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Does This Happen in Your State?

My Grandson Thinks His Mother Doesn't Want To Be With Him

By Arlene Johnson

Christopher Clemens, 11-years-old, is my grandson. He suffers from Pervasive Developmental Disorder (PDD) with autistic tendencies from the effects of vaccinations which have mercury in them. He is in foster care, not because of anything his mother, a single parent has done, but because of the greed of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts for federal monies given to it for placing children into foster care, particularly children who have special needs as Christopher does.

When my daughter, Robin Clemens, who clearly loves her child more than anything in this world, spoke with her son recently, he said that he believes that she does not want to get him back, because he does not understand why he can't be with her instead of a home away from her. Naturally, she was devastated.

This doesn't just happen in Massachusetts; it happens all over the United States. See
Then, there is another Web site to see: which is Gregory A. Hession J.D.'s Web site in order to be able to understand what the agenda of the Department of Social Services (DSS) is. For more on the agenda log onto
Also, a knowledgeable source named Herb Jamieson, who is the moderator of The Illuminati listserv, said:

"Unfortunately, this is a huge revenue enhancement from the federal government to the individual states for totally illegal actions on the part of caseworkers preying on vulnerable people and vulnerable children.
     Herb Jamieson

My daughter, Robin, told me the following:

"I've even had people claim that Chris has no medical issues, no autism, no PDD (Pervasive Developmental Disorder) because he is so high functioning. With kids on the spectrum, they look normal so no one thinks there is anything medically wrong. It's insidious."

My response to her was the following:
One of the reasons why he's so high functioning is because he's been in school since he was 2-years-old. Get the records that you have to show these bureaucrats the facts. Christopher does suffer PDD with autistic tendencies! It was proved in New York .

Here is another deceit that the Commonwealth of Massachusetts has perpetuated:

"Chris' old school lied and said I was 'starving' Chris because he is such a picky eater." Christopher is thin because his father is thin; it is genetic.

Robin stated the following:

"My joke is that the four food groups for Chris are: pizza, chicken nuggets, candy, and sushi. Chris won't eat eggs.

My problem in life is that I am too trusting. When DSS started coming to my house in 2002 I had no idea how Orwellian their system could be. I had no idea that they tear apart families. Right now in Massachusetts there are approximately 14,000 children in foster care.

When my 'relatively' new caseworker, Mike Clavadetscher, came to my house in July 2005 he said he could see how much I loved Chris by virtue of the framed photographs I had in the house. I also learned I was the only "CLIENT" without a drug and alcohol problem in his caseload.

On a subsequent visit in 2005 he asked me if I wanted to be a foster parent. This is the mentality with which we are dealing. Take children away from their biological parents and place them with foster families. Ironically at the time he asked me that question I was attending a program called the Bio-Foster program which unites both Biological and foster families together. When I told the group what my caseworker had said they were appalled, especially Alice Gomes the group's facilitator and main social worker. I was invited to participate in this group even though neither Chris nor his foster parent, Evelyn Grant, came. How's that for ironic???

The book "Somebody Else's Children" states, eventually Chris will age out of the "System" when he turns 18. I just need to have patience and faith. Right now I get to see Chris for one hour per week on what's called 'Supervised Visitation.' The caseworker watches you as though you're a prisoner. It's horrible. There is no trust whatsoever.

One time when the caseworker was in my home, he heard Chris saying, 'I love boobies; I love boobies' while he was running down the hall. So they think that I have sexually abused Chris, so now they have included that too as a way to take Chris into the system."

As a publisher, I have many friends around the world. One of my friends in the city in which I live, was a teacher. She said that "all kids say things such as this during this age," adding "this is not indicative of sexual abuse at all!"

Here is an example of colusion by the medical profession:

Robin said, "My doctor thinks I should put Chris into a residential school. She's pushing for that. It's like my options are a residential school or foster care. Chris may never come home at this rate."

Christopher and Robin are victims of the Illimunati's agenda. This is why the doctor is pushing for a residential school. The Rockefeller Foundation controls the American Medical Association (AMA). Any doctor who does not adhere to Rockefeller, who is Illuminati, risks losing his/her medical license. This is why Robin's doctor is desirous of carrying out institutionalizing Christopher just as they did in the Soviet Union. This is Communism, and it is being carried out in the United States now. The doctor stating that is proof.

Robin calls Christopher virtually every night. She said that a staff member played the radio and the song "You're Beautiful" played. She said, "During the song Chris said it makes him think of me. He also, alarmingly stated, he thinks that I don't want to be with him.

I was shocked and devastated. I explained to him that it was not my decision to have him go away. That we are family and that I love him. I told him that it was, as I put it, "the Weymouth people" meaning DSS who decided to take him away from me when we were at Children's Hospital. Frankly the decision that day was unilaterely DSS' Supervisor Samantha Goodwin's. She was the one who dispatched the "Duty Workers" Shannon and Laura on Monday November 20, 2006 because our caseworker Mike was conveniently 'OUT SICK' that day.

I told Chris to look at the framed photograph I gave him on which I have written 'Mom Loves Chris Forever.' I explained to Chris that we are FAMILY. I told him, it may sound silly, that I have his baby pictures, not the people in Weymouth.

I asked Chris if he is seeing any therapist. He saw one for a while named Sinead when he was with Evelyn in Dorchester. Chris told me NO he is not seeing any therapist.

These DSS people don't have any idea whatsoever the psychological damage they are doing to these kids in bouncing them around the foster care system. Especially Chris who is so, so sensitive and has special needs. Now he seems to feel that I don't care about him. I am so upset I could scream."

Robin told me "Thank you for having your friends send letters to Mike. But frankly Mike is not the one calling the shots [controlling everything]. Samantha Goodwin, DSS supervisor, is the one calling all the shots."

Robin added, "You should have seen how she acted the other day at the Foster Care Review Meeting. She had a look of utmost hostility, hatred, contempt, and scorn for me.

During the meeting she looked directly at the Clinical Coordinator Jill Hayes of the STARR Program and said to her, 'I'll tell you after the meeting where we're going to send him,' meaning where's she's going to BOUNCE Chris next. Jill Hayes sat there during the meeting basically in silence. The DSS supervisor, Ms. Samantha Goodwin, did most of the talking recounting all the mistakes I've made. The Foster Care Review woman, Mary Mahoney, said a 'fair hearing' regarding the sexual abuse could take as long as TWO years. Now I'm being viewed as a criminal by DSS. One time after they took Chris I tried to talk to Shannon on the phone because Mike is so hard to reach, and Samantha Goodwin came on the phone to scream at me. She loves to yell at me and act like she absolutely hates my guts. I may never know why she is so utterly psychotic towards me. She literally scares me sometimes.

She, Samantha Goodwin, totally shut me out even when I asked her which agency Chris' placement is through while we were at the Foster Care Review Meeting this past Thursday. She's just pure evil. Feel free to give ... a call at 001 (781) 682-0891.

The supervisor, Samantha Goodwin, hates Robin because she knows that Robin loves her son and has retained a lawyer to obtain her right to raise her child, which will prevent DSS from obtaining even more money for adopting him out.

All parents make mistakes. This is no reason to remove a child from his/her home and move the child into a foster home. It would be far preverable to teach the parent(s) how to raise their children than to remove them in most cases.

To read a case of a truly abused and neglected child, read the book entitled, "A Child Called 'It' " by David Pelzer.

This is a list of the DSS 'let's take kids away crew:'

DSS Supervisor Samantha Goodwin
[contact Kimberly Zande]
Her boss and completely passive Janet Watson Phone 001 (781) 682-0806
DSS lawyer Thomasina Johnson who works at the downtown office and is always there representing the evil empire in court.
Guardian Ad Litem Phil O'Connell who claims Chris is like "Dr. Jeckyl and Mr. Hyde" when Chris is with me. The "let's totally blame the mother" guy: 001 (617) 523-3379
Elaine Angelone Esq. Chris' Lawyer 001 (617) 437-0330.
Her request for what "Chris wants" falls on deaf ears by the court because only what DSS wants matters to the judge. She does seem like a decent person though. I gave her what I'D WRITTEN in response to the report the DSS caseworker Mike wrote.

The Judge, who likes to stare at me when we are at Court, is Leslie Harris. He seems miffed that the case never ends and just drags on and on.

The Permanency Planning Hearing is set for Thursday, March 22, 2007 at 9 AM Sharp. Judge Harris abhors anyone being late for court. My voice has yet to be heard by the court."

If anyone has any good ideas by which to solve this case satisfactorily, contact Robin's lawyer:
Elizabeth Kelly

Email sent to Samantha Goodwin and Mike Clavadetscher on March 9, 2007:

Ms. Goodwin and Mr. Clavadetscher,
When I was a caseworker for the City of New York in DAFCS, the goal was to reunite the child back with his/her biological mother. That was prior to 9/11, however. Now, the goal is to adopt out because of the money that DSS gets once that happens, which is more for Special Needs children which you both know Christopher is.

But my daughter will prevail in court because she now knows the way in which to achieve that; then she will be able to sue you for breach of contract, and win. Why? Because you have violated the contract that you established with her in goals that you set for her to be able to return her son to her. You have also violated the contract that all of you signed when you deceitfully managed to get her to sign the Service Plan by withholding information whereby she was not made aware that she didn't even have to sign the Service Plan.

My daughter, Robin Clemens, stated in writing that she would do "ANYTHING" to get her son back; she Cc me in that Email. but you and your agency, refuse to take that into consideration. That's why you'll fail, because you are breaching contract, and ANY court in the land will honor the contract that you established with her, ESPECIALLY a Maritime court, such as Judge's Harris' is.

You are also failing Christopher in that you want to move him to Fall River to a new school district in which he is not registered now in the middle of the school year, so that could be grounds for lawsuit as well. Therefore, do not remove Christopher to Fall River so he would not have to change schools, because not only are you causing him psychological damage, you are violating his God given rights as well as those of my daughter.

Your Permanency Planning Meeting is blatant in its disregard for the contract that you both have signed, because it is proof that you do not want to provide the goals for her to return Christopher to her. She told me that Permanency Planning is the action taken in order to adopt out children.

Once other parents become aware of my daughter's lawsuit against you and DSS, then they will attempt to emulate it as well. Then, we'll see how much money DSS has once all of the lawsuits begin to enter into the courts of Massachusetts because you breached contract with them as well.

My advice to you is to close this insane case now so you will avoid a lawsuit by my daughter who is related to Mark Twain and Martha Custis Washington, President George Washington's wife, on the paternal side of the family and Danish kings on her maternal family's side, because you are breaching contract with your planning, and that won't look good in the eyes of your superiors.

In addition to Cc: my daughter, I am Bcc a number of friends around the world including the Commonwealth of Massachusetts who have a heart and who care for children's welfare, for it is certain that neither of you don't!

Thank you,

Arlene Johnson


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