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MNN. Feb. 11, 2008. Does anyone know who "Robert Lovelace" is? He is supposedly an Ardoch Algonquin of Sharbot Lake, Ontario? He has been negotiating a uranium mine and a Haudenosaunee land claim. He's around 60 years of age, came to Canada in 1979 and claimed to be "Cherokee"! R. R., a "Tsalagi", says he never heard of him.

Robert Lovelace now claims to be an "Algonquin" because he was adopted by Harold Perry. Perry says he's Algonquin too and has made millions pretending to sell Haudenosaunee land, even though he can't legally sell what isn't his. None of the sales he conducted are valid.

Robert Lovelace claimed to be a member of the "American Indian Movement" AIM. Russell Means of the Lakota Nation, founder of AIM, says, "Who? No Robert Lovelace was ever a member of AIM!"

Lovelace also claims to be a U.S. draft dodger. Didn't they get amnesty decades ago? Come and get him! He's here. We don't want him. He can go home now, wherever that is.

Robert Lovelace, who could be non-native, is trying to negotiate away Haudenosaunee land south of the Ottawa River. Why are the corporations of CANADA and ONTARIO getting him to sign away our land? Lovelace will wear any hat that can fit his swollen head. The following affidavit was served on Robert Lovelace.

"Affidavit of the Kahti'hontia:kwenio regarding Robert Lovelace

We Kahentinetha, Katenies, Karakwine and Iakoha'ko:wa, being Onkwehonwe Kanion'ke:haka, make this Affidavit and Notice of Claim of our free will based on our knowledge and responsibilities as Kahti'hontia:kwenio according to the Kaianereh'ko:wa, the constitution of the Haudenosaunee.

To the attention of ROBERT LOVELACE of 1294 James Wilson Road, R.R. #1, Hardington, ONTARIO K0H 1W0 613-532-2166, of Haudenosaunee Territory is committing the following illegal acts that violate Haudenosaunee laws. He has:

1. disrespected the Kaianereh'ko:wa which is the law of Haudenosaunee Territory on which he resides;

2. falsely declared himself to be a member of the "Cherokee" Nation, while a Tsalagi member states that as far as he knows Mr. Lovelace is not Tsalagi;

3. declared he was a member of the American Indian Movement, while Russell Means of AIM reported that Robert Lovelace was never a member;

4. declared himself to be an "Algonquin," through a faulty adoption procedure, by Harold Perry, who may or may not be an Algonquin. On Haudenosaunee Territory one must meet the qualifications set out in the Kaianereh'ko:wa and Guswentha, which they do not; and

5. entered Haudenosaunee Territory to participate in a national conspiracy to defraud the present and future generations of the Kanion'ke:haka; negotiated land, water and air rights in vicinity at 44 degrees 55 minutes 42 seconds north latitude and 76 degrees 55 minutes 36 seconds west longitude, including but not limited to land 100 square miles. Said land is Kanienke traditional and ancestral land to Kanion'ke:haka. His betrayal has been brought before our fire and we have found that he is:

6. falsely impersonating a Tsalagi, Algonquin, Mohawk and AIM member;

7. in violation of Haudenosaunee ways that prohibits alienation of any Territory;

8. in violation of the Kaianereh'ko:wa and Guswentha which prohibits him from being Haudenosaunee; and

9. betraying the Kanion'ke:haka by fraudulently negotiating a land claim settlement and other agreements for Haudenosaunee Territory and resources with the corporations of CANADA and ONTARIO when he has no capacity to represent us and no legitimate right to engage in negotiations concerning property to which he is not and has never been heir.

We demand that he stop participating in fraudulent negotiations and that he leave our country immediately.

TAKE NOTICE THAT the Kaianereh'ko:wa, our constitution, provides that the Kahtihon'tia:kwenio hold title to the land and that no man or woman accepting the laws of foreign nations or acting as agents for corporations may relinquish our title.

View background at at "Sharbot Lake;" Kahnawake Post Office Box 991, Kahnawake Quebec [J0L 1B0];"

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