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Proposal for Contract

Plum Island Not Going Away Anytime Soon

By Edward Hammond
June 26, 2006

It has been a subject of my ongoing annoyance that Department of Homeland Security (DHS) officials and bidders on the NBAF have suggested, and the media has frequently dutifully reported, that the NBAF facility would "replace" the "outdated" Plum Island Animal Disease Center in New York... as if Plum Island would sink below the waves when NBAF comes online.

I don't know why there is/was so much buy-in (acceptance) to that suggestion.

I never thought Plum Island would go away, and hopefully this post will put that mistaken notion to rest. Below is a description of at least $30 million in planned upgrades to PIADC, including a new animal wing, new BSL-3 space, upgraded electrical, HVAC, and H2O systems, etc.

NBAF, as huge as it is planned, is not going to be the singular DHS/USDA facility for foreign animal diseases, and PIADC is not going to fade into obscurity.

C -- A-E Services for Programming & Design of Integrated Facility Improvements at the Plum Island Animal Disease Center

General Information

Document Type: Sources Sought Notice
Solicitation Number: LGL06R00012
Posted Date: Jun 09, 2006
Original Response Date: Jun 23, 2006
Current Response Date: Jun 23, 2006
Original Archive Date:
Current Archive Date:
Classification Code: C -- Architect and engineering services
Naics Code: 541310 -- Architectural Services

Contracting Office Address Department of Homeland Security, Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC), Biocontainment Procurement Division, Procurement Division TH378C 1131 Chapel Crossing Road, Brunswick (Glynco), GA, 31524


This is a new acquisition for award of an A-E contract for programming/planning services and the resultant design of facility improvements and enhancements at the Plum Island, NY, Animal Disease Center (PIADC), which is a unique national asset for Agro-defense and the only facility in the United States permitted to handle live virus. It is the intention of the Government to award the programming/planning study and the design services to the same A-E firm. The contract will contain options for additional services to include Construction Administration and Commissioning Services. It is necessary to obtain the expertise for these services from a highly qualified Architect-Engineering firm with demonstrated expertise in the design of Bio-Safety Level 2/3/3Ag laboratories, animal vivariums, necropsies, or similar facilities. The proposed improvements and enhancements to the PIADC facility will assure the continuation of existing research as well as satisfy increased mission responsibilities for Agro-defense.

The proposed improvements and enhancements are as follows:

Construct New Animal Wing, consisting of 8,000 net square feet of new animal holding capacity with various room sizes and configurations. A new batch wastewater treatment system to handle potential zoonotics isolated to the new wing will also be required.

Upgrade Chiller Plant - Provide additional chiller towers with sufficient capacity to service all new construction and interior facility upgrades; replace and upgrade the chilled water transmission line leading to Building 101.

Expand and Upgrade the East and Orient Necropsy - Construct new necropsy capability dedicated to research functions servicing the new animal holding wing. The existing necropsy will be improved and expanded to handle school observation and decontamination needs.

Convert the East Service Wing Storage Area to BSL-3 Laboratory Space - Provide 2500 square feet of converted storage space as laboratory space for DHS research programs; refurbish existing labs C & D and the conversion of underutilized space for APHIS and/or ARS needs.

Power Distribution/UPS Provide an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) System for the HVAC systems, communication, alarm and security systems, and compressed air for airlocks.

Building 102 Waste Water Decon Upgrades - Provide necessary process upgrades (isolated tank, pump, piping replacements) to the laboratory wastewater decontamination system. Provide a new wastewater transmission line from Building 101 to Building 102. Perform necessary structural repairs, roofing and finishes to ensure the facility meets necessary bio-containment standards.

Upgrade Water Supply System - Provide evaluation of known issues, replacement of antiquated distribution system piping and upgrade of treatment systems related to the domestic water supply system, water purification system and fire suppression system.

Perform an Environmental Assessment - A new Environmental Assessment will be developed prior to the construction and improvements at PIADC to comply with NEPA requirements and DHS policy. The Environmental Assessment shall incorporate potential impacts from all projects listed herein.

Firehouse/Motor Pool - Construct new firehouse/motor pool building to replace the antiquated and inadequate structures and to consolidate within the active area of the island the Firehouse, Motor Pool, and Emergency Operations Center (EOC).

The Estimated Cost of Construction is about $30 million. Selection of the A-E will be conducted in accordance with the Brooks Act, and as outlined in Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR) Part 36.6. Firms will be evaluated in terms of their relevant experience, including relevant experience of staff members, specifically on design work required by this procurement. The synopsis for this requirement will be posted about July 14, with A-E submittals due about August 16, 2006. The Government intends to use the results of this Sources-Sought Announcement to determine acquisition strategy for this acquisition, utilizing NAICS Code 541310, Size Standard $4.5M. Interested A-E firms should, as early as possible, but not later than 4:00 PM Eastern Time, June 23, 2006, indicate interest in this acquisition by letter (no more than 2 typewritten pages) with a brief summary of experience in relevant contracts. Letters should be sent to the attention of Robert Driggers, Contracting Officer, to the address noted above, preferably as an e-mail attachment, with copy to Ms. Paulette Webster at the e-mail address below. Ensure your letter includes your business size. More detailed present/past performance information will be required with A-E submittals. THIS IS A SOURCES SOUGHT SYNOPSIS AND IS NOT A REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS.

Points of Contact: Bob Driggers, Contracting Officer, (912)261-3630, E-mail Danny Hager, Chief, Bio-containment Contracting Branch, Procurement Division, (912) 267-3290, E-mail Paulette Webster, Procurement Technician, (912) 554-4613, E-mail: Point of Contact Robert Driggers, Contracting Officer, Phone 912-261-3630, Fax 912-280-5343, Email - Paulette Webster, Procurement Technician, Phone 912-554-4613, Fax 912-280-5343, Email Place of Performance

Address: Plum Island Animal Disease Center, Long Island, New York Postal Code: 11944
Country: United States of America


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