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Nuclear scientists warn that when USA hired all the NAZI scientists after World War II (to allegedly fight a "Cold War" against Communism), we not only got the rocket scientists and spies, but also got all NAZI technology for genocide of a nation's own citizens.

"Mycoplasmas" are nanogerms specifically isolated by the NAZIs for biowarfare, taken from moldy foods. They work havoc by making all the cells in the body and brain to go haywire by turning off the cellular pumps that move CALCIUM into and out of every cell. Every muscle cell uses CALCIUM to contract a muscle, then pumps CALCIUM out of the cell to relax the muscle. Brain cells require CALCIUM for "Calmness" and "Clear-thinking".

Mycoplasmas suck the CALCIUM out of all the cells which shuts down the energy and mental ability of the intended victims, a method utilized by drugs like Prozac, and is currently found in the epidemic of disabling Fibromyalgia Syndrome (FMS - formerly called rheumatism and is the most common disease treated by rheumatologists). These mycoplasmas are distributed by any type of weapons system to target an entire population. Mycoplasmas also are currently found in many vaccines, including the so-called anthrax vaccine (that only targets 1 strain of anthrax out of 80 strains) that is one of the causes of Gulf War Syndrome that has killed 10,000 US veterans and disabled 400,000 Americans (it is contagious). Mycoplasmas have also been found in chemtrails sprayed by US Air Force on US citizens all across the USA today.

Mycoplasmas are primarily used for MIND-CONTROL during "battle" situations, although they do kill and disable after an extended period of time if the disease is not treated correctly. The liquid that is delivered with the Mycoplasmas contain METALS such as ALUMINUM. The purpose of these metals is to turn the Mycoplasmas into "BRAINCHIPS" and "BODYCHIPS", by acting as an ANTENNA when hammered with radio waves of a low frequency. These radio waves are broadcast by microwave towers (AKA "cell phone towers - hence the marketing push to sell expensive cell phones and get people to accept dangerous radian from towers in their neighborhood). A satellite signals particular "cellphone" towers to broadcast on a particular frequency, depending upon the desired mental or physical reaction, such as mental confusion - or complete mental/physical incapacitation.

Mental confusion is an "excellent" method of MIND CONTROL, and FMS is an excellent method to disable a population's ability to work, and thus banks profit from mass foreclosures on property. FMS can progress to deadly cancers and thus wipe out a majority of a population - the "New World Order" is on record as wanting an 80% reduction in the world's human population.

The cure for mycoplasmas, if it is applied soon enough, is a healthy diet of ALKALINE foods and beverages, rather than "junk food" that is ACIDIC (like "phosphoric acid" in sodas, alcohol beverages that metabolize into vinegar's "acetic acid", white sugar, high-protein diets of "amino acids," phosphates in toothpaste). RAW UNCOOKED FOODS like fruits, vegetables and RAW "fresh-squeezed" ORGANIC fruit juices are high in MINERALS and are thus high in alkalinity ("sweetness" depends on high mineral content). Vitamin B-Complex vitamins are critical - USA sold Saddam Hussein bioweapons that included "B-Vitamin Blockers" to create "CHRONIC FATIGUE" symptoms on a battlefield (one symptom of Gulf War Syndrome and FMS).

Another requirement is high-quality CALCIUM and magnesium (+2 ions) supplements ("chelated" with amino acids (-1 ions) since that's the only way a body can absorb minerals) taken in high doses, plus vitamins that target "free radicals" like Vitamin-C and Vitamin-E. SODIUM BICARBINATE (Arm & Hammer "Baking Soda") neutralizes the acid in the blood, when added to water or Green Tea (black tea is acidic), and is a cure for "urinary retention" symptoms (so-called "prostate swelling" or "urinary infections"). Typical soaps are acidic.

The bottom line is that USA's government is run by treasonous NMO NAZIs who want to genocide hundreds of millions of US citizens and control the minds of all the rest. George Bush, whose grandfathers were subjected to sedition laws 3 times for profiteering with the NAZIs DURING World War II, and at Yale's SKULL & BONES they worshiped a room of NAZI paraphernalia and slit women's throats, as videoed for FOX NEWS last year. These people want to slaughter 80% of Americans, split the United States into two nations (as NWO tried to do by using their minions to start America's Civil War by splitting from the Union) and thus loot trillions of dollars from our empty pockets.

Thus, ALL Americans NOW infected with VIRTUAL BRAIN CHIPS that our loving Pentagon and loving multi-national corporations are using to DESTROY US!!! (Webmaster had two 35-year-old friends drop dead in their homes last year, both from ACIDOSIS caused by "diabetic coma" AKA "ketoacidosis" from "diabetes".)  Obviously, drivers cannot drive safely when poisoned by germ warfare and Star Wars by "our" (NWO's) mass-murdering government.

Editor's note: The commentator should have blamed the Illuminati, not the Nazis. There were no Nazis during the time of the American Civil War. Indeed, Hitler was the puppet and dictator who carried out the plans of the Illuminati since he was the grandson of one of them.


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