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Way To LEGAL FREEDOM From Slavery And Most Are Slaves
Synopsis of Redemption in Law

Important note: In studying this material, never go past a word or symbol without knowing how it is defined[1]. If you have difficulty, go back to the place in the text where you were last doing well, before you get into trouble, and look for a word or symbol that was not understood. This includes even the simplest [every day] words, such as "from" and "as," as well as the legal terms you will encounter. When you find the misunderstood word, consult a good dictionary to become clear as to how the word is defined, including the etymology, and then continue from that point.
Some of the key words you will encounter in the next few paragraphs are defined as follows:
Commerce: all and every interchange between people, including (but not limited to) sexual intercourse, exchange of ideas and the ordinary buying/selling in the marketplace to which the term "commerce" is usually applied. All law is contract; every interchange between people is contract; all commerce is contract. It is a timeless and universal maxim of law. . ."Contracts make the law."
Chattel: personal and moveable property. . .including a slave.
Commercial chattel property: a slave, or permanently indentured servant, by contract, i.e. operation of commercial law.
Law: the rules, or body of rules, defining who possesses what right or authority to use deadly force (violence) against another.

You will encounter other legal terms in the coming be sure to consult a law dictionary to understand the meaning of each.

Introduction: The legal status of essentially every man, woman and child on the planet is that of being a slave, commercial chattel property, a hopelessly indentured servant forever. In law it is an all-or-nothing matter: you are either a slave or a sovereign.[2] There is no middle ground - you are either one or the other. If you want to be a sovereign in law you must actualize the laws which enable you to be recognized as such. The program this synopsis outlines is a set of legal procedures which enables anyone to attain legally established, recognized freedom and sovereignty.

Preamble: For thousands of years the Powers That Be have been steadfastly constructing the System by which world law and commerce operate. They have developed their System utilizing timeless principles of human interaction which, over the millennia, have been discovered and codified. These fundamental, common-sense principles underlie every form of law extant on the planet. Every legal issue and dispute deals with one or more of these principles since all human interchange is commerce, interact, and subsist. Those operating the System have achieved their preeminence by knowing the foundational principles and encrypting them into "codes" for their own benefit, while confusing the masses and keeping them ignorant of such real law and how to employ it correctly. The pinnacle of their efforts to date is the U.C.C. World commerce now functions under; and, is securely entrenched in, the U.C.C. The important points to remember are that while the U.C.C. was formulated for purposes of exploitation and subjugation, it is a particular codification of the universal Uniform Commercial Code, underlying laws of commerce; and, perhaps most importantly, can be employed for our benefit now that the code has been "cracked."
The foundational maxims of the underlying commercial law, from which all law and commerce in the world today derive, are:

1. A workman is worthy of his hire.
2. All are equal under the law (moral and natural law).
3. In commerce truth is sovereign.
4. Truth is expressed in the form of an affidavit.
5. An unrebutted claim, charge, or affidavit stands as the truth in commerce.
6. An unrebutted affidavit becomes the judgment in commerce.
7. All matters must be expressed to be resolved.
8. He who leaves the field of battle first loses by default.
9. Sacrifice is the measure of credibility (one who has not been damaged by, given to, lost on account of, or put at risk by another has not basis to make claims or charges against him/her.
10. A lien or claim can be satisfied only through rebuttal by counter-affidavit point-for-point, resolution by jury, or payment.

Caveat[3]: You are responsible for yourself and your own actions. If you act in what you do not understand and can support in law. . . the consequences are entirely your own responsibility. This synopsis does not constitute practice of law or giving legal advice. It is for informational purposes only.

In law the ultimate, or supreme, claimant in a matter is called "The Real Party of Interest" (RP0I). The "Real Party in Interest" (RPII) is a front ( a straw man[4], such as the "United States" and all its agencies, "State of Texas", etc.) for the RPOI (an actual man, such as one of the Bankers, who are the U.S. Creditors in bankruptcy, the Queen of England, the Pope, etc.). Today, the true Real Parties of interest behind the U.S. bankruptcy, government and New World Order, remain hidden from, and unknown to, the masses. Throughout this synopsis numerous terms are used to designate the RPOI and RPII, which are largely used interchangeably. These include, but are not limited to: "government," "the bankers," "the system," the "Elite," and the like. It must be emphasized that individuals come and go, live and die. The actual identities of the Real Parties of Interest are now irrelevant. The important considerations are that the timeless and established laws of commerce remain intact; and, that the perceived "villains" are not the ultimate source of the problem. Those against whom we rail as conspirators, arch-criminals, etc. Are merely filling in the configuration which we, through our own irresponsibility, ignorance, apathy, stupidity and foolish trust, created. In other words, Pogo is correct: "We have met the enemy and he is us." Both cause and cure reside in ourselves.
I. Fundamental concepts
A. Initial considerations
1. Law is precise. It revolves around how words are defined. Deadly, destructive violence is attached to the words, and the meaning of said words, used in legal documents and proceedings. To have any hope of knowing what you are doing in law, and why, it is essential to know how the words being used are defined. This is the key to what is happening and what must be done. Understand the way the words used are defined in law and you can be clear and function on firm footing; fail to know what the words mean and you can be damaged or even destroyed. An ancient maxim of law states:
"In order rightly to comprehend a thing, inquire first into the names, for a right knowledge to things depends upon their names."
2. The rules of law are set forth in writing, in words, syntax, grammar, etc. The way words are legally defined is the basis of the game. What the rules are, and their practical application and ramifications in use of force, is a function of the legal definitions of the words used to write the rules. Words used in legal matters have different meanings than the same words in ordinary usage. Remember, to "assume" makes an "ass" out of "u" and "me." In the case of law, being an "ass" can mean slavery, imprisonment, or death. As Thomas Jefferson said: "Those who expect to be both ignorant and free are expecting something which never has and never will exist." A list of key terms, and key definitions of those terms, as relates to this process, has been provided below. It is not, however, a substitute for an excellent law dictionary. It is recommended that you obtain one or more of the generally accepted law dictionaries, such as Bouvier's, Ballantine's, or Black's. If you can afford it, it is best to have both a copy of the first and the most recent editions, so you may gain a better understanding of what is happening in the world, and to the world, via the law. If cost is a factor, an excellent small legal dictionary, Barron's, is available at any book store for under $15.00. In any event, look up any legal term of which you are not certain. Do not take anything for granted[5].
3. You should also acquire, if at all possible, a copy of the Uniform Commercial Code (U.C.C.)[6], since the U.C.C. is supreme in the world; and, the other codes and bodies of law are all subsets of, and subordinate to, the U.C.C. The "common law" of the planet is commercial law, which is embodied/codified in the U.C.C. All other law amounts to "following rabbit trails" and being endlessly mislead. Deal with the source.
4. With respect to UCC-1 Financing Statement Filings, thus far, most of the Secretary of State offices have been helpful and cooperative[7]. Documents that have been incorrectly executed have been sent back with explanation of the error. For many people, freedom is of incomparable value. This program is essential for attaining freedom; notwithstanding whatever else one may do - intellectually, emotionally, physically, socially, economically, or spiritually. The worst thing one can do - legally - is nothing. Do not confuse domains of life. The spiritual, etc. Are their own realms, realities and endeavors; law is its own domain and must be managed in its own sphere, as other aspects of life must be in theirs.
5. Notwithstanding the above caveats, commercial law and the commercial process are in many ways very broad, unlike "normal" law. After all, the entire world functions by the commercial process as set forth in the U.C.C. It is important to understand that the Redemption process described herein is fundamentally doable by anyone of normal intelligence. One should not be daunted or cowed by fear that any little mistake might be disastrous. Our disaster thus far is having done nothing - due mostly to ignorance, laziness and foolish trust in "authority." It would be compounded folly to continue to do nothing based upon fear[8]. Remember "what is difficult for the student is easy for the master."
Understand the central points, become clear concerning the foundation of the matter and build clearly and calmly from that point. Be honest with yourself about what you do not understand and direct your endeavors to rectifying the deficiency. Do not be afraid to ask for help. Once help is given, verify the information in the U.C.C., law dictionaries; and, with other people whom you believe have reason to know (such as those who have successfully accomplished the process). Establish a solid foundation and build on it soundly. Orderly step-by-step progress, in which every aspect of every step is thoroughly understood and derived appropriately from its previous steps, is the means to obtain complete legal security.
B. The real vs. the imaginary
1. Everyone has two fundamental aspects: real (biological organism, being, substance, aliveness) and abstract (ego[9], mental concepts, ideas). This situation is characterized in semantics s the difference between the map and the territory, the name and the thing named. The word "water" is a symbol, an abstraction of the mind, while actual water is tangible, real and able to be experienced by the senses. One cannot drink the word "water."
2. The mind is capable of imagining unlimited varieties and configurations of abstractions. These include non-tangible concepts (and collections of concepts) and mental constructs such as "the people," "nation," "corporation," "trust," "limited partnership," and "government." When an abstraction is treated as real, legally, the result in law is a fictitious entity, "person"[10] or "artificial person." It cannot be seen, touched or heard. Since all law is contract, the system operates against you on the basis of presumption that you have contractually agreed that your "straw man"- your name appearing in all capital letters, the name in which all industrial goods and services come to you - is their exclusive property.
3. Government and commercial law can deal only against fictitious entities (persons, artificial persons) and the documents creating them, such as corporations, trusts, certificates of title, birth certificates, etc., and contracts involving same. Such persons include your all-capital letter name, i.e. your straw man, which also happens to be what is called a "corporation sole" (an incorporation of yourself). The Real Parties of Interest who own the law and money, and the agencies/resources of essentially all of the world's governments, created your straw man shortly after your birth. Since they created and presumed ownership of your straw man they can tax, regulate and destroy their property as they see fit. The real you, i.e. your living, sentient, biological being is indivisibly united with your fictitious name, straw man person, as the ego is inextricably united with the organism. The straw man includes your ego and the words, concepts, thoughts and ideas with which you interact with other people in speaking or writing. That which is done to the straw man is transmitted/transferred to the being linked thereto.
4. A sovereign possesses full right to dispense with his own property in any manner he wishes. If the sovereign Elite who own the straw man with which you are contractually presumed to have become unified, elect to tax, fine, regulate, enslave, or kill the abstract straw man; then, you, the physical/biological being, experience the consequences in reality. In such a legal status you are devoid of capacity to assert/enforce any rights. You have no "standing in law." A slave cannot sue his master/owner.
5. When you secure ownership of your straw man in accordance with the legal procedures required to do so, you reunite your inherent Rights and Title to Rights (which are innate, unalienable and never leave you) with the Certificate of Title to Rights. In such case you have all claim on your straw man. In such case no other being in the universe has any claim[11] on your straw man. In such case all other entities are devoid of capacity to act against you or any property you have thus secured.
6. The commercial crux of the matter is: WHO OWNS YOUR STRAW MAN? Unless you legally own your straw man, officials of the system possess the right in law, i.e. deadly violence, to treat you in any manner the system mandates or allows, because the system owns your straw man. On the other hand, if you own your straw man no one in government, or anywhere else, can "state a claim" upon which relief can be granted", i.e. no one can penetrate your universe legally or commercially. They are estopped[12]ab initio.[13]
7. Presumption of contractual ownership of your straw man by the system is the basis of the system's claim against you. When you legally dissolve the presumption of contract between you and their ownership of your straw man, the basis of the government's claim on you is removed and you are legally established as sovereign and free.
8. Regain the legal capacity[14](key word) of a sovereign and you have standing in law to assert your rights presumption and can successfully rebut the foundational presumption of law by which the entire legal system functions. That presumption of law is that you have - as a free-will sovereign exercising your power of free choice - knowingly, intentionally and voluntarily contracted to be bound with, and thereby be subject to, the system. If you can properly rebut the presumption of bondage you are free; if you fail to do so your failure is a legal default (agreement by silence), signifying agreement with the position of the system that you are indeed a slave.
9. The rules are self-enforcing. The law is self-supporting. If you use the law improperly (which includes failure to use it at all) you lose by default. If you use the rules properly, you not only win but place the entirety of the law enforcement machinery of the world on your side instead of against you.

II. Current status and how it came about
A. A land mark Supreme Court case of 1795, Penhallow vs. Doane's Administrators, defines governments succinctly: "governments are corporations." Inasmuch as every government is an artificial person, an abstraction, a creature of the mind only, a government can deal only with artificial persons. The imaginary, having no real substance, cannot create or attain parity with the real. The legal aspect of this is that no government, or any law, agency, aspect, or court thereof, can concern itself with anything other than corporate, artificial persons and the contracts between them. One might immediately dispute this statement by pointing out that people are acted upon by agents of governments and fined, imprisoned, plundered and killed by government officials every day. The reason this can occur in law is due to the following:
1. The Powers That Be, who know and use the law, have stolen, conquered, subjugated and laid claim to the planet and the six billion people on it by using a foundational and inviolable axiom of law:
"An unrebutted affidavit, claim, or charge (no matter how preposterous criminal, or illegitimate) stands as the truth in commerce."
2. The maxim cited above is necessarily true because unless what is asserted is rebutted or disputed by the affected party there is no basis for anyone to know or act in any manner contrary to the unrebutted/undisputed claim or charge. This is a free-will universe. The unit of experience, rights and sovereignty is each particular man. No one in the universe can speak for you other than you - including rebutting or disputing a presumption. As per the famous quote in Longfellow's Courtship of Miles Standish; "Why don't you speak for yourself John [Alden]." This is the basis of the ancient maxim of law: "He who fails to assert his rights has none."
3. The government acts against the artificial person that the government creates and owns. The real being is acted upon because of presumption that the real being has knowingly, intentionally and voluntarily contracted to be unified or identified with the artificial person owned by the RPOI for whom the government fronts as a RP11. If you do not rebut the presumption, it stands as the truth and the judgment of the law.
4. The above-referenced presumed contract of the system's ownership of your straw man is considered valid because you have failed to dispute the presumption of a contractual nexus - thereby agreeing - and you lose by default. Or, worse yet, you expressly ratify the contract by action or written assent. To accept any benefit from the system is to contractually incur the obligations associated therewith.

5. Examples of contract ratification are:

a. Ratification by act (implied contract) occurs in a restaurant when you order and consume a meal. You have, by your actions and without signing a written contract, contractually agreed to pay for the meal.
b. Ratification by express contract with government occurs wherever anyone signs a form or application to accept any government benefit or privilege, such as driving a car, welfare, food stamps, unemployment insurance, etc. One who accepts the contractual benefits simultaneously incurs the contractual obligations. In the case of contracts with government, the obligations you incur are decided wholly by the government.[15]

III. Foundational instrument/contract and how to eliminate its claim on you
A. The fact that all human interactions, commerce, and law is contract means that all actions of the officials or agents of any government, without exception, derive from presumption of an express, implied, or presumed contract. The key issues are:

1. What is the ultimate, central core contractual instrument embodying or evidencing the certificate of title to yourself and your body, labor and property whereby the holder of said instrument may be deemed in law to hold title to, i.e. own, your straw man?
2. By what means in law can any presumed contract of ownership of your straw man (by the system) be effectively rebutted, disputed and rendered null and void?
3. How can you become the sovereign owner, the "holder in due course[16]" of your straw man and the above-referenced instrument?
4. What is your capacity and standing in law if you fail to be established as the owner of your straw man and the above-referenced instrument?
5. What is your capacity and standing in law if you are established as the owner of your straw man and the above-referenced instrument?

B. The answer to the first question: the identity of the foundational instrument constituting certificate of title to your being, life, rights, faculties, labor and property in open-ended perpetuity, is your Birth Certificate. Your Birth Certificate is the Certificate[17] of Title to your straw man, alluded to above. It is essentially a Certificate of Deed to yourself. Literally and legally, it is a warehouse receipt, a bill of lading, FOB[18] the hospital of birth.
C. Ever since the Declaration of Independence the world powers (kings, popes, and money changers) have operated unceasingly to obtain full control, ownership and subjugation of the U.S.A. and the American People. To date they have succeeded in great measure. The weakness of their scheme is that their operations have been founded on deceit and rebuttable/disputable presumptions and will not stand the test of genuine scrutiny, i.e. the full light of day. Their entire operation dissolves when the presumptions on which they function are correctly rebutted which is the purpose of the procedure which is outlined in this synopsis. The strength of their position is that the American People in particular, and the people of the world in general, live in ignorance and apathy, give away their power and freedom and have thereby defaulted themselves into slavery.
D. Remembering the foundational premise that all law is contract, the would-be Rulers of the World have "succeeded" by making us contractually subject to their rulership/ownership. As per the maxim of law, "as a thing is bound, so it is unbound," the same rules that made us slaves can make us free. The rules are the rules are the rules. The legal consequences to our lives are exclusively a function of our use of the rules.
E. Increasing numbers of people are becoming aware that the "contract" of the presumed nexus between a man and the government that rules him is structurally defective. Per universal contract law, in order for a contract to be valid, i.e. a contract at all, it must be formulated in accordance with specific fundamentals. Most fundamentally, contract is the formalization and codification of an agreement. In order to achieve agreement, all parties must understand the full scope and nature, the full terms and conditions, of the proposed contract, or no agreement - and hence no contract - exists. Parties must achieve a "meeting of the minds" for any agreement to exist. People enter into contracts in order to be bettered in their own terms. No one enters into a contract to be diminished, cheated or destroyed. Any purported "contract" that fails to be characterized by mutual good faith, meeting of the minds, open and full disclosure of all terms and conditions, is either void or voidable. It is flawed from inception and can be rendered null and void by the election of the deceived or defrauded party.
F. The Texas Civil Code sets forth contract law in 1549, et seq. Some crucial sections are:
1550. Essential elements of contract
It is essential to the existence of a contract that there should be:

1. Parties capable of contracting [capacity];
2. Their consent;
3. Lawful object; and,
4. A sufficient cause or consideration.

1556. Who may contract

1. All persons are capable of contracting, except minors, persons of unsound mind, and persons deprived of civil rights.

1565. Essentials of consent
The consent of the parties to a contract must be:

1. Free;
2. Mutual; and,
3. Communicated by each to the other.

1567. An apparent consent is not real or free when obtained through:

1. Duress;
2. Menace;
3. Fraud;
4. Undue influence; or
5. Mistake

G. The crucial and incurable flaw in all governments and the "laws" which issue therefrom, is the nonexistence of genuine agreement between the parties due to absence of full disclosure, true meeting of the minds and mutual good faith. In presuming to have formed a bona fide, good faith contract with a government, the "citizens" were never informed of the full terms and conditions of the alleged contract. They were never told that they would be sacrificing their freedom and autonomy and agreeing to become the subjugated, ruled, exploited slaves of whatever men occupy positions of "authority" in the so-called "government." The reason this situation exists is because the people have deluded themselves, lied to themselves and failed to communicate and be sincere with themselves. The outer world of human law and governments is merely the effect of what the people themselves have caused. Do not blame the messenger for the message.
H. In accordance with timeless and universal principles of contract law; in the absence of genuine agreement no contract exists. At best, there can be only a presumption of contract based on the deceived party having been kept in the dark, being ignorant of the truth, or having foolishly trusted in the other party. When one fails to object to, i.e. rebut, the presumption that a contract exists, it may, perforce, rightfully be assumed or construed that a contract does indeed exist.
I. Although fraud is always unlawful, it is not illegal in state rulership systems. The rationale for to one may assent[19] to fraud. More seriously, all governments are necessarily, structurally, and inherently fraudulent, and cannot be otherwise. It is, therefore, self evident that fraud must be legal in order for a government to be able to self-adjudicate itself as legal even to exist. In other words, to assent to the existence of a government is to assent to the legality of fraud.[19]
J. Remember the cardinal, central principle on the basis of which the Powers That Be have stolen and enslaved the world: "An unrebutted claim, charge, or affidavit stands as the truth in commerce." Failure to rebut is agreement by silence; nothing is on the table for discussion other than the unrebutted claim. Another fundamental maxim of commercial law is crucial: "A matter must be expressed to be resolved." Only each unique, autonomous being has the knowledge, right, or duty to affirm his truth. No one else can do it for him or is obligated to try. In fact, doing so is unlawful, inasmuch as only a man himself can speak for himself.
K. In commercial law the ultimate owner of an instrument is called the "holder in due course" (HDC)...the only one who possesses a valid claim. A "holder" may legally possess the instrument, but lacks the ultimate claim held by the HDC. To be a HDC requires that the "...holder ...took it for value, in good faith, and without notice of any claim or defense against it, and who can enforce the instrument free from all claims and personal defenses... A holder does not become a holder in due course of an instrument by... purchasing it as part of a bulk transaction not in the regular course of business or the transferor." As stated earlier, our Birth Certificate is a warehouse receipt. Birth certificates are bundled together and transferred or purchased in bulk. Moreover, this purchase and transfer is "not in the regular course of business of the transferor," i.e. you! In addition, possession was not taken "in good faith" and the holder cannot "enforce the instrument free from all claims and personal defenses." This means that whoever acts as if he owned your Birth Certificate can be only a holder of it and can never be the actual holder in due course. The HDC is the most powerful position in any exchange. When you understand when you are and when you are not the HDC of an instrument or transaction, and apply it, your whole life will change. You are sovereign and untouchable with respect to anything of which you are the HDC. Why not be the HDC of yourself, all your affairs, and everything else concerning which you wish to be the actual owner?
L. The entire matter is profound. Just as all of manifest existence was created by thought, all our thoughts - and words - create. All that we are, and everything we experience, we created by thought. Thought is destiny. "Be careful what you wish for - you may get it." Since everything we experience is the product of thought, what value inheres in fighting, resisting, running, or hiding from the natural-law effects of what we ourselves caused? No one can escape from himself. Man's fundamental problem is that he deals with effects while ignoring their causes. A major reason for this is the time interval between causing an event and experiencing its effect. Birth is not instantaneous with conception; harvest does not occur at the instant the seed is planted. Intermediate natural law processes are vast and inexorable.

M. Our entire legal situation is the playing out of the laws of existence. When the Bible states: "Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and all these things shall be added unto you," it is stating in devotional or theological terms what stated by Lao-tzu in existential terms." "The source of life is as a mother. Be fond of both mother [source] and children [creations] but know the mother dearer and you outlive death. Curb your tongue and senses and you are beyond trouble; let them loose and you are beyond help[20]." The point is that "normal life" consists of attempt to acquire by grant, theft, grasping, physical labor, or some other external effort, ownership of a manifest thing (the outward expression of an inner, unmanifest cause). This is being fond of the children instead of the mother. We can truly own something only when we are one with what we desire at its source (the "Kingdom of God" or "source of live," the true reality and unmanifest origin of our manifest selves). If we act "out there" in the realm of some phase of the vast set of natural - law processes which mechanically and heartlessly carry out "cause and effect," we can never truly fulfill our desire. This is falling for, i.e. becoming absorbed in, the Wizard's light show, which is a chimera[21] and alien to us.

N. The key to becoming the HDC is "Acceptance for Value." The fact that your Birth Certificate is held in limbo by parties who can never be the HDC of it means that it is in suspense awaiting your redemption of it. "Redemption" has been defined (in part) as: "Deliverance from the power of alien domination and the enjoyment of the resulting right or interest." You achieve union of "effect" and "cause" simply by accepting that which already belongs to you. That only you, and you alone, can become the HDC and do so is the evidence of your exchange of value. This completes the circle, renders you owner and holder in due course of the entire matter. Such an action redeems the process from "alien (phenomena, appearance, illusion, maya, natural-law processes outside of yourself) dominion."

O. When an offer is made, title passes upon acceptance of the offer. This meeting of the minds=agreement=contract. All that remains is to give evidence of the exchange.

P. The Department of Commerce accepted your Birth Certificate from your mother, who unwittingly pledged you to the State and delivered you into bondage, slavery, and the status of being chattel property in permanently indentured servitude. The Department of Commerce became the de facto holder of the Certificate of Rights to you and your body, labor, and property and gave you a claim check. Whoever the holder of your Birth Certificate became the de facto[22] holder of the Certificate of Rights to you and your body, labor, and property and gave you a claim check. Whoever the holder of your Birth certificate may how be has no more right to it than someone holding a possession for you in your absence and waiting for you to come back and claim it, to redeem it. The current holder of your Birth Certificate is able to capitalize on it because of your inaction and silence, i.e. your failure to instruct said holder otherwise. "While the cat's away the mice will play." When you, as the king, abnegate your throne to your underlings they run amuck. When you reclaim ownership of your Birth Certificate by accepting it for value, you regain your crown - you reinstall yourself on your own throne. You regain dominion and sovereignty over your own kingdom. The Wizard (alleged real Party of interest, pretender to the throne) and all your underlings (bureaucrats) are banished from power. You cannot obtain this condition by earning, fighting, or running. No one but you can give you back your own throne. Arguing or fighting=assenting. The only issue is much??

Q. There are only two classes of people in the world and in any legal proceeding: Creditor and Debtor. When your sovereignty is established in law you become the Creditor and any adverse party (the Debtor in any dispute with you. If you fail to establish your sovereignty in law, you do not own yourself, have no legal capacity and are devoid of standing to assert any rights. You remain a permanent debtor, and must always lose in any dispute with the system for "failure to state a claim upon which relief can be granted." Reclaiming ownership of your straw man acts as a bar, or estoppel[23] to any and all comers. If you fail to establish your sovereignty in law, you do not own yourself, have no legal capacity, and are devoid of standing to assert any rights. You remain a permanent debtor and must always lose in any dispute with the system for "failure to state a claim upon which relief can be granted." Reclaiming ownership of your straw man acts as a bar, or estoppel to any and all comers. If you fail to reclaim rights to title of your straw man by filing a UCC-1 Lien[24], making you the creditor and absolute ruler of your straw man, you are not sovereign and you will lose at resolution of any dispute. This is why, if you contemplate hiring an attorney to represent (re-present) you in any legal proceeding against the system, ask him if he can make you the HDC of the action. If he cannot (which he cannot), then you will lose. The best any attorney can do is make a deal, which is a compromise (how much) rather than a clear win. You must be the HDC to be able to ensure victory.

IV. Explanation of procedures - why the process works.

1. There is no lawful money in circulation today. What passes as money - the medium of exchange, currency, legal tender - is private commercial paper evidencing the debt of the citizens of a county to pay on the collective bankruptcy of their government. Real money is substance (gold, silver, tangible produce of the earth, including labor); it cannot be debt. Citizen=bankrupt=legal incapacity=no rights to title to anything=no ownership of self or property=no rights to own, use and pass real money. Use of real money is the right of sovereigns, not slaves. This is why House Joint Resolution (HJR) 192 25, June 5, 1933 also known as Public Law 73-10, in declaring the bankruptcy of the U.S. states:

"That ... every provision contained in or made with respect to any obligation which purports to give the obligee a right to require payment in gold or a particular kind of coin or currency, or in an amount in money of the United States measured thereby, is declared to be against public policy ..."26

This rendered every "citizen of the United States" civilly dead in the law. It barred the way back to the Eden of sovereignty, power to enforce one's rights, access to the common law, etc. It left everyone bound to the ever-shifting mirages of endless hypothecations against one's straw man over which no one had a claim.

2. Debt is created by signature, by signing notes of indebtedness. All "money" in circulation today is created from thin air by borrowing against the collective (federal) bankruptcy. Only by borrowing against a government's bankruptcy can its citizens/slaves have pieces of paper ("Monopoly money)[27] to spend like money.

3. Unless one is the HDC of one's straw man, "owning" such debt money or anything it buys is a liability and not an asset. The fact that people mistakenly consider FRNs (Federal Reserve Notes) to be assets (the more of them one acquires the "richer" one is) is a major cause of the problem. When one accumulates FRNS, one is accumulating debt. The more FRNs, the more industrial goods and services acquired with them, the more indebted one is.

4. Since all money is created by borrowing against a nation's collective bankruptcy by signature...every time you sign your name to any public document, or contract, or instrument involving FRNs as the "valuable" consideration, you borrow against (increase) your own debt. By increasing your borrowing and indebtedness you provide yourself with more debt instruments to "spend." This is akin to a slave in permanent indentured servitude who commits himself ever deeper in debt every time he borrows from his master in order to have scrip to use to purchase goods and services at the plantation commissary.

5. Since all money is created by borrowing against the collective bankruptcy of the corporate United States, it is mathematically impossible to ever pay off the debt. The only money available must be borrowed into existence. Thus, any "money" one acquires to "pay" on the debt would be obtained by borrowing, i.e. increasing the very debt one was attempting to liquidate. This is a never-ending, ever-worsening situation. To see the principle in action, examine the rate of increase of the National Debt.

6. When you establish your sovereignty and self ownership in law via a UCC-1 Financing Statement, your entire life is dramatically affected. You become the HDC, i.e. the sovereign, rather than a hopeless debtor and chattel property. The controversy, fighting, arguing, dodging, makeshifts, paying and fear are over.

V. Summary

1. The State (in any aspect, any jurisdiction, any country, any culture, any time) can act against your straw man only if said State holds title to it by virtue of your failure to redeem it. Your failure constitutes assent to the presumption that the State is the de facto owner and holder of title to your straw man.

2. The most powerful contract in the world is a UCC-1 Financing Statement. impenetrable, and the foundation of all commerce.

3. The Financing Statement currently in place against your life, your labor and all your property was established by illegitimate presumption. That you fail to rebut the presumption is the reason you are in the mess you are today.

4. The security instrument is your Birth Certificate. The bankers presently hold title. You are the collateral. This can happen only by omission/failure to rebut their presumption.

5. The bankers have conquered and enslaved the world only because of the ignorance, apathy and default of each slave. This is a freewill universe. The unit of experience, choice, rights and sovereignty is each individual. You are the only being in the universe with either the right, knowledge, power, or duty to speak for yourself; no one else can assert your rights for you. If you fail to assert your rights, you have tacitly agreed to be a slave, subject to the shims of your masters.

6. It is of the utmost importance to understand that the bankers' claim of ownership of title to your straw man via your Birth Certificate is by presumption only, and stands only because of your failure to rebut it. Filing a UCC-1 Financing Statement against your straw man absolutely rebuts any presumption of claim to your straw man by anyone other than you; while, at the same time, being itself unrebuttable. There are many reasons for this - the most crucial being:

a. Any substantiation of a bona fide contract between you and the usurpers of your throne is impossible because there never was a bona fide contract due to absence of true agreement based upon the interaction being devoid of full disclosure, genuine meeting of the minds and mutual good faith.
b. You are, and are correctly presumed in law (all law, including theirs), to be the foundation, origin, and unit of sovereignty. Whatever you choose to do or not to do is presumed to be done or not to be done by choice. If you fail to rebut their presumption that you are subject to their system they possess the grounds to presume that you chose to act as you did, with knowledge of the law[28], in the freewill manner that you did. Conversely, the same philosophy that has worked against you can work for you when you rebut their presumption and redeem your sovereign capacity. Approximately six billion people are ex-sovereigns who have, by their sovereign act of non-action (default), made themselves slaves on a slave plantation of which they are the rightful owners.[29]

7. You dispute/rebut the presumption of validity of the bankers' claim against you by filing, in your biological, sovereign capacity, a UCC-1 Financing Statement in the office of any State Secretary of State claiming title to your straw man. You also secure all other government-issued documents and all other items you wish to maintain dominion over, under your UCC-1 Financing Statement...the system can perfect no claim against your straw man or any of the secured property.

8. A subject/slave has no capacity to assert any rights; and, the system has the contractual, legal right to treat you any way it chooses. A sovereign holds sovereign title to his property. If you reclaim self ownership neither the bankers, nor anyone else in existence, can perfect any claim against you.

9. In law one is either a complete slave (debtor) or unalloyed sovereign (creditor). There is no middle ground. All actions other than elimination of the false presumption of ownership of you leaves you still subject to the claim. Anything (such as the huge maize and light show of governments, courts and regular "law") other than the elimination of the illegitimate presumption of ownership of you.

10. The usual question asked immediately is: "Since they are criminals, what is to prevent them from disregarding your legal processes and acting against you anyway?" Some of the reasons are:

a. The Powers That Be attained their current conquest/rulership of the world after having meticulously scrutinized the law continuously over many millennia. The purpose of this was to make everything they did legal.
b. Like a coin, every aspect of manifest existence has two sides. This includes all laws, rules and regulations. If any laws are utilized in one way (such as against you by your default) they can also be used in the opposite way (such as to your advantage by your correct use of them).
c. A timeless, universal maxim of law states: "The law always provides a remedy." They must leave you a way out, or blow all cover of legitimacy and legal authority. In such a case they announce that they are merely thugs and provide you with full right in law from time immemorial to self-defense. In such case, all law, including "thou shalt not kill," is suspended by the law of necessity, i.e. survival.
d. No tyrant can rule without the broad-based consent of the people. Power always has and always will reside in the people. People become slaves because they choose to give their power away rather than retain it. If a sufficient number of people in a country become aware of the truth and reclaim/assert their power, no tyrant can achieve and maintain a rulership position.
e. The laws of commerce are now inviolate and established throughout the world. Even martial law is subordinate to commercial law.

11. Once you have filed a UCC-1 Financing Statement establishing the real sovereign, you as the Secured Party have exclusive claim on your straw man. You are then "first line and first in time." You work in tandem with your straw man and no one can get to either of you. This renders you legally sovereign, free and immune from all claims and charges.

12. The reason this scenario prevails is that the world has been set up to run precisely this way. We (the slaves) were just not supposed to figure it out [learn it]. Before the bankruptcy, men and women sovereigns were personally accountable for their actions in courts which were set up to accommodate disputes among sovereigns (such as the original common law in England before 1066). Now, the people's straw men, who are legally owned property of the system, are the "accountable parties" as adjudicated and enforced by the system. Such formerly sovereign men and women are now personally acceptable because they are inextricably joined (by implied contract) with their straw men. Courts today are set up to deal only with straw men. We, their unfortunate counterparts, are merely "along for the ride." A sovereign (real being) has no place in a contemporary court (commercial, dealing in artificial persons), and cannot be legally accommodated. Only if the current debt-based system of finance and government is rectified will we ever get back to a sane and just basis for resolution of disputes and a sound civilization.


1. Those intending to actualize this program would benefit from forming discussion/study groups. This helps with mutual understanding. True understanding of what you are doing is essential because, after all, you are the self-accountable sovereign responsible for your own actions and you must be able to substantiate in law what you are doing.
2. Make your spiritual life preeminent: "Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things shall be added unto you." Or, as a great Indian sage stated the matter: "Seek the highest first." This means, inter alia, to maintain your integrity and scrupulously ethical behavior. In practice, this requires that you keep your word, honor your contracts, and never depart from your principles.

Man's fundamental folly is the illusion that he can cheat moral or natural law (usually by trying to cheat others) and get away with it. Every such attempt generates inexorable cause effect consequences, all man's laws and cleverness to the contrary notwithstanding. Indeed, the entirety of our predicament is due to failure to live in harmony/accordance with moral and natural law. The current system is the cause/effect result of actualizing our own folly. Government can be accurately defined as "the aggregate irresponsibility of a people."
[1] A difference exists between the meaning of "define" and "definition." The word "define" is precise and limiting, while "definition" is loose and malleable.
[2] Sovereign: that which is preeminent among all others.
[3] Caveat: Latin, let him beware. In general a warning or emphasis for caution.
[4] Straw man: Law, a "front;" a third party who is put up in name only to take part in a transaction in name only.
[5] What you do know cannot hurt you because you can use your knowledge of the truth to "set yourself free." What you do not know, however, can kill you. Ignorance is not bliss. . .it is suicide.
[6] A good source is West Publishing company at (800) 328-9352..
[7] Some of the States which are readily accepting the UCC-1 filings at this writing include Oregon, Washington, Texas, Indiana, Ohio and Minnesota. Texas and Nevada have been uncooperative. The situation is in a state of flux and no one can predict the future behavior of the bureaucrats. Every Secretary of State must, by law, file your submissions. Failure to do so renders the party who refused to file your UCC-1 guilty of a criminal act and an interference with commerce, thereby making the offending party subject to prosecution in his/her personal (nonofficial) capacity.
[8] No penalties or sanctions exist for submitting a filing that is not correctly executed. It is simply returned, usually with an explanation of the error so that you can correct it.
[9] Ego: The "I" or self of any person; a person as thinking, feeling and willing, and distinguishing itself from the selves of others and from objects of its thought.
[10] In law, a "person" is not flesh and blood, but artificial - a creature of contract, i.e. the contractual aspect of a real being, such as a "citizen," "driver," or an "officer of a corporation."
[11] The word "claim" is defined in law as "dispute over title." WHO OWNS YOU?
[12] Estop: To stop, bar or impede: to prevent to preclude.
[13] Ab initio: from the first act, from the beginning
[14] Capacity: Ability, qualification; legal power or right.
[15] Such a wholesale contract with a government is called an "adhesion contract." See Glossary. It is structured and enforced per the discretion of the stronger party (government). A citizen contracts to buy a bill of goods.
[16] Holder in Due Course: the one who holds the only valid claim to something; the ultimate owner of a document of title.
[17] A "certificate" of title is not title. It is a notice or statement that title exists somewhere. All innate rights are unalienable (un-a-lien-able" i.e. unable to be liened) Being that which exists possesses by its mere existence the right to be itself; and the title to that right. Presumptions to the contrary are imaginary, hypothetical, and abstract. Grammatically, such presumptions should be expressed in the subjunctive case, i.e. "as if."
[18] FOB: Free on board: Commercial term signifying an agreement between buyer and seller whereby the subject of the sale will be delivered to a designated place, usually either the place of shipment or the destination, at no expense to the buyer.
[19] In law, there is a difference between "assent" and "consent." One may 'assent' to fraud, e.g. governments, by non-rebuttal.
One cannot 'consent' to fraud; however, because 'consent' requires actual agreement - true meeting of the minds, full disclosure and good faith..
[20] Every word you utter is a commercial presentment, a straw man, if you will, and a contractual act - an offer that can either be accepted or rejected. This can result when in court and the judge asks an off-point question. By answering, you form a contract with the judge that is different than the matter which brought you into court. Ignorance of how to deal with such trickery can land you in jail.
[21] Chimera: A vain or idle fancy
[22] De Facto: In fact, in deed, actually. This phrase is used to characterize an officer, a government, a past action, or a state of affairs, which must be accepted for all practical purposes, but is illegal or illegitimate.
[23] Estoppel: An admission of so conclusive a nature that the party whom it affects is not permitted to aver [declared, asset, allege] against it or offer evidence to controvert it.
[24] The UCC-1 Financing Statement is the only unbreakable contract in the world. It is the ultimate foundation, the bedrock upon which the world's commerce functions.
[25] House Joint Resolution 192: June 5, 1933, Public Law 73-10. Following the bankruptcy of the U.S., the government outlawed the payment of debts in gold or silver and provided only for the "discharge" of debts in "legal tender," i.e. Federal Reserve Notes, or permanently unfulfilled, irredeemable evidences of debt, private commercial scrip, "fiat" money (money by decree).
[26] "Public Policy" = "Federal Reserve reinsurance policy." Every time a budget is passed by a government legislature, or assets pledged or hypothecated (which happens billions of times a day in the world), existing policies are reinsured. Commerce, existing in admiralty, is in a state of perpetual flux ever changing like waves of the ocean.
[27] Monopoly: Board game paralleling banker philosophy of bankrupting all others and monopolizing all wealth.
[28] Remember: "All are equal under the law," and "ignorance of the law is no excuse."
[29] The movie: The Wizard of Oz, dramatized the scenario for the whole world to see in living Technicolor. The artificial aspect of you, your straw man, has no brain; the commercial process by which the entire scenario functions, the tin man has no heart, i.e. no mercy, the biological aspect of you, the lion (king of beasts), has no courage. The result is falling for the grand illusion, a colossal "light show," projected by an ordinary man (the Wizard) from behind the scenes. How do you find the Wizard? Follow the yellow brick road. What kind of bricks are yellow? The movie screamed the message, hit us upside the head with it like a two-by-four. Follow the money trail. What is the end of the trail? The Wizard is another sovereign man just like you (only considerably more clever and unscrupulous).


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