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Part 1 -- Censorship

Freedom of the Press: We had a reporter who wrote about President Bush's actions after the WTC was hit. Guess what happened to the lad? He was fired so fast that he could not even pick up his severance pay check. Moreover, non Africans set the standards for Africa according to Em at The Mulindwas communication group.
A pre-recorded segment of "Democracy Now!" was in the middle of a  newscast, reporting on the CIA's ability to plant stories on national wire services, when the signal was interrupted by Pacifica Executive  Director Bessie Wash, who used the next five minutes to "speak to  those who are being misled by a small group of individuals."
The INTERNATIONAL HERALD TRIBUNE  IN Paris, France is partly owned by the Washington Post.

On Sunday, January 21, 2001, CBS "60 Minutes" focused on Zimbabweans and their President Robert Mugabe.  The bias reporting on the land redistribution efforts underway in Zimbabwe were blatantly racist and ahistorical in content.  The efforts of the Zimbabwean people to FREE THEIR LAND from Rhodesian/UK domination carried over from its colonial past was portrayed as though the settlers were the victims instead of the people of Zimbabwe who have been economically exploited by these settlers in their own country for hundreds of years.    Less than 1,000 white settlers own over 60% of the arable land in Zimbabwe and President Robert Mugabe and the people of Zimbabwe have had enough.  The redistribution of the land is a matter of life and death for the millions of people in Zimbabwe. Zimbabweans have been forced into shanty ghettos living, on top of each other under horrendous conditions, while the white settler class lives like kings on  farms as large as Manhattan and in luxurious mansions.  The courageous people of Zimbabwe are taking their land back and establishing control of their destiny!

From Matthew on the CIA-drugs listserv:
Censorship on the net is coming.

First it was
Then it got bought by
Then it got bought by

We can expect to see more and more changes of well working egroups to higher requirements and higher exclusions and rules.

And via the corps, the net will be regulated, no laws needed.

My service provider on one site years ago was 9netave.  Then it was taken over by concentric, whose user agreement policy looked like a manifesto, then XO who took them over.
From Elaine at an abbreviated account highlighting the major points at the "Inauguration" of George W. Bush, January 20, 2001~

The crowd was already swelling to tremendous numbers.

The signs were incredible.  You could see the anger of a nation there!

They had so much security there it was unbelievable!  This is the sign of a group of people who KNEW they were guilty of stealing an election.  They were SO SCARED they were going to get "payback" on coronation day!  After getting through there ... we got into a spot where most of the demonstrators congregated.  The crowd kept swelling and swelling.  The demonstrators outnumbered the Bush flunkies 3 to 1.
From Herb Vaughan, this ~
The media are the tools of the corporate establishment and won't change the status quo. They proved that during the election by ignoring or criticizing Ralph Nader. They will not do anything now either except condemn the protests and protesters.

by Michel Collon

In the G-17 program, prepared for the electoral coalition DOS, it was said that Yugoslavia  should "take example from the modern and democratic Western media."

Now, yesterday, president Kostunica made an interesting statement, saying he's "surprised"  that his country's image abroad has changed so quickly for the better, after the change of  government in October.

He told the TanJug news agency he'd expected the ugly picture of Yugoslavia, which he said had been created by the western media, to last for some time.

*[Mr Kostunica suggested that the sudden change in the way other countries viewed  Yugoslavia showed that the media in so-called democratic countries was, to a large extent,  controlled by their governments.]
(*) Friday, 22 December, 2000, 09:10 GMT BBC World Service.

Mr Kostunica is completely right. But this raises interesting questions:

1. Does Mr Kostunica, and DOS, still want to copy the Western media model?
2. If those media manipulated the opinion, by demonizing Serbs since 1991, is it possible that the Western policy against Yugoslavia was based on a false image?
3. If so, maybe the war against Yugoslavia was unjust and illegal and the Western powers should be judged for that and condemned to pay damages?
4. If those Western media manipulated until now, have they just suddenly stopped?
Do they say, for example, that the situation in Kosovo is terrible for the Serbs, the Roms, and all other minorities, ethnically cleansed? And that the terrorism of the Kosovo Liberation Army  forces they supported means now mafia and murders, also against many Albanians? So that NATO occupation brought a terrible situation, while the real aim was to put Yugoslavia on her knees and justify the installation of the huge US military base 'Camp Bondsteel'.
5. The West seems to be the model for DOS. But is the West such a wonderful model, with controlled and manipulating media?
6.And maybe, it's not only about media? President Kostunica often speaks about "our Western friends." But may we believe that there exist two Madeleine Albrights, two Clintons, two Chiracs, two Schröders? One who is now "the friend of the Serbs," and one who has been lying against those same Serbs for ten years, through controlled media?

Permission granted to reprint this article by Michel Collon.
Peter Brewton in his book entitled GEORGE BUSH THE CIA AND THE MAFIA writes extensively about Wil Northrop, the CIA and MOSSAD agent, who was running the contra operation just before Oliver North took it over.
As Wicca (referred by many of its own adherents as Witchcraft) is a religion that is recognized by the US government as a legitimate religion - this story has far deeper connotations than most Americans might suspect at first. Official agents of the government (i.e. - the local police department in Penryn, Pennsylvania) are, by refusing to do their duty because the YMCA is supposedly promoting Witchcraft, are, in effect, in direct violation of the First Amendment of the Bill of Rights. There are more than likely a substantial number of Religious Right advocates working for this particular Police Force. Hopefully this will bring to light the anti-American, Anti-Constitution sentiments of many Rethugs sitting in high positions of political power.
In 1985, $700 billion has been spent on armaments. The great powers have actually stocked the equivalent of more than one million bombs of the Hiroshima type.

That bomb of Hiroshima killed 70,000 persons in one instant.

This means that as of today, it is technically possible to annihilate 70 billion human beings, which is more than 10 times the total human species !

For the first time, since the three million years of human cavalcade, it has become technically possible to destroy every trace of life on earth.

This technical possibility is strangely enough called : "progress'' !

Still more strangely it is called : "peace';' this is an " equilibrium of terror '' between the "great" powers.

The relations between the North and the South are equally established on a demeaning basis.
The sequences of colonialism and the persistent unequal exchange have lead to the following scandal :

The United States is limiting its wheat production, and the European cold storages cannot accommodate any more the surplus of meat and butter, while in the rest of the world, in 1985, 80 million human beings have died from starvation and malnutrition.
There is  a remarkable Civil Engineer named Tomas Graham, who is taking people by the hand and leading them (if they will do what they're told) away from the brink of death,
in many cases. His success with almost any disorder you might name, including AIDS, is phenomenal.  His telephone number is (718) 868- 4524 for anyone who'd like to experience a REVERSAL of what the doctors fondly call "disease." Just tell him Carol Taylor referred you/them. Glad for you to have this information and, if you wish, to pass it along to your readers: God knows we all need some surcease from those doctors (who die like flies too) who think they know it all!


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