War Related Illness Clinic - Where are we in this?

By Kirt Love, Director, DSBR,

While at the Washington DC VAMC I went up to Neurology to meet with Dr. Mitchell T. Wallin, M.D., M.P.H. We sat down to discuss the pending War Related Illness Clinic and its future.

I was told that last week American Legion met with them for a briefing on the clinic, and yet no one else seems to know anything about it. Well, I have my opinions on this one, but for now I will stick to the clinic.

My first annoyance came when they explained that the conditions of the grant specified that they HAD to work with Walter Reed -and so knowing that Dr. Engle is going to poison this program is most upsetting.

However, Dr. Wallin was very polite, and explained that an all out literature campaign will be released shortly soliciting volunteers for the study programs. He has a very pleasant disposition, and seems very interested in doing some good.

The clinic is far from ready, and raw sheet rock and semi finished door ways line the hall. Construction is slow.

Venus and I will meet with the clinic staff later for a full briefing on the Program.

I won't put out his contact data because the lurkers would hound him into not wanting to talk to anyone. But, if you want the contact information for Dr. Wallin at the War Related Study Clinic - I will send it to individuals that want to know or volunteer.

- - -

Mr. Love alluded to  Venus; here is Venus' comment on this situation: Venus Val Hammack

Dear veterans: I too am tried of Study programs. The only doctors (VA/DoD) who are NOT afraid to use advance diagnostic tools to evaluate the odd symptoms we gulf veterans have ARE those in the Study Programs.

The other doctors are directed to use CPG (post-deployment guidelines) which strongly suggest using Clinical Observation and (CBT) Cognitive Behavioral Therapy ONLY.

It appears, if you don't join a Study or can afford Civilian Medical Care your treatment options are very limited.

FOR THE DURATION...Venus-val Hammack (deployment illness advocate)


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