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The London Bombings

By Neal
July 10, 2005

The intelligence agency scripted London Bombing has failed, and it would appear, in a big way. Since many of you probably don't get or can't listen to the bloggers and alternative media that is now taking over the world news systems, you might be interested to know what is being said on some of these alternative talk shows and websites We are hearing that there is a very large segment of the English and American populations who are calling the London bombing a "false flag" operation. That means, like the Oklahoma bombing, Pearl Harbor, and 911, people are beginning to understand that almost all (but not quite all) of these terrorist events are managed stage shows Callers in on the Alex Jones show this morning are reporting "callers in" to shows such as KPFA and CSPAN have been saying that they suspect the London bombings were government staged. One reporter in London, yesterday said that 50% of the people he interviewed in London ALREADY THINK THE BOMBING WAS STAGED Others calling into the show are reporting that they are even hearing conversations in restaurants both here and in the US where people are openly discussing the odd facts pointing to government involvement I don't have time to get into all the details, but let my give you a few hints: Netanyahu was notified by Scotland Yard IN ADVANCE of the attack. So naturally, Londoners are asking why Scotland Yard wouldn't notify all of London first. Sherman Skolnick, who has some of the best inside sources, says that Scotland Yard was in fact informed by the Mossad first, not the other way around, and that they agreed to tell the press that Scotland Yard knew first We know that Mossad led the coordination for the 9/11 event, so it is naturally they should be directing this one as well Time of attack on London Bombing 8:49 am Time of attack on New York 911 8:49 am. 7/7/2005 in Illuminati numerology = 7/7/7 (2005 = 2+0+0+5=7) = Friends of Liberty = African Americans = G8 = Live8 Concert, prepared for by the propaganda film commissioned by the BBC "The Girl in the Café" released June 25 to create blanket propaganda for the LIVE8 concerts and G8 summits To the untrained eye, all these numbers will appear as coincidences. If you study Illuminati symbology, you can read the code of these numbers to some extent. They do everything based on numbers and astrology to get maximum affect. For example, the Madrid Train bombings occurred 911 days after the 911 event. The key number they used for 911 was the number "11". (They pick 3 numbers in New York on Sept. 11, 2002 was 9, 1, 1...The S & P futures closed at 911 on that day also. The 2 towers symbolized a huge number 11 in the sky. This isn't a coincidence!)

The key number used on the London Bombings is "7." For example, the bus number was 205 = 7 (2+5=7) Since the number 777 is the number for the Friends of Liberty, which is an African American secret society, we see the "Africa" theme,which is at the root of the current G8 summit, LIVE8 Concert, etc. This shows us the thread which we can then use to find more connections. For example, Joan Veon reported this morning how the G8 leaders will now use the African aid scenario to rearrange and take apart Africa still further to benefit the globalist agendas, so all of this was probably planned some time ago.

Editor's note: It would have been planned long ago, because all events in history have been planned long ago I don't have time explain all of this and I know it is confusing, but I'm hoping you will listen to others who are explaining these matters in detail If you can listen to radio talk shows on your Internet connection, go to and click on the "Listen Live" button on the grey bar and select the device you have that will play these shows live. If you don't know what you have on your system, try the "Windows Media" option and you should hear the shows live If you are listening to regular media, you will be getting nothing but the party line which will be encouraging you to support further loss of liberties, etc GOOD NEWS This event is showing the globalists that their FEAR agenda, which they use to shut down things like the impeachment of Bush, the indictment of Carl Rove, the Downing Street Memos and this week's vote in US House of Representatives to finish off US sovereignty with the CAFTA agreement, is NOT working THE BAD NEWS When a little fear doesn't work, a LOT OF FEAR is employed next. Thus we have Tom Henneghan (one of Al Gore's past political advisors) reporting that Bush and Clinton were discussing at Camp David how to pull off a bioterrorist event in the US about a month ago. He also reported on Hillary Clinton's meetings to set up the same type of event in offices in New York I know you won't believe much of this, but probably within a few years it will all be out in the open, so you won't have to trust me on this for very much longer We can hope that this will be the last terrorist show for a while, but don't count on it. As I mentioned in the start of this article, their event in London DID NOT WORK. It was designed to shock a majority of the population back into following the party line, but so far, as of today, it appears it has had the opposite effect. It has only served to advance the awakening …and… There is nothing more important than what is happening in the US House of Representatives right NOW!! Be sure and log in with your Congress person (if you feel so inclined) and tell them you do not support the passage of CAFTA in the House this week.


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