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Israel has the world's
largest white-girl slavery market

By Khalid Amayreh

The world's biggest market for trade in white women is located in Israel, according to Israel press sources.

On Sunday, the Israeli Hebrew paper Ma'ariv reported that Israel's new white-slave traders "import" and "smuggle" thousands of young girls from the countries of the former Soviet Union, especially the Baltic republics Moldavia, Estonian and Latvia, to work as prostitutes in Israel.

The paper described how the "imported girls" are treated a like animals in a livestock market.

"After the girl is undressed completely, the prospective buyer examines every bit of her body, including the size of her breasts and genitals."

"Initially some girls hesitate to undress, but eventually they do as ordered because they have no other choice."

"It is the first order of business that the boss has sex with the would-be prostitute before she is officially instated in her job, that is in order to ascertain her ability to work and make the customers feel good."

"When she undresses, she is asked to move around as beauty models do, and then the prospective buyer would examine her tongue, teeth and genitals to make sure that she is physically sound.

According to the paper, the girl-owner keeps the girl's passport and bars her from leaving the premises where she "works."

He often threatens to report to the police, warning her that she would be jailed for 20 years if she was caught.

The paper said an average beautiful slave-girl works 16 hours a day, from 6:00 PM to10:00 AM during which she "entertains" 20 customers.

The average monthly wage of a young and beautiful girl, say from Latvia, reaches a thousand US dollars, that is if her boss is a human being.

If the girl doesn't behave as "she should," the boss slashes $200 from her salary.

Usually the less-beautiful girls shut up, but the more beautiful ones, the ones who attract customers, are quarrelsome.


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