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Letter to the Editor of the New York Times by Dr. Leo Rebello, M.D.

From: Dr. Leo Rebello To: New York Times
Sent: Wednesday, April 09, 2008 8:47 PM
Subject: POTENTIAL FOR HARM IN DIETARY SUPPLEMENT by Jane E. Brody NY Times 8th April 2008 //
RESPONSE FROM INDIA from Dr. Leo Rebello

Letters, New York Times, New York

My attention was drawn to Jane E. Brody's report "Potential for Harm in Dietary Supplement" (NYT 8 April) by a circular letter of an Australian Nurse, who termed it as "appallingly ignorant diatribe." The highly experienced nurse, who now treats people by Holistic Healing modalities successfully, post retirement, added "maybe the writer was paid for to write such crap" and requested the recipients to lodge protests with the New York Times.

Accordingly, I read Jane's article just now and here is my studied response to set the record straight.

1. Supplements are not drugs. If Jane and the editors of the NYT do not know this simple difference, then either they are ignorant or they are indulging in deliberate mischief.

2. Likewise, Homeopathy should not be clubbed with supplements.

3. If Americans can have a 10 or 12 course dinner mixed with coca cola, alcohol and topped with coffee and than a cigar without doctor's prescription, why can't they have supplements? If Jane or the editors of the NYT are ignorant they can refer to the Digestion Time Table of various food items in my book Nature Cure and Yoga Therapy.

4. If Americans can take crack cocaine and other such deadly narcotics and psychotropic substances or mind altering drugs and call that freedom, why does one need a doctor's chit [prescription] to buy much safer supplements?

5. Vitamins (which are not natural) are chemicals, and depending on how they are manufactured or dosage taken, they can create other chemical imbalances in the body.

6. Statistics quoted from Harris Poll that 70 per cent Americans taking Vitamins, minerals, herbs and other supplements are as wonky as the polls themselves or Jane's entire write up.

Jane Brody ends her wishy-washy report with Caveat emptor (which means buyer beware). Indeed we are not buying her concoted report, like Americans are not buying your support for Hillary Clinton, because they are supporting Obama and will ensure that he is elected if the polls are held in November. For the first time in American history, the Bilderberger group (of which NY Times is the mouthpiece) will NOT be able to call the shots.

Editor's note: The author does not seem to realize that Barack Obama, like Hillary Clinton, is just a puppet of the Illuminati. Both Obama and Hillary visited the Bilderberger meeting in Chantilly, VA in June, 2008 under stealth of darkness.

I challenge you to print my letter, and stop manipulating public opinion.
Dr. Leo Rebello


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