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America's Concerns  
No War Against Iraq


This rally today in San Francisco, CA  was attended by approximately 250,000  (local media reported 40,000); the parade took over three hours to pass. It was attended by actor Martin Sheen and several other celebrities including country singer Bonnie Raitt who all spoke against the war on Iraq. The protest was possibly the largest gathering in San Francisco since the protests against Vietnam in the late sixties and early seventies. The protest was entirely peaceful and was attended by groups voicing their opinions on the Israeli occupation, Bush's War on Oil(ooops Terror!), SUV'S (Urban Assault Vehicles), the Cuban 5, the USA PATRIOT Act etc.

Gordon Mc Ardle

Editor's note: This is not a war on oil or terror. It is the beginning of WW III, the last war that the Illuminati want.

a simple message

Bush Warmonger

CIA Who's who


Dissent is not Un-American

Draft Jenna


Emperor's new clothes

Fear US


Sad but true

Stop Bush


Uncle Sam

War criminals

What about the kids



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