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Bush: Stop War Against Women   et alia

Since December 2000, Planned Parenthood Federation of America has been documenting, publicizing and speaking out against the Bush administration's widespread attacks on women, choice, and other reproductive rights.

Now, after publishing our timeline of Bush's almost monthly assault on the bodies and lives of women, our warning is being heard. In today's Sunday New York Times (January 12, 2003) the lead editorial lays out the same message: President Bush, stop your war on women. To read the editorial click here. To see the full Planned Parenthood document "War on Women: A Chronology" go to We are also including below an excerpt from our report "War on Women: A Pernicious Web" which puts Bush's actions in context and exposes his agenda to undermine reproductive freedom.

It is more important than ever that you stand up and speak out on these important issues.  We need the pro-choice majority to make their voices heard and send a clear strong message to President Bush and his anti-choice colleagues in Congress.  You can make a difference by taking action now, sending this email to your friends and networks, writing letters to your newspapers, and staying informed about the current threats to Roe v. Wade.  Visit often.

We also will be forwarding you information later this week on how you can join us in sending President Bush a message that demands he stop his war against women.


War on Women: A Pernicious Web

With great precision, and often shielded by the smokescreen of an imminent war and a bad economy, George W. Bush is systematically working to gut reproductive freedom in the U.S. and around the world. He's using every means available to him, a strategy in which each issue supports and leverages the other. Taken together they form a pernicious web that, left unchecked, will strangle reproductive rights and access to reproductive health care services. They include: Instituting gag rules that censor free speech; supporting legislation that limits access to family planning and abortion services; sinking large sums of money into medically unproven abstinence-only sexuality education; and nominating staunchly anti-choice judges to federal benches and right-wing, religious ideologues to important scientific posts. His refusal to sign the U.N. Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW) is a testament to his overall contempt for women and his steadfast refusal to respect their fundamental civil and human rights.
* Reducing Access to Family Planning
* Building the Platform to Outlaw Abortion
* Redefining the Legal Status of the Fetus
* Packing the Courts to Overturn Roe
* Replacing Science with Right-Wing Ideology
* Censoring Free Speech


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