(S.A.F.A.N. No. 19, June 19, 1996)

WAR CRIMES - Desert Storm = Gulf War Syndrome (Part I)

by Peter Kawaja

(Copy of Letter to Joe L. Jordan, National Vietnam P.O.W. Strike Force)

Dear Joe:

I received your recent Press Release regarding MD Anderson Cancer Center order to destroy the blood samples of Gulf War Veterans.  Isn't this timely just after the Drs. Garth and Nancy Nicolson have been forced out under pressure from the U.S. Government? The Nicolsons will be out within three months, and moving to California.  Because of lack of funds and Government pressure on the Anderson Administration, the blood testing fell 8-months behind - that is how many veterans sent their blood in, as this was the only place to get the Mycoplasma testing done.  

So, once again I ask the question, "Is the Government trying to help American Veterans to get better, or to go to their grave?  Is this about downsizing the U.S. Military for UN Occupation of the Republic states or not?"

The Veterans blood samples are evidence, and like the VA "hard files" evidence, have to be destroyed in some manner as the "accidental" bombing of the Murrah Building where they were stored.  The "results" of the block taken from returning Veterans after the Persian Gulf War and their military records would convict many high-ranking Americans.  Is there any wonder why Tim McVeigh has not been brought to a "speedy trial" as was promised by Clinton and Reno, a long time ago?

By the way, Joe, the REAL Gulf War Crimes story on Gulf Syndrome has not yet been told.  It is not as simple as what some who claim to have investigated this say it is. Although the Riegle Report is accurate, you have stated one instance (of many) in your press release which PROVES what Peter Kawaja has been trying to tell America - that many Veterans who were never deployed to the Theater of Operations have the same illnesses, that Gulf War Syndrome was not caused (solely) by Saddam Hussein using the biological cultures sold to him by American companies (that is 25% of the facts), but that the US itself deployed/used own own Chemical and Biological Weapons ON OUR OWN FORCES - using them as guinea pigs for testing PILLS, VACCINES, PROTECTIVE CLOTHING, GAS MASKS, etc., and to infect them with a slow-acting communicable disease, so they would live to come back to the United States, their blood drawn by the military/VA, the results as to what worked and what did not found, and to allow our Veterans to spread their disease to the civilian population, in order to accomplish GLOBAL 2000, population control, suspension of the Constitution by everyone being marked, accepting the National ID card - CHIP, etc.  

This is NOT what other so-called investigators are putting out.  There are those who have used the Gulf Syndrome as a Marketing tool, a money-making machine for fame and fortune at the expense of dying and dead Veterans.

Others have been collecting and turning evidence over to the Department of Defense, et al.   You don't see Peter Kawaja's name on many of the billboards and at speaking engagements because my message is HARD and right on point - whilst there are others who steer away from the truth, passing the blame solely to Saddam Hussein (using the Riegle Report), that it was Iraq which used the Biologicals they bought which has caused Gulf War Syndrome.  That is a small part of the story.

The fact is that Iraq did not deploy enough Scuds to accomplish the widespread illnesses/birth defects we are seeing, just a small example.  To speed up American civilian infection, Walter Reed Army Medical instituted an incentive program for the American Red Cross to collect the contaminated blood of Veterans, to be distributed to  civilian hospitals.  

There should be no question in anyone's mind that there is, in fact, a concentrated effort by the New World Order to make American "carriers" so we, the people, will have no choice but to go along with "The Program" of the New World Order - United Nations, One World government, or be enslaved in a concentration camp or die.

Peter Kawaja
International Gulf War Illness Coalition
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