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Another Example of Medical Neglect

by Jan Thomas
September 28, 2004

Virginia Larzelere is the lone woman on Florida's Death row, confined at Lowell Correctional. She has been denied treatment for an arm that may have been broken, she has two cysts that have been needed to be operated on for months now with no date of surgery, she has one lung, a bad heart, upper respiratory problems, and recently had the electricity shut off in her cell which brought about the fact she was unable to receive needed treatment.

She has placed many grievances, with no results. Her cell food slot is locked, which has resulted in her not being fed, and not receiving the attention she needs medically as well. She has documentation of all services that were sought and not rendered, and has asked the staff to review the video to know she is telling the truth.

We are trying a letter writing campaign, directly to her, with letter heads of advocacy groups. Just letters of love and encouragement, so the prison will know someone is looking in from the outside. We would appreciate you joining us in this endeavor.

Her lawyer, from Capital Collertal Representives of Tampa says he cannot help with the treatment she is receiving [ David Hendry ] but has enlisted the help of Susan Cary Every time, however, she has tried to help, it only lasts for a short time and gets worse. Now she is literally afraid for her life. In fact she wrote me telling me if I hear of her death through suicide, accident, or natural causes to investigate because it would not be true.

We first thought we would do the letter writing and go from there. There have been offers to contact the ACLU but we have not done that as yet . This situation is getting despirate. We will be grateful for any help you can suggest.

Plus she had an evidentiary hearing 2 years ago last May, placing evidence of lawyer incompetency at trial as well as the fact the grand jury indictment and the conviction do not match, with many a case law that requires a new trial. We are still waiting for Judge Watson to make a decision.

Virginia 's web site is at :

Thanks in advance.
Virginia Larzelere 842556
J Dorm 2201 L
Lowell Correctional Institution
Womens Unit Annex
11120 N.W. Gainesville Road
Ocala, Florida 34482-1479


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