officials - all the way from the SHERIFF, to the Governor, to the Congress, and the White House - and all the others in between.   ATTACK!!!   ATTACK!!!!   WITH PRAYER!!!!
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