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Join The Fight To End Vivisection

Provided by SPEAK
Imagine yourself in a laboratory. Imagine that your skull has been sliced open and part of your brain has been removed. Then imagine that you have spent fifteen years imprisoned in a barren cage denied contact with your own species, never feeling the sun, the wind, or the rain on your face, never experiencing the natural world into which your forebears were born, and that you have been experimented on over and over again by your jailers. Without any respite, without any hope. Now imagine that this scenario is being enacted as you are reading this leflet. This isn't fiction - it's fact. That's what animals at Oxford University are forced to endure every day.

Now Oxford University wants to increase the number of animals they use in experiments and are attempting to build a new research centre.



The SPEAK campaign was formed after SPEAC (Stop Primate Experiments at Cambridge) won a battle to prevent the building of Europe's largest primate research centre at Cambridge University, a project with which the Government had been closely linked.

Shortly after, when in March 2004 it was confirmed that building work was to start on a new animal research centre in Oxford (a development closely affiliated to the abandoned project in Cambridge), the re-formed SPEAK launched its campaign against the new building, eventually succeeding in bringing the construction work to a standstill for many months.

The past year has seen a sustained attack against SPEAK by the forces working to maintain vivisection, with injunctions and media smear campaigns prominent on the list shortly to be superseded by the imminent introduction of further draconian laws to prevent campaigners' fight to protest.

Yet regardless of these measures to stop us, SPEAK will continue to fight on the front line against the combined forces of the Government, vivisection, and pharmaceutical industries in order to achieve a victory that is within our grasp. The impact of a victory at Oxford cannot be underestimated. Oxford symbolically represents the heart of animal experimentation in the UK and the biggest fear of government and animal research scientists is to lose this battle. If the building is stopped and the expansion of animal research does not go ahead at Oxford as planned, it could signal the start of a 'domino effect,' which could spread worldwide. The stakes are that high.

SPEAK's Aims

SPEAK aims to prevent the suffering of animals across the board; it is a grassroots animal rights organisation that takes the fight to the animal abusers themselves. It is not fundamentally a single-issue organisation, but its current focus is to end vivisection.

SPEAK is challenging the government and government-aided institutions to accountability and openness as part of its campaigning strategy. To date, the government has avoided significant exposure for its failure to meet its pre-election promises regarding their animal rights agenda, nor have they been sufficiently challenged for their undemocratic governing approach in what is considered a democracy.

SPEAK is an inclusive campaign and believes that everyone has an important role to play in the fight to end vivisection and beyond - to end all forms of animal abuse. We organize demonstrations and public meetings to ensure the public are kept informed of the fraud and suffering involved in vivisection and we provide information to show people how they can be more pro-active.

SPEAK is pro-science, not anti-science - we just don't believe animal 'models' accurately predict human disease, or that the suffering and death of animals can be justified in the name of a science that many scientists increasingly believe is defunct. Vivisection is archaic; SPEAK believes in supporting progressive and enlightened scientific practices and provides information on the latest scientific developments which don't use animals and are cruelty-free.


By supporting SPEAK you are part of a vital struggle: the fight against greed and self-interest; the fight against the brutalisation of the weak and defenceless who cannot speak for themselves. Be part of something momentous: add YOUR voice to the many who are joining us in our battle to stop vivisection in this country. SPEAK OUT FOR THE ANIMALS NOW!

You'll receive our comprehensive magazine, 'Speak Out' - containing interviews with key animal rights campaigners, in-depth analysis of vivisection issues and updated campaign news.

Supporters will also receive a distinctive metal badge (joint supporters will receive two badges) exclusive only to those that join the campaign.

If you would like to join this campaign, send your name, address, Email address to

PO Box 6712
Northampton NN2 6XR
United Kingdom


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