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IFIR Press Release
July 11, 2001


Maryam Ayoobi Stoned to Death

To: The European Parliament and European governments

Today, Wednesday 11 July, the Committee against Stoning received news that the Islamic Republic of Iran stoned Maryam Ayoobi to death. Maryam Ayoobi, mother of two, was imprisoned a year ago and sentenced to death for committing adultery. She was executed today, in the most savage way, by stoning.

The International Committee against Stoning had organised a wide scale campaign in condemnation of the Islamic Republic of Iran and in her support to save her from stoning. Thousands of protest letters were sent to the Islamic government, to this effect. Despite these pressures, Maryam Ayoobi was murdered today in prison.

This criminal act and any indifference or support for this regime is strongly condemned.

Stoning of human beings in the Islamic Republic is a clear savagery, which must be met with widespread international protest. European governments and the European Union, by calling Khatami reformist, have remained silent on such crimes and have effectively continued their defence for the Islamic Republic.

The ruling authorities in Iran, from Khatami and Khamanei to the members of the Cabinet and all those who are responsible for planning and executing these crimes, must be tried for crimes against humanity. In the 21st century, it should no longer be allowed that women and men be half buried and be tortured to death by stoning.

The International Committee against Stoning, which is formed by 150 organisations, bodies and personalities, condemns stoning and demands that all those responsible for these crimes be put on trial. Mina Ahadi Co-ordinator of the International Committee Against Stoning

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Editor's note: Many people know that Khatami is a dictator who is supported by the United States. Make the US accountable to the people of the world, and you will see stoning end.


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