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Solomon Lee Medical Neglect in Arkansas

by Arlene Johnson
September 14, 2003

Solomon Lee informed me of the following problem with the prison authorities in Brickey, Arkansas:

"I have had a foot problem since first being incarcerated that was due mainly to military time I had served. Second, my jaw has been loose or has a tendency to lock closed. This is a condition I have had since I was a child, but I am at the age now in which I can no longer endure it, and the problem grows worse and worse all the time.

Both these issues I complain about constantly, utilize State Administrative Grievance procedure. The Arkansas Department of Correction (ADC) is willing to admit there is a problem, but they will not provide me an avenue to remedy the problems or get treatment by a specialist.

This, and many other problems are common practices for ADC. Please expose this situation about what the ADC is doing so I might obtain legal help to remedy the situation. Thank you.

Address: Solomon Lee, #113121, P. O. Box 180, Brickey, AR 72320-0180 USA


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