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Will & Melissa Gaston, 1994

In March 1996, Melissa Gaston, age 5, was literally stolen out of the front yard of the apartment building where she and her father, Will Gaston, were living. Silverton police officer Gary Robertson and Oregon State Housing Authority employee Shirley Baez, the apartment manager, acted together to remove Melissa from her home. In August l996, Baez was arrested in Guadalahara, Mexico, for black market child selling, widely reported in the media. Baez was never prosecuted.? Melissa was not returned to her father although Will was never charged with any crime. She remained in foster homes where she was raped, burned as a method of punishment, and, at age 6, a porn film was made of her by foster mother Hazel Spees, at the direction of Larry Lawson, a caseworker for SOSCF (State of Oregon Services for Children and Families). ?The foster mother, not wanting to take the fall and unable to receive in writing that she had been instructed to make the graphic video, wrote a lengthy confession about 30 pages in length. describing frequent events of sexual abuse with Gaston's child in her home and re-enacting abuse from previous foster home abuse with the child, including instructing the child sexually and making child pornography with the child in her home.??Will and Pamela Gaston went public with the information they had and went to legislators in Salem for assistance, unable to find accountability in any court to force the return the child.??Will and Pamela filed under the FOIA (Freedom Of Information Act) and received their discovery from the Attorney General's office. Included in the documents was the confession of Hazel Spees, which revealed State-sponsored child pornography, the grooming of Melissa for sexual abuse, and the evidence and the order of Judge Joe Ochoa concealing child pornography and the description of the porn film.??The Gastons printed the confession in their newspaper, A Voice For Children, and organized a rally in front of the public school where Hazel Spees was a first grade teacher (Ms. Spees still teaches young children at the same public school in Monitor, Oregon). There, during school hours, they handed out copies of their newspaper.??The Gastons were charged with stalking according to the "broadened" new definition created by Kevin Mannix to use against court advocates and whistleblowers and call exposing state agents "stalking". . Other charges followed until the state of Oregon had brought 12 individual cases against them.??The Gastons counter sued under the RICO act. Pamela Gaston, stepmother of Melissa, became her own attorney/lawyer, Sui Juris, and has subsequently fought in court many times, calling to the witness stand judges, prosecuting attorneys, social workers, and other public officials, questioning and cross-examining them with penetrating insight and fervent determination, to make a record of fraud, corruption, conspiracy, racketeering and other crimes. She has filed suits naming unelected and elected officials up to and including Governor Kitzhaber. She is undaunted and masterful in the courtroom, even when arrayed by the state of Oregon in shackles and chains.

Pamela in shackles cross-examining the prosecutor.
Notice the 3 sheriff's deputies milling around her.

Melissa 1996

Melissa, now 9, has disappeared into the system.??In spite of the fact that Pamela has proven beyond any reasonable doubt--repeatedly--a long string of impeachable offenses against these officials, nothing happens. Melissa doesn't come back, corrupt officials don't go to jail, prosecutors won't prosecute anyone but the Gastons and their supporters, and the mainstream media won't report it.??Pamela continues to fight in the courts exposing corruption and relentlessly discrediting the powerbrokers in their own courtrooms. What follows are the details of what has occurred so far as a result of Gastons determined efforts to bring to light what is now seen to be a huge racketeering operation, exploiting the rights, interests, money and lives of the People.
The purpose of this website is to teach and encourage others to go into a court exercising their Inherent Rights, Their Birthright, Sui Juris, given by God, not a legislature or judge. To go into a courtroom not as a slave but as a King or Queen, as the Bill of Rights guarantees your Rights are to be protected. To understand the deceptions and not be exploited by Bar members profiting from feeding you to the rendering machine in that courtroom, who are bleeding you and yours of everything you have and may ever have, completely without law.??Americans nationwide are losing their children, their lands, and their possessions to corrupt government officials. The information on this website is provided to help us, Americans, exercise and restore our rights. Our friend and advocate William Mayhar says it well "there are only three ways you lose Inherent Rights. By Agreement. By Contract. By Force.
You agree to give over your rights by agreement when you do not know what your rights are and are deceived. You sign a contract to volunteer your Inherent Rights away when you do not understand that everything is a contract, and again you are being deceived. And when you learn about the deception, and say NO, that you do not agree or volunteer to waiver your Inherent Rights, then the aggressor must use brute force to strip you and restrain and render you involuntarily." The "administrative law judge" with no constitutional oath in the "quasi-judicial administrative proceeding" in the corporate court will do just that, never answering what jurisdiction you are in. While the legislature writes more and more rules in the corporate interest to profit from this fraud and deprivation of rights.
The whole facade is based on the deception of "implied consent," when in fact, there is no contract, authority or law in the actions of the "court." In fact, the Human is the only one who can possess or exercise Inherent Rights, can sign a contract, can own allodial property, can bear children or authentically exist. The fictitious "state" is not a human, does not own our children, own our allodial titles to our land and property, cannot contract, cannot compel contracts, does not own our cars and our roads and waterways or have any authority to restrict the lives of Freeborn Natural Persons who have committed no crime. The undisputed Records in the Gastons cases have created a breach in the fabricated "rule of law" used by bar members and legislators to deceive the Public. No human injured party, no human victim, there is no "crime," and most of the system is being operated by exploiting "offenders" and "violators," also "debtors" who have not committed any crime at all. There are no "crimes against the state," and no DA or bar member has any authority to make any claim in the "name of the state." Sui Juris comes back to what is real - human to human, and Courts of Justice, Courts of Evidence an authentic search for TRUTH, and an honest standard of Lawful Judicial Due Process to deal with REAL crime.
The ongoing Gaston case has now broadened as the state and city have brought more than thirty cases, five jury trials, one trial without a jury, countless hearings, multiple arrests and incarcerations since l998. Now, in 2002, the state has not only stolen and abused Melissa, but has severed Pamela Gaston's family, and most recently after a year of schemes and judicial set ups, have stolen Gaston's 22 year home in Mt Angel. The aggressions of the state and city are an ongoing attempt to protect a criminal enterprise for profit that has been exposed in Gaston's air tight Record of Credible Evidence. Every trial and sworn affidavit of Gastons for five years has been undisputed and unrebutted. This testimony has now become fact and truth in the court, establishing a body of evidence of fraud, retaliation and cover up, deprivation of rights and systemic corruption of the courts and agents of the state in the Record. Gastons continue to be attacked, as are more innocent people along with them.
The growing awareness of Violations of the Public Trust are moving the People to exercise their Inherent Authority in Oregon to "amend, alter, or abolish" dangerous and unlawful "rules," restore Constitutional Judicial Due Process, the Law, in the Oregon Court system under a lawful oath and no more deception of Bar members enslaving and exploiting Freeborn Natural People.
Will Gaston says that when Melissa comes home, 20,000 other children in Oregon come home who have also been removed from their families without Law, particularly in the last ten or fifteen years as the agency has expanded its vulturous "outreach" programs under the "Oregon Shines/Benchmarks Goals 2000 agenda, now called the Oregon Children's Plan, children who are being rendered in the child abuse for profit industry in Oregon at this time. <-- This Page <-- Main Page Editor's note: This is a national phenomenon. See also


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