True Story

Why the US Government Hates the US Militias --
A Shocking Inside Report

by Pam Schuffert

Several months prior to the Oklahoma City Bombing, I received an urgent phone call from Ed Pack. Ed was a brilliant researcher for the Patriot community. In fact, he had personally been at Waco and observed the whole tragedy firsthand. He filmed it as the horror unfolded. Later, he turned his film footage over to Linda Thompson of the American Justice Federation, who processed it into a video that shocked the conscience of America. Ed's home in Spartanburg, SC was filled with high tech equipment and computers. He could hack into any site he wanted. He also was in contact with high level moles that reached into the White House and intelligence community itself.

Ed spoke to me and warned that there would soon be a massive national disaster in the form of a great explosion that would cost many lives, and that it would be deliberately created by the government. One of the purposes was to rush ANTI-TERRORISM legislation through the Senate and House on the wings of public sentiment and outcry. But, he cautioned, it would not REALLY be "anti-terrorism legislation" designed to protect people, but rather a subtle means by which much greater restraints and
restrictions could be placed upon the American people.

Ed further cautioned, "I have been warned that they will deliberately blame it on AMERICA'S MILITIAS. Clinton HATES America's militias, because he knows that they are aware of the government's plans for MARTIAL LAW and UN takeover under it, and are warning and preparing Americans for this. He knows the militias are armed and will fight for our freedoms and will never surrender America to the New World Order..."

Ed shared some more of this with me, and then hung up. I pondered the meaning of this. Three months later, his words of warning were fulfilled. The Oklahoma City bombing occurred, and indeed America's militias were implicated. I will never forget watching Ted Koppel live interviewing the Michigan Militia on nationwide television following this tragedy ... and of course trying to make America's militias look like utter fools. However, thanks to Ed's prior warning, I was not deceived. Credible men such as Brigadier General Benton Partin, top military explosives expert and my neighbor in the Washington, DC area for many years, testified in the Oklahoma City Bombing hearings that " nitrogen fertilizer bomb could have HOPED to do the damage that was done to the Murrah Building."

He explained all this to me personally at his home one day. I received further confirmation from CIA officers Michael Maholy and Michael Reconsciuto, who both confirmed it was an inside government job, sharing how helicopters and remote detonation was used, etc. And then of course, there was Officer Yeakey, who just happened to be in the right place at the right time. Patrolling the streets on his beat, he just happened to come to the area around the Murrah Building. And there, to his surprise, were men in strange white protective gear already standing by BEFORE the explosion ever took place! A few minutes later, all chaos broke loose as the explosion(s) DID occur ... and as the smoke and debris cleared, these men in white protective garbs and head coverings proceeded into the ruins to search for survivors, etcetera.

Officer Yeakey from that moment on was a troubled police officer. It occurred to him that THIS BOMBING WAS DELIBERATE AND THAT THESE GOVERNMENT MEN WERE INFORMED PRIOR TO THE EVENT THAT IT WOULD HAPPEN! It was reported that he acted extremely troubled from that day on ... until his tortured and bound body was discovered dead eight months later. A fearful rumor began to spread throughout Oklahoma City after his death. "You better be quiet about what you know about the Oklahoma City Bombing, or they will pull a 'Yeakey' on you!"

And of course, there was Timothy McVeigh, "militia" member charged with the horrific bombing. Of course, just a "fall guy," a government created scapegoat to assist them in turning the hearts of the American people against the many valid and Patriotic militias throughout this nation. And an excellent choice, with his former Army Ranger status and a microchip insert (for tracking and mind control) planted in his body.

Thankfully, I was forewarned by Ed and knew what to expect, and did NOT fall into the mind-control trap to turn Americans against her militias. But tragically, many in America have fallen for this ploy. They know nothing about "news media bias" and "news media blackout" designed to sway their minds and opinions in any direction the government wants.

As the "dawning of the New World Order" is being ominously proclaimed both in America and internationally in news media across the world, I have wondered how long it would be following the WTC/Pentagon tragedies UNTIL once again, the news media would attack America's militias. I knew it would HAVE to be soon, since they are proclaimed enemies of the New World Order, martial law, and the UN/NATO takeover that will eventually follow it. And we are in the opening stage of that very takeover right now. America's militias have become now a major target to be framed, moved against and eliminated, according to official government reports which I have reprinted below:

"The desire for Patriotism [the sovereignty of our nation, our flag, our religious and other freedoms and nationalism] is considered an 'enemy doctrine.'"

Editor's note: Interestingly, nationalism is a concept to which Muslims are opposed also preferring to think of all people as being under Allah.

"The US armed forces must be prepared to fight against all who oppose the New World Order and are holding out for nationalism."

"This new 'warrior class' [of American Patriots] is most dangerous because they consist of those who fight out of strong religious beliefs. You cannot compromise or bargain with these 'warriors.' We in the military need to commit more time to counter these 'warrior' threats ... COUPLED WITH IRRESISTIBLE VIOLENCE."
-Major Ralph Peters, Deputy Chief of Staff, Pentagon Intelligence, Washington DC

Further confirmation of targeting of militias by the government/military is found in the following copy of a top secret document smuggled out of the Executive Office Building in Washington, DC-

"On transfer of the sovereignty of America to the United Nations, those who do not conform to United Nations authority will be considered resisters and declared 'enemies of the government.' Public statements made in favor of 'the old ways' and favoring continued United States nationalism will be considered 'enemy doctrine.'"

"UN armed forces must be prepared to fight against all who openly oppose the New World Order and who are holding out for nationalism."

"The most dangerous resisters will be those with STRONG RELIGIOUS BELIEFS. These specific elements CANNOT BE CONTAINED or subdued and must be dealt with harshly to the core. CIVILIAN MILITIAS have announced their intention of ARMED DEFIANCE, and promotion of civil disobedience. ALL POSSIBLE EFFORT MUST BE MOUNTED TO PREVENT SCATTERED GROUPS OF RESISTERS FROM UNITING WITH THESE DISCIPLINED MILITIA CONCENTRATIONS."

"In order to make a peaceful transition to UN domination, it is imperative that special UN units be designated the spearhead that will TOTALLY NEUTRALIZE ALL COORDINATED RESISTANCE FROM THE MILITIAS and ORGANIZED PASSIVE REBELLION FROM THE CHRISTIAN RIGHT."

Do you understand the implications contained in these official government documents? America's valid militias have been made the targets of future government attack and repression for their courageous stand for our liberties, and our Constitutionally guaranteed freedoms and our sovereignty. They have indeed declared openly that they will not surrender our nation to foreign control that is hostile to our most basic freedoms and beliefs. And for this, they are now a major target of government frame-up and attack.

And now, militias are being maliciously accused WITHOUT SUBSTANTIATION of being responsible for the "anthrax attacks." (Of course, it may be only a matter of time before the government unveils their cleverly fabricated "Militia scapegoat" on the order of a "Timothy McVeigh" to lend credence to their accusations linking militias with the anthrax.)

I encourage my fellow Americans not to be deceived quite so easily. I received warning several years ago from a CIA insider that much preparation had been made to seize America for the New World Order under martial law, and that one of the major tactics the government would be using was the deliberate release of chemical-biological warfare agents ("NBC's"), anthrax among them to force the people into submission and cooperation. People who are sick or dying have no power to resist! Furthermore, this would be in fulfillment of the NWO agenda of massive population reduction. And of course, the government/military would need a conveniently created scapegoat to take the blame for them. Such scapegoats are formed at government whim, depending upon which group or people they wish to target.

At present, it is a most convenient time to target AMERICA'S MILITIAS. And NOW you know ... the REST of the story!

And as for my friend Ed, who warned me about the Oklahoma City bombing before it ever happened. Well, you don't have to worry about my blowing his cover through this report for Ed is dead. He was "terminated with extreme prejudice" by the US government. His only crime was to know too much and to talk too much.

Ed suffered a particularly cruel death at their hands: his home was visited by a sophisticated black official government van, filled with high tech equipment. Mounted on top was a top secret stealth death weapon, the microdish. (In fact, my friend General Ben Partin revealed to me that he was the actual military developer of this death weapon, but that he had never intended for it to be misused in such a manner.)

Ed shared with me, "I was sitting in my home at 9 pm (January of 1995), reviewing some secret film I had received (he was always getting information from his many inside contacts) when I felt a strange burning in my throat and chest. Not knowing what it was, I rushed to the kitchen to get a glass of water and returned to the living room. But the burning got even worse. By that time, I assumed it was coming from an outside source." (He already knew about microwave technology.)

"I grabbed my shotgun and threw open the door. And there, parked in front of my home beneath the streetlight, was a black government van. It had a microwave dish mounted on top, aimed at my living room. But when they saw my shotgun, they took off with their headlights off to avoid being followed."

Ed staggered into his living room, coughing up blood. The next day he visited his doctor. "Ed, he said, "what happened to you? You are filled with deep internal burns." Ed could say nothing.

Ed's health began to fail from the night of that fateful encounter. And the burn tissue that healed in his throat formed scars that prevent him from being able to swallow food properly. He slowly began to starve to death. And to add to this, the government began to move to destroy him for his filming of the Waco disaster. His employers were contacted and threatened with destruction of their business if they continued to hire him. Bullet holes began to appear in his car, in his home and windows. Financially depleted due to no more work, they could only stuff rags into those bullet holes in his windows to keep the cold out. A massive power surge of suspicious origins (that affected no other home in his neighborhood) blew out his computer and sophisticated equipment. I would frequently bring them food and love and prayer during those difficult times. Finally, in 1996 his wife took him to the doctor.

Testing revealed a large tumor, apparently spawned in his throat where the microwave had done the most damage. Surgery followed, but it was too late. Ed knew he was going to die. As I continued to visit him in the Spartanburg hospital, Ed took me aside. With tears in his eyes, he pleaded:

"Pam, they may have gotten me, but they haven't gotten you. Tell them ... tell the people what is happening in America. Tell them the truth!"

A few days later, Ed was gone. And at his funeral in June of 1996, with tears now in my eyes I vowed before the God I serve that I would never be silent. That I would tell America the truth. And by the grace of God I have been enabled to keep that promise to this day. This very website is part of the commitment I made to God when I promised Ed to tell America the truth.

Understand therefore the true nature of the false accusations coming forth from government controlled sources regarding America's militias. And in all likelihood, the true anthrax culprits are none other than the government's covert operatives instead. This is the hour of deliberate release of chem-bio warfare agents against the American people as we proceed into the opening stages of martial law that will lead to UN takeover.

Alarmingly, unsubstantiated FBI false accusations linking America's militias to the anthrax attacks are now being printed up in foreign newspapers throughout the world.


The answer is simple. It will be foreign UN/NATO alliance troops that will be used in the seizing of America for the UN/New World Order on a major scale. Foreign UN/NATO alliance troops, already trained in former Yugoslavia, are being psyched up to fight against the militias throughout America. The official government documents I previously posted in this report reveal how such UN troops are being prepared to fight against all NWO resisters, ESPECIALLY AMERICA'S MILITIAS.

This is why the foreign AWACS from Germany, with German and foreign troops, are now present in America (based at Tinker AFB, Oklahoma) to patrol all ground movements associated with future "enemy activities" (NWO/UN opposition) as martial law progresses. It is a known fact that the majority of our American troops do not want to fight against their own American citizens, hence the extensive use of foreign troops for this hour of operation. And with so many of our troops shipped out overseas, America's militias are now on the front lines in the battle for freedom.

According to the new anti-terrorism bill just passed, it was essential for government purposes for the anthrax attacks to eventually be pinned on America's militias, so that this "anti-terrorism legislation" can now be applied to them. Not only can they be arrested and their homes and assets seized, but all those who support them, harbor them and offer financial aid, etc., can also be held liable under this new legislation.

Expect a major round-up, arrest and removal of America's militia elements in the near future, thanks to the new legislation, as militias are maliciously tied in with the "terrorist anthrax attacks."


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