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Trimming with Fur kills


Provided by the Coalition to Abolish The Fur Trade

Say 'No" To Fur!
The vast majority of the public opposes the trapping and factory farming of animals for their fur because of the great suffering involved. But the fur trade is trying to restore its fortunes by peddling animal skins in the form of trimmings for jackets, coats, gloves, and other items.

It wants to con the public into believing that these trimings are 'fun' and 'fashionable' and a separate category from the hated full-length coat.

But whether an animal is turned into a cuff trimming or something worn to the ankles, its fate is equally miserable and unjust.

Between 30 and 50 million animals are killed by the fur trade every winter. They include fox, rabbit, chinchilla, lynx, coypu, wolf, and raccoon.

Millions are caught in the wild, many by a vicious contraption known as the leghold trap. Similar devices are used for semi-aquatic animals such as mink and muskrat. These drag the animals under water where, after a violent struggle, the victims drown.

Animals caught in leghold traps can be held in agony for days - until the trapper ends their ordeal by clubbing or suffocating them to death. In their desperation to escape, animals splinter teeth gnawing at the metal, and even chew through their trapped limbs.

An even larger number of fur-bearing animals - notably fox, mink, and rabbit are reared in intensive farms. These farms are located all across the world including Britain. The animals are confined in rows of tiny wire mesh cages, conditions that produce extreme frustration, resulting in self-mutilation, cannibalism, and pointless repetitive movements.

Killing is by gassing, lethal injection, neck breaking, clubbing, or electrocution.

Ninety per cent of all fur-trimmed foxes and 10 per cent of all fur-trimmed mink end up being used to trim fashion items.

What you can do.

Say NO to fur
Boycott any store that sells real fur & encourage your friends & colleagues to do the same
Get actively involved in the anti-fur campaign
Complete the form below and support our work to fight the fur trade

CAFT unites groups from all over Britain to fight the fur trade on a local, national, and international level. We carry out investigations and political and educational work. We rely entirely on the generosity of the public to fund our campaigns to seek an end to the fur trade.

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